Cancel Show Celebrating Slaughter of Threatened Animals

African Lion

Target: Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman Channel

Goal: Cancel plans for a new T.V. series celebrating a hunter of wild and threatened African animals

African animal killer and Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones has landed a hunting show on the Sportsman Channel, scheduled to air in 2015. Jones has made several trips to Africa to hunt elephants, lions, rhinos and other wild animals across the continent. She claims to be acting in the name of conservation, supporting her assertion with anecdotes about helping researchers and veterinarians during her trips. This claims mean little in light of the beaming photos of her posing alongside her recently-slaughtered prey. No amount of help she gives or research she assists can give back the lives of the innocent animals she killed in her search for fame.

Jones was eager to have a T.V. show, and Sportsman Channel has picked up her series. Sportsman Channel is therefore supporting Jones’ actions and promoting the idea that more Americans should go to exotic lands and “conquer wild beasts.”

Other organizations are currently working to prevent Jones from posting and promoting her conquests on Facebook. With African nations and reserve owners make a killing (literally and figuratively) from hunters like her, it will be much harder to stop these hunting practices abroad. But we are not powerless. Sportsman Channel says that they are “devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans.” Well, it is our responsibility to show the channel that the lifestyle Jones promotes is also considered repulsive by millions of people around the world.

Call on the Sportsman Channel to cancel plans for Jones’ show, and to end its support for the senseless slaughter of threatened African animals.


Dear Mr. Harvey,

As the CEO of the Sportsman Channel you have the power to stop production of a new show featuring big-game hunter Kendall Jones. This young American has spent a considerable amount of time in Africa hunting vulnerable and endangered animals for sport. While your network may specialize in hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure Jones’ behavior and practices are far from what the average American wants to see. Sportsman Channel claims to be “devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans.” It should be clear to you that the lifestyle which Jones promotes is not supported by millions of Americans.

Additionally the philosophy of a “Red, Wild, and Blue America,” which celebrates the great outdoors in connection with the American spirit, is contradicted by Jones’ actions and potential show. Not only is she destroying the great outdoors moreso than celebrating it, she does so without demonstrating the American spirit. The famed American spirit includes such characteristics as ingenuity, patriotism, diversity and tolerance. Jones displays none of these qualities when she hunts, kills and poses beside threatened and endangered wild animals.

Putting an end to this show would not only serve your company by preventing disgruntled customers, it would also genuinely benefit the conservation of wild African animals. The majority of American people are not interested in viewing the unnecessary killing of beautiful, exotic and wild animals. Plans for Jones’ show should be cancelled immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kevin Pluck via Flickr

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  1. This woman seems determined to spend her life killing things that are better looking and more useful than she is.

  2. Wanda Graff says:

    If this is the kind of programing they are going to show I will not only boycott the show but the channel. I also will quit buying products from any sponsers of this awefsul thing, the lose of like is bad enough, but this is horrific and brutel.

  3. Darlene Stewart says:

    It is one thing to hunt for sport in order to keep certain wildlife populations in check but to hunt an endangered species is a totally different matter & unacceptable. This should not be condoned for any reason!

    • Jane Morrow says:

      Widlife populations don’t need to be kept “in check” if people leave nature alone and stop upsetting the balance. How about keeping the human population in check – that’s what’s really wrong with this planet.

      • WELL SAID!!!!

      • Penny Ollard says:

        Well said – keeping human populations in check could do a lot to help save the eco balances of our Planet. If we don’t Nature will take her revenge at some time,. Human will die intheir millions but the animal population will return more quickly as it can adapt more easily.

    • Jane Morrow says:

      Wildlife populations don’t need to be kept “in check” if people would leave Nature alone and stop upsetting the balance. How about keeping the human population in check? That the real issue facing the planet.

  4. Terri Scheinuck says:

    Next kidnapping & killing of infants for a TV show?

    Taking out old people over say… 70 years of age?

    Why not drown little kittens for fun & chuckles.

    We could do surgery on animals with no anesthesia!!

    We could duct tape cats to freeway underpasses & laugh….

    Let’s get down and dirty because that is what sells.

    Humans NEED cruel, disgusting entertainment, only kind to have these days.

    I am so ashamed to be of the human being race. There is nothing we will not kill. (vomiting)

  5. Jane Morrow says:

    There is nothing noble, brave or decent about hunting of any description. If you’re so brave why don’t you leave the gun at home and use your bare hands – that’s a fair fight. Describing hunting as sport is also a misnomer. I can only hope this vile piece of humanity gets the end she deserves at the hands of one of the magnificent animals she seeks to destroy.

  6. Allison Tait says:

    The girl is the worst of humanity.

  7. Jay Thomas says:

    Where can I send money to buy ammunition for Kendall? I can’t wait for her show to start and watch you all squirm and crap your pants! lol

    • Bonita Perks says:

      We are not squeamish . We dont want animals killed for fun . Their life is real , precious . They fear , feel pain and love .
      You may have no love in you may be your heart is cold and dead . Heartless perhaps .
      I am proud to care about life . To have love .

  8. Im not violent but would love to drop kick this bitch… I say put all hunters together and let them have at it..

  9. Heidi Lechner says:

    Stop celebrating evil and everything that’s wrong with this World.

  10. larry poling says:

    hell works by hurting things we love. the girl is just another unconscious minion of hell making her bread by getting us riled

  11. This is absolutely outrageous and repulsive. This girl needs mental help.

  12. Claire Voutsinas says:

    Only in America.
    All animal loving Americans must wonder what they have done to deserve such people in their midst.

  13. T Bruning says:

    One word for this sorry excuse for a human – Bitch!!

  14. Michelle Harris says:

    This is why our world is dying…its full of people like her. These kind of people think humans beings are separate and somehow above all other living things. In fact we are ALL ONE.

  15. Nils Anders Lunde Nils Anders Lunde says:

    At it has been posted an update in which she stands up and justify the pursuit and hunt of wild animals. This shows just how far she is from reality and how deeply ingrained she is in “the system”. One can not really do anything but feel sorry for her. When reality dawns on her, it will hit back hard. Hope she manages to master the task just as well as she is to explain away hunting ………

  16. Nils Anders Lunde Nils Anders Lunde says:

    More over……, What a small and unbrave person this is. A person with no self respect or respect for wild life. A little human with his/her gun, trying to get some honor. This type of hunters have BIG issues and are one of the most uncertain people who lives on the planet. Put this woman / or man alone in the jungle all by themself or better…., put them ALONE in a disaster area. They would not last or survived long. This is a type of human that depends on people around them and can use them if things go wrong. There is a word for this…., namely cowards!

    • Marita Berggren says:

      Well said! I hope the TV-channel stop the plans as she has nothing to do with wildlife but sooner she seeks for talent and if you lack talent then you must do something despicable to get the attention.

  17. Elizabeth Bona says:

    What a sad, sick bastard this idiot is. There’s something very wrong with her. Pure evil.

  18. Emma Owens says:

    WTF? What a crazy bitc*

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