Denounce Reckless Actions of Animal Rights Activists


Target: Tyler Lang and Kevin Johnson, animal rights activists

Goal: Criticize irresponsible release of 2,000 minks that resulted in the death of over half of them

Two animal rights activists recently freed 2,000 minks from a fur farm in Morris, Illinois only for the animals to run into roads and be run over, be killed by predators, or die of starvation. The Californian duo, associated with the radical Animal Liberation Front, was so focused on making a point to the fur industry that they failed to consider the well-being of the animals they freed. They are suspected of several similar stunts across America, and could have used their passion for animal rights in a much more constructive manner.

Minks are the most common animals found in fur farms, with around 30 million being bred and killed annually. Throughout their lives, they are confined to cages barely larger than one square foot–conditions that promote neurotic behaviors such as circling, self mutilation, and intentionally using their own cages to create bodily injury. Some minks are inbred in order to preserve a certain fur color, resulting in genetic defects such as deafness in Hedlund white minks.

The two veteran animal rights protestors freed an entire farm full of captive-bred minks into the wild where they were unable to fend for themselves. Many of the minks were found dead in nearby fields and roads after being unable to find shelter, food, and safety.

The pair of protesters failed to consider the consequences of their actions, resulting in the deaths of over 1,000 minks. While they would have died for the fur trade anyway, it is imperative that before acting, activists ensure that they can be responsible for the well-being of any animals affected by their actions. Your signature will criticize the duo’s reckless and counterproductive actions, and plead for a little foresight in any future animal welfare protests.


Dear Tyler Lang and Kevin Johnson,

Over a thousand minks recently met an untimely death after being released from captivity on a mink farm. Unable to find food, safety, and shelter, they quickly perished in nearby fields and roads.

While fighting for animal welfare is important, it is equally important to ensure that your actions do not pose any risk to the animals you are trying to help. It is counterproductive and reckless to release animals into the wild where they cannot care for themselves. We, the undersigned, ask that your passion is used more constructively in the future and that the well-being of animals is considered before acting.


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Photo credit: Brendan Lally via Creative Commons

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  1. Marie Honey'Jones says:

    Not signing. These guys were suspected of this, no evidence of them freeing the minks was found and one of them has been released.

    However, better to be freed than kept in tiny cages, skinned alive or gassed. Better they had a small taste of freedom.

  2. Is this a petition put up by the fur industry to denounce those who fight for animal rights? Minks are perfectly capable to surviving in the wild even if brought up in cages. Further, as mentioned by others here, I’d rather take my change at freedom even it I might end up run over by a car then be kept in a tiny cage and then anally electrocuted, and I am sure those minks feel the same.

  3. Not to mention numerous scientific studies have found captive mink are able to survive quite nicely thank-you-very-much when released into the wild.

    Those who profit from the imprisonment and killing of these innocent animals always trot out the same excuses: the animals are run over by cars by the thousand, despite the fact they are in rural areas with minimal traffic; they die of starvation though they have been shown repeatedly to retain the instinctual ability to hunt and fend for themselves in the wild.

    As usual, follow the money. Who should be believed, those who profit from the exploitation and anal electrocution (How sick are these people, anyway?) of still-genetically-wild animals, or those who risk their freedom (if indeed it was Tyler and Kevin) to give the imprisoned animals at least a shot at freedom and survival?

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