Ask Young Woman to Stop Killing Endangered Animals

Kendall Jones

Target: Kendall Jones, killer of endangered African wildlife

Goal: Persuade Jones to stop killing African wildlife

A 19-year-old Texas cheerleader has made waves lately on social media with graphic photographs depicting her next to wild animals she killed. Kendall Jones claims that her lust for taking endangered life is grounded in conservationism, though this alibi is doubtful. Conservationism is not murder, especially when the victim is a member of an endangered species. Jones must be persuaded to stop her killing rampage; it is unjust and grossly out of line.

Jones has an active Facebook page where she flaunts photos of her many “trophy” kills. The cheerleader targets endangered animals, such as elephant and certain species of rhinoceros, along with stable species. Her goal is to host a reality show, which would follow her through Africa while she kills mercilessly. Jones claims that her graphic photographs are a testament to game preservation, as well as a fair brag of her hunting skills. The cheerleader claims she and the African big game partake in a “fair chase,” one where she normally wins because she has a weapon and the animal does not.

Outrage over the graphic photographs is rampant and many activists abhor Jones’ obvious disregard for African wildlife. Jones claims she is helping the African people by donating her killed game to be eaten by locals, though she is missing the valuable focus of sustainability. If Jones were to use the money she gives to the African government to pay for hunting licenses to instead fund gardens, or sustainable farming which would yield for years, she would truly be making a difference in the lives of the African people. Satisfying the desire to kill should never be veiled with the claim of sustainability.

Killing big game, such as lions and elephants, under the guise of “sport” is unacceptable. Killing big game for “sustainability” is even more unacceptable. Jones claims that the reserves she hunts on often do not have room for all of the animals, in which case she is happy to take the animals’ lives. Jones should not be allowed to hunt in order to complete her personal bucket list of conquered big game. There is no merit in Jones’ actions; urge that she stop killing relentlessly and instead dedicate her time to reputable sustainable actions.


Dear Ms. Jones,

Killing big game, especially endangered animals, is not a hobby to be proud of. You hunt and kill under the guise of “sustainability” and I am not buying it. If you truly wanted to make a lasting difference in the lives of the African people and animals, you would devise sustainable feeding operations such as mass gardens or food program and donate to anti-poaching measures. Killing an endangered elephant and proceeding to justify your actions by donating the meat to the local human population is abhorrently transparent.

Stop killing endangered and stable African game for sport. Instead of paying the African government for a chance to hunt big game, donate the money to operations working toward a sustainable and peaceful future. Killing rare and endangered animals is irresponsible; even if the game is on a reserve, your influence has an effect on the fragile ecosystems of the area. You are very young, so I have hope that your ways will change.

I urge you to reconsider your actions. They are not sustainable, they are detrimental.


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Photo credit: Oliver Wright via Wikipedia

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  1. Tammy Abraham says:

    This is really wrong and I doubt that you are that ignorant to not know that what you are doing is wrong. my opinion is that you are desperately seeking attention and that’s all. the animals are paying for your ego and to be honest that’s just sad. You need to get a real life, find some self-esteem without having to kill helpless animals in the process. maybe a psychiatrist would be in order.

  2. Stephan Wilhelm says:

    Stop horrible perversion against all Animals Please

  3. Lucy Kelly says:

    This woman is openly sadistic. If it were eg cats she was killing, a court would give her a mental health check. I think she should have one, anyway. Hunting common prey species for food I can understand, but hunting for fun is sick. She needs mental help, and she should be given it. Even if she enjoys it, that wouldn’t mean it was normal. It would just mean she enjoyed her illness, as sadists do.

    • Lucy Kelly says:

      Some people think this is a freedom of speech issue but it is not. Its a mental health issue. This woman is sadistic. She needs mental help because she harms animals for fun.

  4. Lucy Kelly says:

    Some people are saying this is a freedom of speech issue, but it is not, because killing for fun is sadism, and sadism is a mental health issue, not a freedom of speech issue.

    It would be democratic to outlaw trophy hunting if the ban applied to everyone. In a democracy laws decided by the majority apply to everybody. Trophy hunters would then not be being victimised because they would be subjected to the same laws as everyone else.

    Would it be constitutional to ban trophy hunting? I dont know because I live in the United Kingdom.

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