Don’t Jail the Homeless


Target: King Harald V of Norway

Goal: Encourage wealthy country to devise a plan for poor beggars that does not involve jailing them

Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, is in the process of creating a new plan for poor beggars, but the plan does not involve conventional methods such as job training or financial assistance. Instead, Norway plans to jail the poor and homeless who ask for assistance. Government officials must be convinced not to punish less fortunate citizens seeking help.

The oil rich country is currently devising a plan to punish poor beggars with fines and jail time. This is a very radical and harsh form of beggar control, however, most citizens are in support of this plan. A recent poll shows that over 60 percent of Norwegians believe that begging should be considered a crime. The number of poor beggars in Norway has been increasing, which has raised concern that this new plan could result in an increase in crime.

Alternative methods to control beggars should be explored. Rather than punishment, the poor and homeless should be given the opportunity to improve their lives through work and education. If these beggars are prevented from asking for money, Norwegians would become blind to the severity of the poverty in their country. This would disable any urgency for action and could possibly result in an increase in the poverty rate. There is also the possibility that outlawing begging could cause individuals to resort to alternative forms of crime that are more profitable, such as breaking into homes and businesses or robbing people on the street. The plan to fine or imprison beggars is poorly thought out and will have no positive effects on the country of Norway.

Please sign the petition below to encourage the King of Norway to devise an alternative plan to deal with poor beggars that is beneficial to all Norwegians.


Dear King Harald V,

Your recently proposed plan to punish poor beggars with fines or jail time is a poor idea that needs to be reconsidered. We are writing to advise that you create an alternative method for handling beggars that is beneficial to every citizen of Norway.

While we understand that increased beggars are becoming an issue in your country, your proposed methods of handling them are not going to solve the problem. If these beggars are suppressed from asking for money, Norwegians would become blind to the severity of the poverty in their country. This would disable any urgency for action and could even lead to an increase in the poverty rate. Also, if the poor are unable to beg for money, they may resort to other more serious forms of crime, worsening the issue you are trying to solve.

Please reconsider the unfair and ineffective procedure of jailing or fining beggars, and instead implement a plan that will provide opportunities for the poor through education and employment.


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Photo Credit: Barun via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. For us to understand the gravity of the ‘Homelessness’ we ourselves need to get into their position. They are already in despair and distressed. Please don’t punish them any further while jailing them. Be compassionate and be kind to the less privilege people/animals than you do.

  2. I do not support this new law, as I believe we have other means of defeating this.

    However, before you sign this, ask yourself the following question:

    What would you and your nation do, if every year people from all over the world(EU countries) travel to your country with one purpose, to beg in the streets?

    This law came to be because Norway is flooded every year, not by norwegian beggars, but by people of the EU who has no intention of being a tourist or applying for a job in Norway. They come here in the thousands, littering the streets in every major city we have… And we don’t have many.

    We do have some we could call homeless and beggars that are norwegian. But those all have options in the norwegian wellfare system, a system that not only gives them the means to eat and have the needs to live(aka wellfare), but also free healthcare, a roof over their heads and the aid they need in getting a job, be it education or even paying an employer to take them in.

    So again… What would your nation do, when your every street is filled with beggars from foreign countries? I know, they wouldn’t even let them in. But we are REQUIRED by the EU to let them in… so we can’t stop them at the borders…

    Oh and btw, the King of Norway has no constitutional powers, he is a figurehead, a symbol of norway. He does not dictate policies nor politics.
    If I didn’t know better, I’d say this petitionletter was written by George James Tsunis, the new “ambasador” to norway

  3. earth activist says:

    If you use jails as a “shelter” for them, and require community service, for a bed, meal and shower, it could be beneficial, to both. If you train them, that would be even better.

    Find out WHY they are homeless, and rectify that, and maybe many might be able to rise above it.

    With the cost of living these days, it’s really hard to go from nothing to something, especially, if you have nothing, no shelter aka address, no food, no clean clothes, no shower, no car, no money. One cannot get a job that way, they need basic needs met first.

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