LEGO Must Cut Ties With Big Oil


Target: LEGO
Goal: Stop supporting dirty oil production.

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  1. petra hofmeier says:

    Stop doing crime!

  2. Steve Tyler says:

    This family will not visit again until this matter is resolved.

  3. What a damn shame our wildlife has to suffer for the greed of mankind. Seems no animal on this earth is safe. We must share the earth and protect wildlife.

  4. vicki ginoli says:

    animals must come 1st – they are much more important than money!!

  5. It is shameful. Mankind has not grasped the result of it’s avarice and greed that fuels their next egregious act on God’s creatures.

  6. I wish Big Oil for ONCE would have integrity and say “NO we can’t chance it in the Artic, we will not even try, we have enough now”. Yeah right.. Not a chance. They would sell their own mother for a profit if they could. No integrity at all.

    LEGO, stand up and Have integrity against this GREEDY SELF CENTERED OIL MONSTER!

  7. María Rojez says:

    Down Lego

  8. Patricia Innamorati says:

    Boycott Lego & Legoland

  9. LEGO, we expect better from you. Stand up and walk away from Big Oil.

  10. karina gamboa karina gamboa says:

    Stop damaging everything! Humans are the worst animals by far…

  11. Lady Judith Weaver says:

    The greed of the oil companies is unparalleled in the world. They would kill anybody or anything if they could get oil and make another buck. Don’t any of you oil people have any integrity at all?

  12. Alice Ahern says:

    It’s time to move on to clean energy instead of doing the
    same things over and over to the detriment of the planet

  13. Oh no, LEGO ! I am a big fan of LEGO and so is my son, whose got so many LEGO’s. I am also a FAN of my environment and will not hesitate to boycott LEGO. My child can grow up without LEGO but not without an ENVIRONMENT !!I trust that you will act accordingly and break your ties with BIG OIL !!

  14. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:


  15. Michael Guest says:

    This should not be with the big oil company. It’s wrong and unacceptable.

  16. Arlene Zimmer says:

    This planet must be carefully and absolutely cared for and saved. Failure to do so will see its’ life (in so many categories) put down!

  17. Anne Watson says:

    Stop being so GREEDY!!!! Humans do NOT own the earth alone – we share it!!!

  18. David King says:

    We must not be the generation that does nothing to limit Climate Change even while receiving warning from every reputable scientist in the world of the inevitability of a disastrous climate chng within about 5 years or so.

  19. Elizabeth arnold says:

    Don’t do it lego!!!!

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