Protect Ocean Life from 1 Trillion Pieces of Plastic


Target: Environmental Protection Agency
Goal: Protect marine life from onslaught of plastic waste.

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  1. I’be been recycling on a weekly basis since 1996. The law should be recycle or be fined. Hefty fines for ships tossing garbage overboard. Big fines. Laws mandating recycled biodegradable containers. EPA needs to start cracking down on things that hurt the planet – that includes a ban on all inorganic chemicals that are toxic.

  2. Think of of all the positive changes that can be made once this empire falls and the banksters and their political puppets are sequestered.

  3. Keanan Jones says:

    NO no no

  4. Cindy Black says:

    What’s horribly depressing is that SO MANY HUMANS do hear the message, do see plenty of evidence, and just simply seem NOT TO GIVE A RAT’S ASS. They’re so darn lazy they can’t carry around their own (non–disposable) water bottle, or take a bit of trash home with them when the public receptacles are full and it’s a windy day (happens often here in Seattle, where we’re just a stone’s throw from the ocean). Humans and “Intelligent Design?” Oh, Please. Not even hardly. As life gets faster, more difficult and complex, trying to effect change is like trying to keep the tide back with a teacup. I’m so glad I won’t live to see the worst of it.

  5. David King says:

    The gross plastic pollution is killing sea birds chicks as well as turtles and most species of fish. Some successful action to restrict this form of pollution is absolutely essential. Plastic packaging and free plastic carry bags are just one source of this rubbish. The public must be educated as to the effects worldwide.

  6. Veronica-Mae Soar says:

    Two comments. Please pass this information on 1) so called biodegradable means that all that happens is the plastic affected by sunlight, breaks into really tiny pieces, which can be and are eaten by marine life. The only truly safe stuff is not plastic but is made from corn or other starch. 2) As the oil runs out companies will no longer be able to produce plastic at all. But whether that time will come soon enough to save our world is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile – refuse to buy anything wrapped or contained in plastic.

  7. Fiona Young says:

    What is wrong with these people!!!!??? Our poor creatures are continually subjected to the atrocities created by humans.

    Love to our animals…praying someone with any level of consciousness stops this at once.

  8. Janet Kaiser says:

    This pollution must be stopped and prevented at source.

  9. We have to stop this pollution to save the oceans.The animals need us to be protected.We are all connected…

  10. Irenda Jones says:

    I have been recycling since before it was cool, milk and coke always tasted better in glass.Glass is easily recycled, plastics are bad and polluting not only the oceans, but our roads and cities.

  11. Cecily Colloby says:

    I LOATHE people who throw litter all over the place-they should have their hands cut off.The human race is the most disgusting and stupid thing on earth.We shall probably all be buried under litter before the message gets accross.Another thing-WHY are manufacturers allowed to swathe everything in yards of plastic and polystyrene in the first place??WHEN is someone going to put a stop to that???

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