Save Old-Growth Forest From Loggers


Target: Chief of U.S. Forest Service Thomas Tidwell

Goal: Stop giant timber sale in the majestic old-growth Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the United States at 17 million acres. In remote Alaska, this forest is home to a variety of rare and endangered flora and fauna and it has come under threat. The U.S. Forest Service is about to finalize the Big Thorne sale, one of the most aggressive and significant timber sales from this forest in 20 years. Such logging efforts are detrimental to the deer, wolves, and other wildlife living in this area. They need to be halted immediately.

If the timber sale is finalized, as many as 116 million board feet of of old-growth trees will be cut down and turned into timber. Recently, the Forest Service stated that it needed to conduct a study to evaluate the environmental impact, but the organization has decided that no further research is required. The sale is currently being finalized, leaving environmentalists baffled and furious.

The Tongass National Forest is home to the Alexander Archipelago wolf, which is an endangered species. The forest has suffered through decades of unsustainable logging efforts, and the land has also been used for recreation. It would be a shame and a great disservice to our planet to cut down these old-growth trees.

Protest the logging of the Tongass National Forest by signing this petition.


Dear Thomas Tidwell,

It has come to my attention that the United States Forest Service has decided to finalize the massive Big Thorne timber sale. The Forest Service recently stated that it wished to conduct a study on the area before the area is finalized for the sale, and has concluded that no further research is necessary. This decision has greatly concerned environmentalists, as the Fish and Wildlife Service was not able to go in-depth about logging consequences.

There is a real chance that this logging effort could be traumatic for the wildlife living in this forest and I urge you to think about these consequences. The Tongass National Forest has been subjected to logging efforts in the past decade and I’d hate to think about the U.S. Forest Service adding to it. I urge you to reconsider this timber sale and prevent it from occurring. Our wolves, deer, and other wildlife also need a place to call home and it is not for humans to take that away.


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Photo credit: Mark Brennan

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  1. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed! Please sign!

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money” (Native American prophecy).

  3. Elanne Palcich says:

    We went through this with the Carter Administration, and the Tongass was saved –until now. Greed has over-ridden all.

  4. Martha Jones says:

    To loggers they’re just lumber. Not one thought given to the destruction of lives (including greens) and a beautiful place. Have some respect. Leave nature alone.

  5. Elias Rifka says:

    A forest tree is home to many different animals of all sizes as its an ecosystem to life as we know it. SAVE the trees instead of burn them as the 21 % oxygen we have on our atmosphere is by nature a big product of tree leaves during the day and CO2 taken from us to form plant internal food to assimilate it to our final food as pine and oak seeds cooked in special ways in our villages. …

  6. renee jeanine ragno says:

    The EXCUSE given for slaughter, murder of innocent helpless animals is overcrowding, destructive, danger, which is all BS. Because of greed, laziness, gluttony, sadism, bloodlust.

    The most dangerous, destructive species on this planet not only to itself but all other species and the environment is humans.

    Trees, vegetation provides us and all else the means to live, safeguards us from the weather, provides beauty, calm, but WE somehow seem to think we have the right to wreak destruction, which will lead to the end of all including us. Have we not learned from the mud slides in California…..remove all the vegetation leaving dirty…DUH! erosion, mud slides. Only man would do something so dumb.

    • I really love your comment! I am just trying to convince one American to sign this petition who is telling me that there is plenty of forests in America. I do like speaking up for animal as well ! You can check out my photo page if you like. I have used the second part of your comment and posted it on his wall, hopefully that will convince him 🙂

  7. Preserve and protect this unique habitat from logging,forever.We need places that are truely wild.

  8. Kathleen Malone O'Connor says:

    Since European settlers came to North America they’ve been raping the land in the name of “development,” and stealing the land from the native peoples already here that they weren’t using it (same claim, by the way, that Israelis made about Palestinian use of their land before they decimated 1,000 yr old olive orchards and expropriated virtually all of the arable land and water resources). But American government and agribusiness attitudes to our land and its “resources” in timber, oil, gas, minerals, water, fur, etc have always been that’s its an endless bounty that has only to be harvested again and again. But old growth forests do not bounce back–not in human lifetimes–that’s part of what makes them special. Clear cutting such forests and replacing them with monoculture forestry is killing some of the oldest inhabitants of our planet–a loss to all the living things that depend on the ecosystem they anchor and a terrible loss to future generations who will see no more old growth trees because we, their great-great-grandparents, were shortsighted enough and greedy enough to destroy them to build track houses and shopping malls, not to mention toothpicks and pencils! PLEASE LEGISLATORS AND ADMINISTRATORS OF THE US FOREST SERVICE STOP THE BIG THORNE TIMBER SALE BEFORE THIS FOREST HERITAGE IS DESTROYED!!!!

  9. Arlene Zimmer says:

    There is no excuse for horrific treatment of any animals! There is no reason for it!

    To do so is more proof that “man” is the biggest mistake made my nature!

  10. Jane Morrow says:

    To even think about destroying old growth forest in this day and age of climate change is short-sighted and ludicrous. It has been proven that old growth forest particulary is vital to turning back the effects of climate change. These are not just trees, they are habitat and home to the creatures that live there. Enough is enough. I’m sick of every other living thing on the planet suffering due to human greed, stupidity and over-breeding. Nature is the only thing with any value on the planet.

    • You are so right,Jane! I am so angry when I read about issues like this.Do these horrors who work in these areas not care about the future for their own children and grandchildren!?Not to mention the animals and birds that rely on these beautiful forests for their very existence. Some people are not human as I understand the word.They are greedy,short-sighted zombies and they do not deserve to live in this world.We need a revolution and massive civil unrest to stop this ongoing destruction of our vital environment.

  11. Christina Anderson says:

    That old-growth should even be at threat is a sign of our greed-filled times. What are they going to do when the last tree is felled and sold across the ocean? these rapers of the land should be stopped and I’m afraid legislation won’t do the job. Legislation is in the pockets of the Big Timber companies.

  12. Борис Захарьянц says:


  13. Lakshmi Vishwanathan says:

    A forest is a treasure to our planet. It is a boon and, in terms of value, it’s no less than a heritage.

  14. Meredith Russo says:

    Knowing how important old-growth forests are to so many species and to man himself, and knowing that there is so little left, WHY would it be necessary to destroy what is left of the precious old-growth and rob our children and their children of this treasure? It is time NOW to stop all cutting of old-growth forest just for the purpose of lining the already- thick pockets of a few greedy individuals/corporations!!!

  15. We should allow the logging companies to continue with their destructive business, BUT there should be LAWS passed that demand that those companies have to:-

    (1). Purchase and reforest an area of land three times bigger than the area they are cutting down.
    (2). Replace every tree they cut down, with 3 trees of the same type that they are destroying.
    (3). At their own expense, employ and fully equip a legally specified number of forest wardens and wildlife officers to maintain and protect both the newly forested areas and the wildlife such areas will attract.
    (4). Build and staff free public hiking and nature trails, camping grounds, educational activity centres and provide sign boards giving details of the trees, plants and wildlife that may be seen from any given area of the forest.

    • That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, do you realize the economic impacts for loggers: people that are actually far more in tune with nature than your city dwelling, petroleum consuming ass, who probably has never been in the forest aside from a trail. With sustainable logging practices, more total carbon is sequestered in the forests, and slash/ waste can be easily turned into a fuel or electricity source. You ignorant fools who are “trying to save the earth” have ruined our infrastructure to the point where we can’t even process many old growth diameter trees anymore. Looks like the forests will become huge fire hazards ( which releases tons of carbon into the atmosphere) and also everyone in California can just die of thirst because idiots would not let their trees be burned or cut. Now they have no ground water. areas where the timber is the local resource are now dead cities that are becoming driven by tourism (probably beneficial to you city folk) and our children are the slaves who don’t have a livable wage serving you stupid fuck tourists. Don’t suggest more logging restrictions that are based on your feeeelings

  16. If humans continue to destroy the environment, there won’t be any environment left …..

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