Stop Eating Dogs in China


Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Urge Chinese government to ban the public consumption of dog meat

Residents of southern China have continued to consume dog meat despite growing opposition and protests by animal rights activists. The small southern Chinese city of Yulin is under fire after thousands of dogs were slaughtered for food in celebration of an annual summer solstice festival.

Every year, meat and lychees are consumed to celebrate the longest day of the year. Unfortunately, the meat being served just happens to be that of beloved pets, neglected strays and even stolen shelter dogs. Slaughterhouses and markets line the streets, selling skinned and fried dogs that hang from hooks at street stalls or are piled onto tables, to countless festival goers and residents.

According to tradition, consuming dog meat, lychee, and drinking alcohol is supposed to be nutritious, helping people stay healthy during the winter months. These so-called “health benefits” have yet to be confirmed, and in the face of such strong tradition activists and animal-rights supporters seem to be fighting a losing battle, as public consumption ensues.

Consuming dogs that have undergone no quarantine to ensure they are disease free is not only reckless, but could have adverse effects on the consumer. Strays grabbed off the streets and stolen dogs from pet owners are often poisoned with chemicals to submit to capture—chemicals that could potentially be harmful to humans. In the wake of such animal rights injustices lies the indifference of the Chinese government, which has the power to put a stop to this inhumane behavior. Government officials have demanded that restaurants, shops and butcheries remove references to dog meat on menus and signboards, but the practice of selling and consuming still has not been made illegal.

The Chinese government has sought to distance itself by denying the existence of the summer solstice festival’s dog consumption population, stating that it is a mere “culinary habit” that is only practiced by certain business and people, despite being a holiday that dates back hundreds of years. The existence of such a practice is not only cruel, but deeply unsettling and should be brought to an end immediately.

Sign the petition to urge Chinese President Xi Jinping to put a stop the practice of the public consumption of dog meat and save countless of canines from inevitable deaths.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

The small southern Chinese town of Yulin has been consuming dog meat greedily despite outcry from animal rights activists, protestors, and even government regulation. Simply put, this barbaric, inhumane and callous behavior must end. In an effort to feed the population’s hunger for dog meat, restaurants and slaughterhouses have taken to the streets, poisoning unsuspecting strays, stealing beloved pets and even raiding mills and shelters to consume these beloved animals. The existence of such a practice is quite troubling and upsetting, and I urge you to put a stop to this by making it illegal to capture, cook and consume dogs.

The apathy of the Chinese government to this public crisis is equally as appalling, as you and your officials have the power to save these animals, but choose to do nothing about it. I demand that you consider this proposition and understand that dogs, which are beloved pets and respected animals, are not food.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Columbo222 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Dogs AND cats!!

  2. Animals, they are our friends, do not hurt them. Do not eat them.

  3. It’s “inhumane and horrific” when it’s happening in a different country and you haven’t been desensitized to the mass violence and exploitation of that animal. But when it’s happening in your own country to different animals, shrugs all around. Plus, if an individual commits an act of cruelty against an animal, that’s evil. But when it’s institutionalized cruelty, that’s just the way of it, right?

    It is horrible what’s happening in China, but it’s ignorant and pretty racist to point the finger at others and never look at ourselves. It’s really ethnocentric to say “dogs are not food”. Obviously, in China they are serving dual roles. In South California, many have pigs as pets, but a similar petition for them I’m sure would not be as widely supported. Any animal can be a source of love and respect. I really don’t see how it can be argued that just because an animal has a cultural history of companionship, that they somehow suffer more when they are exploited for food. Yes, China has its own particular situation, but really, this is carnism.

  4. Patricia Dumais says:

    Let’s all stop eating animals of all kinds!

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