Applaud President Obama for Supporting Paid Maternity Leave


Target: President of the United States of America Barack Obama

Goal: Thank the president for turning his attention to paid maternity leave

The United States of America is one of only three nations in the world that does not offer paid maternity leave to all workers. This sorry state of affairs just received a large boost in visibility, however, as President Obama has begun to make paid maternity leave a main topic of discussion in Washington D.C. He has repeatedly called for action on the issue and on June 23, 2014 the White House hosted an event touting the benefits of paid maternity leave. It is important to raise public awareness about this topic so that people will begin to demand change, and the president is certainly doing his part.

Being a working parent is made more difficult in the United States by a lack of policies designed to assist new parents. Paid maternity leave would allow workers to take time off to care for their newborns and not be forced to juggle their families and their careers. Many citizens of the U.S. don’t realize how widespread paid maternity leave is; Papa New Guinea and Oman are the only other nations that do not provide it. By speaking out about the issue and making sure more people are educated on the subject, President Obama is making it more likely that pressure will be put on Congress to make changes.

President Obama cannot mandate paid maternity leave all on his own, but he can rally public support in favor of it. Getting the people of the U.S. behind the idea is the best way to demand change and work towards this important policy. By signing this petition, you will thank the president for his efforts so far and encourage him to keep up the good work.


Dear President Obama,

In recent days you have made it your mission to advocate for paid maternity leave for all U.S. citizens. By writing and speaking on the subject, you can inspire all people to stand up and work towards making this important policy the law of the land. You deserve thanks for turning your attention to this issue and working to achieve progress.

I hope that in the days, months, and years to come you will continue to use your influence to educate people on the benefits of paid maternity leave, and that you will continue to urge Congress to act on the matter. Thank you for all that you have done so far, and keep pushing towards full implementation of paid maternity leave.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: The Obama-Biden Transition Project via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Good this his last term and I hope he stands these people on their ears. You go Mr. Pres.

  2. Hardworking Angry Woman says:

    When will the entitlement culture of the USA end! When will you people stop expecting to get more for doing less! Having a child is a choice you make and like all choices you make, you should be prepared to deal with the consequences. If you can’t afford to take 2 – 4 weeks off work, how the heck do you think you are going to be able to afford a child with all the medical, clothing, food, etc. expenses and demands on your time that go with that. I am so sick of women demanding “equal pay for equal work” and then demanding that they should not have to do the same work because they are pregnant or are giving/have given birth. Pregnant women are already a protect class who get to be exempted from certain of their job descriptions while pregnant and no one can do anything about it. They can just keep pushing out the kids and letting their coworkers pick up the slack while they gripe about the challenges of motherhood they brought upon themselves. As a woman who wants equal pay and is not having any kids, I am angry that women like that and policies like this make it clear to employers (who can only make money by having working employees) that women don’t do “equal work” if they can just get full pay for weeks off while the rest of us who are not having kids get no free justification to get a month of paid leave. I am sick of Obama meddling with working conditions and telling employers to work just as hard or harder but give more for less at the same time. The equation is simple: businesses need money to operate and pay employees. Businesses need employees working and earning money in order to be able to pay them. Those are facts and there is no room for negotiation there. If everyone thinks all these other countries that offer this are dong a better job than the USA, just take a look at how well the countries are actually doing and if you like that life, please, GO LIVE THERE.
    The USA became a superpower on hard work, not on handouts and that is exactly what is going to destroy us. Life has gotten generally easier over all since the revolutionary war and the industrial age so people have gotten spoiled. The free ride won’t last forever and anyone who thinks life will just be better for all without any negative consequences should take an economics class.

    • Wednesday's Childe says:

      Lol… SURE you’re a woman. And doing your mom (who used maternity leave for your ignorant ass) proud I see….

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