Save the Arctic from a Disastrous Oil Spill


Target: President Obama and Secretary Jewell

Goal: Stop Arctic oil drilling and protect wildlife from the threat of a catastrophic oil spill

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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    This area of our world is the ONLY place these animals can survive –and even that is becoming more difficult with climate change.
    Please, do not let these animals perish for the sake of oil.

  2. Dana Craig says:

    The Arctic is a unique and fragile ecosystem, one which deserves protection from the risk of a disastrous oil spill. Rather than drilling, concentrate on conservation and renewable energy resources.

  3. This is the biggest and last source of clean water on this planet.No money is worth taking the risk in this area.
    USE FINALLY clean and ecological sourcces of energy. How many years we will wait for implementation of the brilliant inventions of Tesla, which you are hiding in the drawer? Do you have only money in your heart and mind? Use also your imagination and simply think: What we will do, if there will be an ecological disaster?
    What are you going then drink, Mr. President?

  4. paula eaton says:

    Stop drilling worldwide. What happened to alternative energy? Artic drilling will be a disaster!!!

  5. Abi Richardson says:

    Please stop arctic drilling, the oil is worth far, far less than the damage it would cause if there were to be a spill.

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