Save Rare Harpy Eagle from Extinction

Target: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services – Division of International Conservation (Latin America Branch)

Goal: Protect the Harpy Eagle, a critically endangered Amazonian bird

From a side profile, Harpy Eagles resemble powerful raptors with their sharp, narrow beaks and razor sharp talons. Females typically weigh up to 22 pounds while males weigh up to 11 pounds, and their wingspans have been reported to reach more than 7 feet in length.

These regal birds call Mexico, Central America and South America home but are most common in Brazil. In the rainforest, Harpy Eagles hunt in the canopies and perch on trees in search of prey but are known to hunt in semi-open forests and pastures as well. This rare bird has no natural predators, yet its population has rapidly declined to near extinction in Central America due to deforestation. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, fewer than 50,000 harpy eagles remain in the world and continue to decrease at an alarming rate due to habitat loss, hunters, and the species’ naturally slow reproduction rate. Harpy eagles usually only raise a single chick every 2-3 years and are monogamous. Their nests are destroyed in the process of clear cutting in their natural habitats.

Shootings by humans are also pushing the rare birds closer to the edges of the rain forests where they become more vulnerable. When the Peregrine Fund conducted a survey in Panama about Harpy Eagles, they discovered that the reasons for the shootings are mostly based on fear and curiosity. Some people were afraid of the birds attacking their families or livestock, while others simply wanted to see the bird up close. Although Harpy Eagles have been reported to attack domestic livestock, this behavior is extremely rare under normal circumstances, and they actually prefer to spend their time in the canopies of the rainforest.

Please sign this petition to help protect the remaining, dwindling population of Harpy Eagles.


Dear U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services – Division of International Conservation,

Harpy Eagles are a beloved and revered species that deserves to be protected. In Ecuador, they are worshipped by an Amazonian tribe as gods and should be treated just as preciously by others.

Please work with local communities to eliminate hunting Harpy Eagles in Central America where the bird is most threatened and on the edge of extinction. An area for the birds to breed safely should be established to increase and support future reintroduction efforts and to stabilize the species’ declining population.

It is not too late to prevent this rare, magnificent bird from facing extinction.


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Photo credit: Dave 2x via Flickr

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  1. Hava dennenberg says:

    I am urging you to speak on behalf of those without a voice, before it is too late…

  2. Tracey Booth says:

    Very wise words

  3. Des Raynor says:

    Steps are required to avert the decline of this magnificent species,lets us take action now before it’s too late!

  4. Jane Morrow says:

    Killing something to see what it looks like up close makes as much sense as “scientific whaling”. Another example of every other living thing suffering because of human stupidity, greed and over population. This is why I now only support organisations that are animal, conservation and environmentally focussed. Nature ultimately deals with species over population – may it happen to the human race soon before its too late for everything else.

    • Jane Morrow — you are 100% right; I have made the same distinction and do as you do regarding organizations I support. I am more and more alarmed at our idiocy as we destroy what is precious, fragile, and irreplaceable — and becoming more ashamed to be human. Our species’ population is exploding and this will cause the downfall of this beautiful Planet. Every day, another species goes extinct because of our horrifying habits. It breaks my heart.

      • Robin Baca says:

        Thank you for your intelligent response. Unfortunately, it’s more like a thousand species per day. When I think of that, I too am ashamed. Who do we (humans) think we are? The marginalization of the American Indian was our first big blunder. They had a code of respect for Mother Earth. Shame on us, and let’s keep fighting to turn the hearts of the greedy into ones that care about something other than self and $.

    • The atavistic biblical notion that humans have “dominion” over the rest of the earth is the most destructive idea that was ever invented. Humans deserve to become extinct but preferably before we take every other living thing with us first. Our compulsion to exploit everything is destroying us.

    • Ramona Meischner says:

      I so agree with you in every word you say. You are absolutely correct. I was going to print that until I saw yours. You think on the same lines I do. Thank you for that

  5. laurel mancini says:

    Me too, Jane. Every species – flora and fauna – that make this planet a miracle is being culled, destroyed, displaced, dismantled, marked as vermin. Except us. We are the virus overrunning the earth.

  6. One of the largest eagles in the world, a magnificent creature, given to this planet to be respected, honored and protected by the caretakers of the planet. We must take a stand so we don’t loose them, like the condors, peregrine falcons and bald eagles we almost lost!

  7. Save all animals before they become extinct!

  8. Jo. Unrau says:

    Control of human population is the answer to everything. NO MORE HUMAN BIRTHS. We need to stop reproducing if we are going to save the planet & everything on it. How can anyone be too stupid to see that. Our own species will also die when this planet is destroyed. IT HAS TO STOP NOW!!!

  9. Michelle Harris says:

    What we are doing to our planet is nothing short of heartbreaking. My husband and I decided not to have children because there are just too many of us. My friends and family cant understand why. Sleep walkers I call them as are most humans on this planet.

  10. permanent protections for the harpy eagles to remain for the future.

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