Terminate Cruel University Experiment on Baby Monkeys

Rhesus Monkey

Target: The University of Wisconsin Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Ned H. Kalin, MD., University of Wisconsin Researcher

Goal: Stop cruel science experiment depriving baby monkeys of maternal care and subjecting them to traumatic events

A researcher at the University of Wisconsin is beginning tests on newborn rhesus monkeys to better understand anxiety and depression. The baby monkeys will be removed from their mothers within the first 24 hours of birth and will be isolated for 42 days. Then the monkeys will be subjected to a host of terrifying events. The babies will be deprived of the love, affection, comfort, and security that a mother gives. Instead, they will be frightened with snakes, human intruders, and given the company of a peer only to be isolated again later. These monkeys will also undergo brain scans and have blood drawn all before the 40 monkeys in the study are killed around the age of one.

In 1930, Harry Harlow, a primate researcher founded the first primate lab at the University of Wisconsin. He went on to do groundbreaking work in experimental psychology, but it was only possible as a result of extreme cruelty to the animals under his care. After several decades of research, people began to realize the unnecessary cruelty inflicted on the primates in Harlow’s studies and the research lab was shut down.

The lab has again reopened, and Ned H. Kalin is planning to continue the inhumane treatment of primates to further his study of anxiety and depression which builds off of Harlow’s work. The approval for this research project was difficult to get and was highly scrutinized. Sadly, Kalin has approval and will be going through with his study. Kalin and the University of Wisconsin need to see a huge resistance to this research project. We need to show them that we do not approve of the torture of animals and that this study should be terminated.


Dear IACUC and Dr. Kalin,

It will come as no surprise that the current study by Dr. Kalin on newborn rhesus monkeys is controversial. The planned removal of the monkeys from their mothers and subsequent isolation are only the beginning. For more than a year, the baby primates with be subjected to cruel treatment intended to induce panic, fear, anxiety, and depression. At the end of the year, 40 babies will be killed and have their brains cut open for observation.

This study is intended to further advance understanding and treatment of humans with anxiety and depression. While the idea of better serving people that suffer from these disorders is laudable, inhumane and torturous treatment of primates is not the way to advance research. As humans, we may fancy ourselves as being superior to other species, but to purposefully inflict pain and trauma onto another species within our care is abominable. This behavior only demonstrates our inferiority of morality and consciousness.

I strongly appose the research experiment planned by Dr. Kalin. I urge you to terminate this study and find a morally sound alternative.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Zookeeper via babyanimalzoo.com

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  1. Nothing new under the sun. Moms and dads of all species have been around much longer than these idiots. The only proof gained by these nefarious researchers is the agrandizement of their bank accounts.

  2. paula eaton says:

    This is sadistic. Stop the cruelty.

  3. joanna pendlebury says:

    No need for this

  4. Adrian Davies Pugh says:

    This study is barbaric and has no genuine justification. For Kalin to pursue this research, and to be allowed to do so, should worry us all. Is this really how far research has come in 80 years?

  5. Shari Long says:

    Back in the 40’s there WERE tests on prisoners. They signed consent forms and in exchange for a reduced sentence, they allowed themselves to be experimented on. WE NEED TO ALLOW THIS AGAIN….this is the only way to get true results without using animals snd getting sub par results.

  6. you have child molesters and rapist test on them not animals you bloody idiots

  7. This is an embarrassment to humanity!!!
    A disgusting excuse to misuse tax dollars.
    Where is Obama with his Executive Orders????

  8. This is the most unnecessary and useless lab trail ever – there is no need to subject these baby monkeys to this treatment. If it’s necessary to find out what depression does to the HUMAN brain – TALK TO HUMANS…maybe if someone actually talked to the humans they wouldn’t be depressed.

  9. les hunter says:

    This is experiment for the sake of it. It does not require a genius to examine human children who have been deprived for whatever reason and reach clinical conclusions regarding their mental well-being. To conduct this experiment on monkeys is to inflict unnecessary suffering in pursuit of inaplicable results. Psychiatry already enjoys the reputation in many countries of being pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo and to carry on with this will only reinforce this. If the results might have merit because rhesus monkeys are sufficiently closely related to us to provide a valid comparison, why is this relationship not close enough to cross ethical boundaries?
    As a retired Senior Forensic Psychiatric Practitioner I suggest that there is much more scientific, clinical and humanitarian benefit to be derived from examining on detail the motives and personalities of the proposers of this procedure in order to discover the origin of the disconnect between a desire to advance knowledge and an intent to inflict pain and suffering,
    Les Hunter

  10. Plus, even more disgustingly, your tax dollars are paying for it via a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to UW for this “study”.

  11. Why don’t these “scientists” spend their time and OUR tax dollars on something worthwhile. I believe they’re closet psychos who enjoy torturing and abusing these helpless victims, like these innocent infant monkeys.

    Cold-hearted bastards. Go pick on someone like yourselves.

  12. Sarah Reese says:

    It is unacceptable to pursue this research.

  13. Poor little creatures these little ones are our nearest kin for think on one day it will be so called humans get this treatment, can you sleep at night, God moves in a mysterious way .

  14. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Who makes money with this IMMORAL Make-Work ! ! ! !

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