Support Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health


Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Improve access to birth control and health services for millions of women around the world

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  1. The US Supreme Court has lost its collective mind and now decided that American women are no longer guaranteed access to birth control if they work for the likes of Hobby Lobby. This isn’t only about the rest of the world. We have all gone back to the middle ages.

  2. Frank Hill says:

    If part of my religion includes jaywalking, will I be exempt from receiving any jaywalking citations from the police?

  3. Phyllis Orner says:

    I agree with Mary. The USA needs to prioritise its own horrendous lack of sexual and reproductive health rights before dictating to others what should be done.

  4. Sydney Johnson says:

    The first thing we need to do is reverse CORPORATE PERSONHOOD which allows corporations to have the same rights as individual people. The situation becomes tricky when it seems to be a case between religious and personal freedoms. While Hobby Lobby does grant coverage to birth control, it deems PLAN B and similar drugs another form of ABORTION and is against it. I am constantly outraged by politicians (white, old, MALE) who believe they are entitled to decisions THEY CAN KNOW NOTHING PERSONALLY ABOUT. If corporations and ALL politicians could get pregnant (…corporations are people right?), then there would be an entirely different attitude and completely different ruling.

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