End Neglectful and Dangerous Livestock Auctions


Target: Nathan Runkle, Chief Executive Officer, Mercy for Animals

Goal: Applaud investigation into cruel and careless treatment of livestock

Severe mistreatment and neglect of animals has resulted in formal complaints being filed against two livestock auctions. Southeast Mississippi Livestock’s Pontotoc and Hattiesburg stockyards are under investigation after evidence surfaced of cruelty and carelessness toward animals. Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group, is seeking to file 49 charges of animal abuse against ten employees at the two stockyard locations.

Video evidence obtained by Mercy for Animals shows cows, sheep, and other animals being kicked, shocked, and dragged by their tails and ears. Animals at the two stockyards were fed at erratic intervals and deprived of food and water for extended periods. Perhaps worst of all, management at the two facilities were aware of the abuse and negligence, and allowed it to happen.

The group seeks charges against five employees from each location involved in the abuse, as well as the yard managers. They are calling on the Livestock Marketing Association to do its part to reduce oversight of these common instances of animal cruelty by implementing additional supervision and training for livestock handlers as well as improved camera monitoring.

Mercy for Animals’ consistent efforts have resulted in the conviction of hundreds of cruel livestock workers, prompting real change in the farming industry. The evidence that they have obtained could result in several convictions and an end to animal cruelty at Southeast Mississippi Livestock stockyards. Your signature will thank the organization for their work, and encourage them in all future endeavors.


Dear Mr. Nathan Runkle,

Mercy for Animals has recently obtained evidence that could lead to the conviction of ten livestock workers and their managers for their roles in the mistreatment and neglect of animals. The workers, employed at Pontotoc and Hattiesburg stockyards in Mississippi, were caught kicking, shocking, and dragging sheep, cows, and other livestock. They also knowingly deprived the animals of food and water for extended periods of time.

Hundreds of careless animal handlers have been apprehended because of Mercy for Animals’ work. Millions of farm animals across America have had their circumstances improved by one of Mercy for Animals’ investigations, which most often result in the termination of all employees not abiding by animal welfare laws. I applaud your work to ensure the protection of farm animals, and encourage you to continue with your efforts to improve welfare standards nationally.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Robin Drayton via Creative Commons

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  1. earth activist says:

    GO VEGAN=no demand=no profits=stockyards, breeder facilities, and slaughter houses shut down.

    Less animals born to die and living in misery, until their painful end and dismemberment.

    Less GMO crops grown for stock feed=less Round up sprayed, etc.

    Sunshine burgers are animal and GMO free.
    Boca, Garden Burger and Morningstar Farms, and probably Gardin are NOT GMO free. Veggie Slices cheese, is NOT dairy free. the green package ones have milk protien in them, called casin, in them.

    Most cheeses that are not rennet free, are processed with “enzymes” taken from slaughtered CALVES stomachs.

    If there are millions of dairy cows, where are their calves? No, the males don’t grow up to become bulls, or even steers. They are killed at a young age, after being chained up in crates all of their short lives, to become veal.

    The mother dairy cows “lose” their calves EVERY YEAR, year after year, until her production goes down, then she too, is sent to slaughter.

    Male chicks are ground up alive, and hen chicks, and meat chicks have half their beaks gullitined off, turkey chicks have the ends of their toes clipped off, as well as their beaks, so they’ll never grow toenails. Sheep have the skin on their backsides cut off while they are alive.


    Ever see chicken “processing” on a free range farm? The chicken is stuffed into a cone, then it’s throat is slit. It bleeds out in shock and agony.

    Imagine all the poor lambs killed the same way. Then decapitated and chopped into “lamb chops”.

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