Save Caged Tiger from Life in Captivity

captive tiger

Target: Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

Goal: Send a truck stop’s captive tiger mascot to a humane sanctuary by vetoing a bill leaving dangerous loopholes in animal welfare laws

For over a decade a lone tiger in Louisiana has paced in his tiny cage, acting as the tourist attraction for Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete. The owner of the truck stop has repeatedly violated federal law due to ill treatment of the tiger but has yet to have the tiger taken from his custody to ensure its well-being. Loopholes in the state’s animal welfare laws have long protected the animal’s owner. Unless additional, proposed loopholes are vetoed the poor creature will be forced to spend the rest of his life in captivity.

Tony the tiger is considered the “mascot” of Tiger Truck Stop. According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund a loophole fashioned into Senate Bill 250 protects the truck stop’s owner from facing severe criminal charges for keeping Tony even though keeping the wild cat has been declared illegal by a state court of appeals. Senate Bill 250 now awaits action from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. If Governor Jindal vetoes the bill Tony will be taken from the truck stop and placed in a humane wild animal sanctuary where he would have ample room to roam and adequate veterinary attention to help him once again reach optimum health.

The state of Louisiana has a ban on keeping tigers and other wild cats as pets. Bill 250 was created to hold Tony’s owner harmless from the law, allowing him to inhumanely keep Tony because the cat is considered a mascot. If this bill is signed into law Tony will be forced to live the rest of his life miserable and inhumanely cared for. Urge Governor Jindal’s veto of Senate Bill 250.


Dear Governor Jindal,

Senate Bill 250 is currently awaiting your consideration. The bill directly impacts the fate of Tony, the Truck Stop Tiger. I am writing to urge you to veto Senate Bill 250 and close dangerous loopholes in animal welfare laws allowing people to keep wild cats in captivity as long as they are considered “mascots.” Tony deserves adequate care and the ability to roam freely, which he cannot have within the confines of his tiny cage.

Tony’s owner has repeatedly violated federal law by failing to provide adequate veterinary care. The owner as has also forced Tony to live in cramped, unsanitary conditions. Tony is not kept in a proper enclosure for his size, nor is he offered any stimulation other than gawking tourists.

Governor Jindal, please make the humane decision. Veto Senate Bill 250 and aid Tony’s transfer to a safe, large environment better suited to his needs.


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Photo credit: Matt Reinbold via Flickr

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  1. Robert Pound says:

    Have mercy for this poor creature!!

  2. I don’t know how many petitions I have signed about this tiger – what on earth is wrong with the authorities – this animals should have been released from this hateful cage years ago – please everyone put pressure on the powers that be.

    • Barry Appleby says:

      What is wrong with the authorties is that they are just as corrupt as the legislatures, where elected representatives pass laws for the benefit of corporations and/or favoured individuals such as the owneer of this truck stop. It is also the case with Federal agencies, such as ther that is supposed to care for wildlif, but which interprets its mandat as one of catering to interests of farmers, hunters and other special intrest groups, which results in the needless slaughter of a million or more animals every year. Things will not change until a signficant proportion of the population, at least 25%, start to organize and press for an end to lobbying and the reform of the laws governing payments to political parties. I live in the UK and am not a US citizen, so you will have to lobby your elected representatives yourselves but I thing most of us in Europe would be willing to sign petitions asking for changes, since the same things are happening here.

      • Jane Morrow says:

        I come from New Zealand and agree with what you say about the lobbying for specific groups who donate large sums of money. This has come to my attention as I’m following the wolf issue pretty closely. I too would sign petitions that work to change this situation. Release Tony the tiger to a sanctuary. Aren’t mascots those people that dress up in silly suits at sporting events? Maybe Mr Jindal could get one of his redneck relies to dress up in a tiger suit instead!

  3. Why the hell is this poor tiger still confined in the truck stop? WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHOW IS LOUISIANA RUNNING?

  4. Darlene Stewart says:

    Governor Jindal,
    Please consider this ….

    * Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission–to be of service to them whenever they require it… If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
    — Saint Francis of Assisi

    Do you really want to follow in the footsteps of the “unfavorable” in the position you hold?

  5. Martha Jones says:

    Here’s a novel idea: THINK. Then do the right thing. If you don’t, your voters will.


  7. Elizabeth Bona says:

    Free Tony from his living hell! I can’t understand why this is allowed to happen! America should be ashamed! You are proving what a cruel, backwards country you are with stupid people in charge!

  8. Shirley Cooper says:

    This truck stop owner must definitely be a friend, relative or supplying money under the table to Governor Jindal. There is definitely something fishy going on here or Tony would have been released from his nightmare by now. I am in Canada but can the concerned people in Louisiana not protest in front of this corrupt politician’s office and also the truck stop? Hopefully, Tony will get some quality time at a sanctuary before he dies!!!

  9. TruthSeeker says:

    Poor animals! These innocent souls are suffering at the hands of very evil people, and I mean people who treat animals inhumanely in any way, shape, or form. Judgement Day is coming, and that cannot happen soon enough. Beastiality is on the rise, as well as other sick atrocities, because Satan knows he has but a short time left. Evil will not stop until Jesus The Christ takes care of business.

  10. THIS is just ridiculous; this petition has been around for YEARS…..c’mon Gov. Jindal, do the right thing!!!

  11. Janis Hargreaves says:

    Only the animals are always left to suffer due to a loop hole. Heaven forbid a human should have to do the right thing. Who are the idiots who make these pathetic laws because it is always JUST animals that suffer. Lock up the law makers like this and see how they like it

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