Punish Teen for Shooting Cat


Target: Elizabeth Drigotas, President, Maryland Society for the Protection of Animals

Goal: Bring charges against teenager who shot and killed neighbor’s cat

A teenager from Maryland recently killed someone’s pet cat with a BB gun and posted photos of the dead pet on social media. The photos showed part of the cat’s skull missing, followed by a caption with several smiling and laughing emoticons. In subsequent posts, she showed no remorse for her barbaric behavior and even made racist comments to those that criticized her actions.

Many cat owners across the world allow their cats to roam outside in the warm summertime weather. While pets generally face extra dangers outdoors from traffic and other animals, owners should not have to worry about malevolent children attacking their pets out of pure malice.

Cruelty to animals can be a sign of underlying psychological issues, which when left untreated, can lead to escalating violence toward animals and even humans. Several studies in psychology and criminology concur that a lack of remorse and apparent pride in cruel actions can be symptomatic of severe mental disturbance.

Children must be taught at a young age to respect animals and treat the defenseless with kindness. The young girl’s actions show that she has not been taught to treat animals compassionately, and even that she thinks animal cruelty is acceptable and defensible. Not only should she be prosecuted to the full extent of Maryland’s animal protection laws, but should also undergo a psychological evaluation and counseling in order to prevent similar behavior in the future. Your signature will ask Maryland’s Society for the Protection of Animals to open an investigation into the incident, and lay charges to anyone involved.


Dear Ms Elizabeth Drigotas,

A fifteen year old girl from Silver Springs, Maryland recently shot someone’s pet cat with a BB gun, killing it. She proceeded to post photos of the dead and bloodied cat on social media, along with laughing and smiling emoticons and comments defending her behavior.

Psychologists and criminologists agree that deliberate cruelty to animals and a lack of remorse for such behavior can be symptomatic of underlying psychological issues. If left untreated, these issues could lead to escalating violence against animals and possibly humans.

Maryland’s animal protection laws prohibit unnecessary infliction of pain and suffering on all animals, meaning the child should be investigated immediately. I ask that charges be laid against the children involved in this barbaric shooting, and that they receive proper psychological treatment in order to prevent further instances of barbaric cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Olivier H via Flickr

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  1. Olga Troyan says:

    I wonder, if her neighbors know. If someone shot my cat, I don’t know, what I’d do.

  2. boyd hore says:


  3. Kelly Lubash says:

    She needs to be severely punished. I’ve no use for someone like her. Maybe is she had to work for a rescue shelter she would change her attitude. If not, shoot her. She’s worthless to society.

  4. She is a psycho period. She hasn´t had no remorse, shows no empathy and brags about taking the life of other being….she is dangerous and if she is not stopped, she is gonna kill again and again

  5. lisa thompson says:

    She is another piece of shit.

  6. Too late for the little bitch. Looking at s future serial killer.

  7. The parents should be jailed due to lack of parenting.

  8. Christine Stewart says:

    It has been said, “The worst thing you can do for a child is to let them get away with animal abuse.”

  9. Cecily Colloby says:

    Shoot this worthless piece of trash AND her parents who are as responsible for her evil actions as she is. Your kids are what you make them or what you allow them to be…

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