Stop Killing Birds as a Form of Pest Control


Target: Mayor Timothy Taylor of Strasburg, Virginia

Goal: Cancel the town’s pigeon massacre and pursue humane methods for pest control

The town of Strasburg, Virginia has decided to slaughter thousands of pigeons in a brash response to the overwhelming bird population. Despite the fact that doing so will only result in increased pigeon numbers, town officials have scheduled the massacre to take place in its downtown district.

Ornithological experts and bird control professionals often highlight the futility of extermination, which seems to be the default response for many states and institutions. What most fail to realize about birds is that their population is highly influenced by their food source. Instantly killing large quantities of pigeons creates a surplus of food among the remaining survivors. This, in turn, sparks rapid reproduction among the survivors and leads to a spike in overall numbers. Essentially, those who employ extermination inadvertently increase the local bird population.

Humane pigeon control company PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service) offers free education and bird control services yet continues to be ignored by lazy state and city officials. Rather than killing or relocating birds (which makes them another city’s problem), PiCAS addresses the two key factors in controlling pigeon population: roosting and feeding zones. These locations tend to be separate, with birds traversing between the two points as they follow predictable sleep/eating cycles. PiCAS creates artificial roosting/feeding zones to replace the original ones, effectively drawing the pigeons away from tourist attractions and other ideal landmarks in the city.

Sign the following petition to urge the town of Strasburg to pursue humane pigeon control techniques. Tell town officials that extermination is not only temporary, it is extremely cruel.


Dear Mayor Taylor,

The town of Strasburg’s decision to massacre thousands of pigeons in its downtown district is both futile and inhumane. This method of pest control not only involves the needless death of innocent creatures, but exacerbates the problem of bird overpopulation.

By instantly reducing pigeon numbers, you inadvertently create a surplus in food among the remaining survivors. This will lead to accelerated reproduction and actually increase the pigeon population. Instead, you should focus on both humane and permanent solutions to bird control. The Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) offers free services that focus on redirecting the pigeons rather than exterminating them. By creating artificial feeding and roosting zones, in addition to other food-based approaches, PiCAS can maintain a steady bird population while also drawing birds away from town attractions and landmarks.

Please, cancel the slaughter of these innocent animals. Explore the myriad of nonlethal and effective measures at your disposal and spare the unwarranted deaths of thousands of pigeons.


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Photo credit: Rama via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Jeannie Park says:

    Killing is never the answer.

  2. Nita Kaushik says:

    They are not pests, they are beings, they have every right to be in this world just like u and me.
    If there are pests in this world then it’s the majority of humans who are bloody pests!

  3. Sorry, I accidentally signed this petition three times. I didn’t think my signature was processed the first time. I do support this cause 1000%!

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