Jail Officers Who Slit Pet Dog’s Throat


Target: Anthony W. Batts, Police Commissioner of the City of Baltimore, Maryland

Goal: Fire and prosecute officers accused of brutally slitting a pet dog’s throat

Two officers are alleged to have brutally killed a pet dog named “Nala” that had gotten loose. One officer captured the dog and held it down, while the other officer used a knife to slit the dog’s throat. According to a witness, one officer stated, “I’m going to (expletive) gut this thing” and then the he threw the dog to the ground. The witness said “you could hear the dog screaming and crying in pain.” That is when the other officer pulled out a knife and slit the dog’s throat.

In response to this incredible brutality, the Baltimore Police Department merely suspended one officer from duty and placed the other officer on paid leave.

This extreme act of animal cruelty was completely uncalled for, and the relatively lenient consequences that the two officers have faced are not justifiable for the atrocious and unnecessary demise that Nala suffered.

Pet dogs get loose from their respective yards occasionally, and this issue is generally resolved by figuring out where the dog lives and guiding it home or contacting the dog’s owner. The brutal killing of Nala did not have to occur.

Please sign the petition below to demand more severe punishments for the officers involved with the brutal killing of this pet dog.


Dear Anthony W. Batts,

The brutal killing of the pet dog, Nala, was very disconcerting to read about. Dogs somehow or another run away from their respective yards occasionally, and these accidents should not lead to their deaths. Nala was a beloved pet, and the brutal death that she allegedly endured by Officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger was utterly uncalled for. This act of animal cruelty must be dealt with more severe charges than simply unpaid and paid suspensions of the officers.

Animal cruelty is a serious problem, and showing leniency for these horrible acts only allows for the perpetrators of animal cruelty to gain a sense of security in terms of punishments. Please see that these officers get charged with more severe punishments for this ghastly act of animal cruelty.


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Photo credit: Sarah Gossard (Nala’s owner)

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  1. Patricia Dumais says:

    There have been so many cases like this lately — police shooting/killing dogs. But this is the most savage act yet.
    These men viciously attacked and killed this poor dog — they acted like psychopaths! How could they be trusted with enforcing the law? If they treat animals like this they are certainly not much better with humans!

    The officers must answer for their behaviour, be charged with animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law and they should be evaluated as to determine whether they should continue to serve on a police force. And let’s not forget the dog’s owner who must deal with the trauma of loosing a beloved pet in such circumstances. I hope the police commissioner takes all of this into consideration.

    • Deborah Jones says:

      These officers are most likely serial killers, and extremely dangerous. They deserve to die a most horrible death, and I pray they do. Judgement Day is coming! These sub human assholes must be punished through the wrath of the Lord.

  2. Travissa Hoffman says:

    Unacceptable. Sick to death of these coward cops…..vindictive and mean and cowardly these days…you are a Punk? Come on be a cop!!!! The worst are the little man syndrome cops carrying weapons…..

    • kazuko endo says:

      I agree with you totally, how sick police men are they!! Let them into the jail and hopefully some jail mate will do on them as they do on the innocent dog.

  3. This is truly bad news. Once again, cases of animal cruelty committed by police officers are being ignored or mishandled. In this incident, even after a witness narrated the full horror of the situation where 2 officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger, brutally abused and murdered Nala, an innocent beloved family pet for running loose, they were only given a slap on the wrist as punishments. This raises a red flag. To have such remorseless maniacs represent the law enforcement is a joke because they are far more dangerous and threatening to the public than any other would be criminals that walk the earth. Now in Baltimore City, Maryland “cops” who prowl the street with a badge and weapon have the liberty to abuse and kill without having to face dire consequences for their actions!

  4. Czerny A. Czerny A. says:

    These 2 cops are sadistic killers. They are unfit to be officers and should be fired.

  5. Andy Whiteman says:

    These so called “officers” should both be fired and charged with CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. The “officers”, chief, and city should be sued!!!!!

  6. Janis Hargreaves says:

    If this is the best America can do for officers they should hang their heads in shame. Utterly disgusting and savage, are these the type of low lives that people are supposed to serve and protect. Absolute savages!!! A pity the people watching didn’t intervene to save this poor creatures life, or are the so called law enforcers above being taken to task. Oh yes that is the case as nothing happened to them!!!

  7. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    The Baltimore PD should be ashamed of itself for allowing these two to not only not be prosecuted for animal cruelty but to keep their jobs with no real consequences.

  8. Give me 5 minutes with these 2 filthy oinker pig yank cops to enable the require permanent payback.An eye for an eye!

  9. Amar Taggarh says:

    Cops were the assholes that used to be the bullies in school and now they are responsible for the most severe cases of abuse against animals and humans alike. Why do we hire them without a psychological test? This is an act of abuse and a private citizen would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Why do cops protect each other? It is simple, because all of them are law breakers and just like criminals they stick together. I tire of living in a world where criminals can wear uniforms and are given a free pass. Nobody is supposed to be above the law. Not these scumbags or any other cop that cases break the law. Throw these fucks in jail for unnecessary pain and suffering. So not forget this was someone’s pet and companion.

  10. I hope someone kills those two shits and make their families suffer a lot. Cops my ass, fuck this police shit.

  11. Cynthia Howell says:

    Sh!t it’s Baltimore, no wonder,now I’m thinking those niga-riots are well deserved !!!

  12. Big tough police men slaughtering defenceless Animals, fucking make me sick all they know how to do well is shoot black people & kill innocent unthreatening Animals is this what it take to be a cop these days??????????? WTF


  14. Lynette Jennings says:

    And these so called officers have guns?
    They are clearly psychopaths and are unsuitable to be members of a legitimate police force.
    Sack them and prosecute them for their horrible crime of animal cruelty.

  15. Yank oinker pig cops are well known as the vile corrupt, lazy, animal murdering scumbags of the planet.I love receiving notification when one of these POS has been killed.Their only use is as fertilizer.

  16. No wonder the police are so hated if this moron is the kind of officer you employ who ever you are you should not be in the position you are holding you should not be protecting your streets your not even fit to clean them. you are unfit to control your vile officers. You should all be jailed for incompetence

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