Punish Instructor for Butchering Dog

Bolivian military

Target: Rubén Saavedra, Defense Minister for Bolivian Military

Goal: Criminally charge military instructor who slaughtered a live dog to desensitize trainees

Up until 2009, Bolivian military instructors regularly slaughtered live dogs during training exercises. Meant to “toughen up” and desensitize new cadets, this brutal practice finally became outlawed after tireless protests by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Recently, however, an instructor barbarically killed another dog, earning only a four-day suspension following the criminal act.

The New York Times reports the instructor “gutted a 2-year-old mixed breed dog” and “smeared its blood on students’ faces.” He ruthlessly butchered a helpless animal, and in doing so, he also brazenly violated Bolivian law. The ban, or “Resolution 217,” purports to enforce punishments for such violations. Nonetheless, the instructor has only been temporarily suspended, which is an insultingly insufficient penalty. Suspension is typically reserved for minor acts of insubordination, such as mouthing off to a superior officer. This soldier cut open and bled out an innocent creature. Perhaps the scariest part of this story is the idea that he will be allowed to return to the academy. One can’t help but wonder if the Bolivian military only enacted this law to appease protestors while secretly continuing to kill dogs.

There’s a reason butchering live animals desensitizes people: It is inherently cruel and traumatic. If the Bolivian military wants to harden its soldiers, it should use virtual simulations or old war footage to do so. Slaughtering dogs is both illegal and wildly unnecessary. In addition, instructors should earn more than a “slap on the wrist” for violating the ban. Sign the following petition to demand justice for this innocent animal that was brutally killed for the sake of “instruction.”


Dear Minister of Defense Rubén Saavedra,

In 2009, you approved Resolution 217, which prohibits the abuse or mistreatment of animals in military training exercises. Nevertheless, a military instructor recently slaughtered a two-year-old dog for the sake of instruction. Though Resolution 217 assures punishment for violations of this ban, the instructor has only earned a four-day suspension. This punishment is not only inadequate, it is profoundly unjust.

The “penalty” you have issued sends a clear message that you do not take your ban on animal abuse seriously. More importantly, it conveys that you value a soldier’s training more than the life of an innocent creature. A temporary suspension is not a punishment; it is a slap on the wrist that is commonly enforced for minor acts of misconduct. Employing such a measure in this instance is grossly disproportionate to the crime, and ultimately displays a lack of empathy on the Bolivian military’s part.

This instructor violated official regulation and he should be penalized accordingly. Not only has he senselessly killed an animal, he has directly disobeyed an order. Please seek true justice for the crimes that have been committed, and bring the soldier before a court to answer for his barbaric actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kristin Miranda

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  1. He needs to be butchered little pieces at a time

  2. I am beyond disgusted, there are no words to describe how I and any other decent respectable human being feels about this.
    It is not necessary and illustrates just how bad the human animal really can be.
    Their arrogance, their lack of respect for anything makes me ashamed of them who do anything like this.
    Karma will be right there and one day they themselves may well be gutted while the crowd looks on but that doesn’t help my sadness and it certainly doesn’t help the innocent animals who are subjected to such atrocities in the name of what????…..amuzement for some dick-head..pathetic is too gooda word

  3. If you want to toughen up the soldiers than let them kill this man, that should do it. POS

  4. Terrie P says:

    This shows how a lot of people have lost their grip on reality. This guy probably sees himself as a “warrior” from some movie or more likely a video game he plays. Also some people love any excuse for cruelty. It took a BIG MAN to slaughter and butcher a helpless dog! That dog was probably wagging his tail looking up at this jerk not knowing what was about to happen. The other soldiers should have took that S.O.B. down and shoved that knife where it belonged, right up that guys …!

  5. Meant to “toughen up” and desensitize new cadets ???? Please lock that bastard and throw away the key for good

  6. Sonja Talboys says:

    This f***ing evil bastard and all the other evil bastards that have done this evil and cruel act should have their balls and dicks cut off very very slowly while nailed to a tree. I would willingly do the job and laugh at them as they cried for mercy. 4 days suspension for murdering an innocent animal is just disgracefull, hope ALL animals abusers rot in hell.

  7. eileen sedlacek says:

    Beyond horrific….beyond words..he needs to be severely punished…. No one should be able to do this to an innocent animal he just wants to love. Its like killing a helpless child!!!!! What a beast…. Someone do something….

  8. this is not the first I heard abuse this abuse, I ve seen this on tv or internet before, I dont know why no one step up in defense of animals, this ignorants think is the right thing to do, should be punished so this horrendous acts ends.

  9. JJanice Buckley says:


  10. What a piece of shit!! But I see a “good side” of that….if he’s been punished then some of his cadets reported him, and they proved to be way better than him!

  11. kathy banfield says:

    This sick excuse for a human should be locked up, away from any and all living creatures! Is he training the soldiers to be serial killers? Sure sounds like it!

  12. mandy-lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

    could there be any more evil assholes walking this earth?????????????? What a piece of work this guy sounds like. He should be punished. Id actually like to be the ‘punisher’

  13. Colleen Mercer says:

    Shoul be charged for animal abuse and fired. Sick and inhumane..

  14. I fell that any one & everyone that is mean to any & all animalistic is wrong people killing a dog or a cat it evil just pure evil ! There was no need in to this to that dog or to any animal at all this person should be inprison for the rest of his life or get death him self period

    • I miss spelled some words here I am sorry I feel this person & or persons should be treated the same way that they treated this poor dog

  15. Martin Field says:

    Only a thug or a pathetic coward would slaughter an innocent animal. No army should have in it’s ranks someone who perpetrates such a cowardly act.

  16. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    This idiot needs to be removed from the gene pool…

  17. What do you expect? Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico, Panama etc is fulf of animal abusers. I must know, I live here. CHOP HIS HANDS!

  18. Kevin Tate says:

    What a sad, weak, little man. I hope he doesn’t have children; if he does, I feel sorry for them.

  19. Huge red flag. Those who can guiltlessly torture animals may be able to torture women and children next. Is this sociopath behavior?

  20. This sick practice is making like, nobody afraid of Bolivian soldiers.

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