End Modern Domestic Slavery


Target: Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez

Goal: Save millions of women and girls from the horror of modern slavery

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  1. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:


  2. Please please end this!!

  3. Gloria Allen says:

    The US should refuse absolutely boycott any country whose govt allows for slavery.

  4. Irena Franchi says:

    End Modern Domestic Slavery.

  5. there is something wrong with your petition

    “Tell the Adelaide Zoo and the Monarto Zoo not to sell palm oil-free Golden North ice cream!” should read not to sell Streets Ice cream or to promote palm oil free ice cream made by Golden North who are responsible ice cream makers or something like that.

  6. Lawrence Townsend says:

    It should end now but while capitalism exists the slavery of workers will continue.

  7. Brian & Judy Poole says:

    Slavery was abolished wasn’t it???? Suppose it’s like everything else for the well-off as they can and do change the rules to suit themselves. Afraid this world is getting greedier by the hour and most people’s aspirations are for themselves! How about we look at evolving in a more spiritual way and look at the REAL reasons we are all here! To learn and grow and draw away from the negative side of life…. Well some of us are anyway. And never felt happier or healthier! Yeah.

  8. Kris Hronek says:

    The pure evil that continues to go on in this world makes me sick..

  9. Chenie Kaur says:

    Its not right to snatch another persons rights.

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