Demand Justice for Horses Injected with Gasoline

Target: Chris Blair, Sheriff of Marion County, Florida

Goal: Identify and prosecute the perpetrator of a grievous act of violence against two horses

An unknown individual recently injected two horses in Marion County, Florida with gasoline, killing one and critically injuring the other. No personal motive has been found for this heinous act. The culprit remains unidentified, free to inflict more violence on animals (and perhaps even people) that he or she demonstrably has no regard for.

John Hoogerhyde and Leah Greenleaf, the owners of the horses, are neighbors. Recently Mr. Hoogerhyde found a blood spot on the shoulder of his seventeen-year old mare, Jolean. The spot grew into a bump, and the horse became lethargic. Unfortunately, she had to be put down before the cause of her illness could be determined. A necropsy demonstrated that she had been injected with gasoline. The doctor performing the necropsy said there was “so much gasoline, it smelled like someone had poured a five-gallon can of gasoline on her.”

Two days later Hoogerhyde’s neighbor, Ms. Greenleaf, found similar symptoms in her six-year old horse, Kate: a puncture wound on the neck resembling a bug bite, swelling, and the strong odor of gasoline. Thankfully, because the cause of Jolean’s death had already been found, Greenleaf was able to get timely treatment for Kate. But Kate is suffering senselessly, and deserves justice.

Hoogerhyde and Greenleaf have no known enemies, and no inkling as to why someone would want to harm these innocent animals. A devastated Hoogerhyde said of Jolean, “She’s a pleasure. She’s my companion. She’s the daughter of my two horses. She’s my baby. If you’re the person that’s doing this to our horses, just come forward. Stop it now.”

The person who inflicted such brutality upon these two horses is still at large, still unknown, and capable of engendering further violence upon other animals, though Hoogerhyde and Greenleaf have set up surveillance cameras and moved their animals to safety. Urge the local sheriff’s office to do all in its power to bring perpetrator to justice.


Dear Marion County Sheriff’s Office,

We urge you to carry out, to your fullest capabilities, a thorough investigation into the circumstances behind the recent violence inflicted upon two horses in your jurisdiction, which led to the death of one and the grave illness of the other. The person responsible for this senseless and coldblooded act, who is guilty of trespassing upon personal property, damage to personal property, and extreme animal cruelty, remains an unidentified and present danger to other animals in the area, perhaps even to humans.

Please leave no stone unturned in your search for the perpetrator, and claim justice for these two animals and their devastated owners.


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  1. Martha Jones says:

    Some moron’s idea to make horses go faster? Him/her/they have no right to be in public. Prosecute to the full extent.

  2. Rubens Jean-Louis says:


  3. Flav Bueno says:


  4. Marja Hendriks says:

    This person must be punished. How is it possible that someone does this terrible abuse to an innocent and defenseless animal. It is a crime that has to be severely punished. The person that has this crime on his conscience deserves no mercy. He had no mercy for the horses and their owners. He must realize how much suffering he has caused to the animals but also to their owners who love them.


  6. Daniela Bress says:

    Useless human bastard!

  7. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    If I ever see that moron, I’ll rub him out!!

  8. Randal Price says:

    Pathetic piece of crap.

  9. Wat a coward! !…..crucify him /her. … no mercy to society’s scum! !….good for nothing!

  10. An eye for an eye is the only form of real justice.
    When or rather if the evil perpetrator is ever caught, they should be injected with an equal quantity of gasoline that they used on the horse’s, just so they get an idea of the pain and suffering they caused.

  11. Signed.

  12. First we must create stricter laws against animal abuse and then enforce them so abusers will think before abusing. Any human being who does such a heinous act is not a human being but a creature that is on this earth like a disease that must be eliminated.

  13. Find & arrest these sick bastards and inject them with gasoline!! I am sure that won’t happen, but at least find them, arrest them, prosecute them, and sentence them to a long and unhappy term in prison. When/if they get out alive, ensure that they are nowhere near an animal for the rest of their sorry, miserable lives. Also, list them on an animal abuse/killer registry so that people around them can keep an eye on them and report any suspicious activity. I hope the bastards rot in hell for eternity, if there is such a place. Ol’ Karma will come around and bite them in the butt, and I hope that will be soon. They really don’t even deserve to live. They are not human, they are monsters with no hearts, no souls, who care about nothing~~sick and twisted individuals. They should not be running at large, as they are a danger to society and a danger to every living being. FIND THEM AND PROSECUTE THEM!!!!!

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