Reject Legislation that Discriminates Against Specific Dog Breeds


Target: President of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, Dr. John Ciribassi

Goal: Thank the Animal Behaviorists for declaring their stance against breed-specific legislation

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) revealed at their Animal Behavior Symposium that they reject any form of breed-specific legislation. Some communities ban specific dog breeds and most of the time, only pit bull and pit bull look-a-likes make the list. Reports from the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) shows that they have stopped tracking specific breeds years ago, but there is still a huge public misconception that pit bulls are the ones that attack people the most. The CDC also found that most breeds were continuously being misidentified as pit bulls even though they were not. The CDC felt that it was more important to discuss what led the dogs to attack to in the first place, rather than their breed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, tests show that dogs with a “pit bull look” are actually mixed breeds and sometimes they are not even pit bulls at all. Nonetheless, in some states where breed specific legislation exists, dogs that appear to resemble a pit bull are often times euthanized and removed from their owners and families even if the dog has never attacked before.

Over 700 cities have enacted their breed-specific legislation, even though numerous data and studies show that these legislation do not improve safety for communities. Fortunately, the Netherlands and Italy have repealed their legislation discriminating against specific breeds after seeing that numerous studies showed that they were ineffective. Those countries are now concentrating more on developing responsible ownership to replace breed-specific laws. The most recent study was done in Canada in 2013 and showed that breed-specific legislation was not lowering canine attacks. They found that educating the public and teaching owners how to care for their pets is what actually worked.

Please sign this petition to thank the AVSAB for standing up against breed-specific legislation.


Dear Dr. John Ciribassi,

Thank you to you and your team at the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSB) for declaring your support against breed-specific legislation. In reality, pit bulls are not more dangerous than other breeds, as it is the upbringing, not the breed, that allows dogs to get out of control. There are so many breeds of dogs that resemble pit bulls, but are not actually pit bulls at all. All of these dogs are generally harmless and are from loving families, yet they get euthanized because people fear that they will eventually attack.

There needs to be more public education to show that properly caring for pets is what will bring down the number of canine attacks. As long as pet owners take responsibility and properly care for their dogs, then there will be less attacks. This is something that has been proven highly effective in a number of  scientific studies. Thank you for taking the right steps to saving these breeds of dogs. Hopefully, more cities will repeal their breed-specific legislation and realize that these laws don’t save people from being attacked.


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Photo Credit: Dnheinsdorf via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This is about time it was that people need to stop horrific abuse to go away with this is about time it was brought to a stop pittbulls are the giving love and respect to you’re family when they do get proper care and respect to them teatch them love respect and honner them as a loving beautiful sweet dog that they are the giving breed when they are in a loving careing home with families with other pets and children with out giving them a chance your helping the laws kill innocent family dogs that are the love family dogs that they are making family’s without a say give them their loving beautiful sweet dog that are innocent and murdering them were is that good killing an innocent family dogs that are no danger to eneyone nor anything were is that justice for the laws to kill innocent family dogs come on stop horrific abuse to our animals this is about time it was brought to a stop now befor they do kill innocent family dogs come on stop now

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