Ban Promotion of Animal Cruelty on Facebook


Target: Facebook Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Goal: Ban pages that promote animal cruelty on Facebook

While social media site Facebook does have Community Standards that dictate the content allowed on Facebook, there is currently no direct rules about pages that promote animal cruelty. These pages often slip under the radar, resulting in numerous pages promoting the pain and suffering of innocent animals. The standards must be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

The Facebook Community Standards currently state, “Graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence have no place on our site.” However, numerous pages promoting animal cruelty have still been allowed to exist despite their obscene, violent, and sadistic nature. Events are created to encourage disgusting acts of animal abuse and graphic pictures are being posted in twisted celebration of the torture and death of animals.

As the current Community Standards statement is too general, a revision must be made immediately to prevent any content that supports or encourages animal cruelty. Clauses should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section, as well as the “Graphic Content” section of the Community Standards to include banning all forms of promotion of crimes against animals, and existing pages should be immediately removed. Urge Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to display his support of the humane treatment of animals by banning the promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I was shocked and appalled to learn that many pages and events promoting the heinous torture and killing of animals are in existence on Facebook. Because of the general nature of the current Community Standards, these horrifying pages are somehow slipping under the radar. For the sake of countless animals worldwide, the standards should be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

As you know, the standards currently state that sadistic graphic images and the celebration of violence are not allowed on Facebook, but sadistic events encouraging violence against animals and graphic pictures celebrating the suffering and torture of animals are somehow being overlooked. Specific clauses referencing animal cruelty should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section and the “Graphic Content” section of the standards and existing pages promoting animal cruelty should be promptly removed. I urge you to show the world your support of the humane treatment of animals and make these revisions to ban all forms of promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: mtstradling via Flickr

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  1. Brutality to an animal is cruelty to mankind – it is only the difference in the victim.

  2. You ban animal rescuers and crossposter but let animal abusers post graphic pictures of their abuse freely without anything being said. YOU are on the wrong side of what is right!

  3. Susan Carovigno says:

    Sadly there are so many LOW LIFES around the world.
    They are insignificant beings who want attention and don’t care what they have to do to get it.Facebook is an ideal way for them to gain this by making people outraged at the atrocities they are capable of inflicting on DEFENCELESS ANIMALS!
    PLEASE don’t allow the continuation of this material on Facebook.Unbalanced people see it & it has a flow on effect to others to do the same thing. Animal cruelty is at EPIDEMIC proportions & it needs ALL of us to pull together and help to STOP IT as as matter of URGENCY!

  4. june bexton says:

    It’s disgusting you are no better than a animal abuser posting these wicked acts of cruelty mark zucker

  5. mandy-lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

    these bastard human have no place in our society. Allowing them to promote this on facebook just reinforces the fact that facebook is crap. Dangerous and uncensored.
    Mark Zucker needs to address this. Cruelty to any living being should be taken very seriously.

  6. Michael Guest says:

    All right, Facebook, no more promoting cruelty of animals. Get this off and removed now.

  7. eileen sedlacek says:

    Enough is enough!!!! By not stopping abuse your promoting it!!!
    We will ALL discontinue FB. I will do everything in my power to advertise your big wrong in promoting animal abuse!!!

  8. Alan-caro Pouliquen says:


  9. Delphine Plessis says:

    Il est inconcevable que Facebook permette aux bourreaux et autres tortionnaires d’animaux de faire “la publicité” de leurs actes de cruauté. Leur permettre de publier des photos ou des vidéos de leurs exactions signifie que Facebook cautionne leur comportement ! C’est inacceptable ! Au contraire, Facebook devrait user de son droit de censure et dénoncer les auteur(e)s de ces crimes auprès des autorités compétentes afin que ces horreurs ne restent pas impunis !! A bon entendeur, salut !

  10. No more violent images against animals

  11. Marjorie. B says:

    Petition signer.

  12. maybee we could launch an anti-Facebook page on Facebook? Facebook should be a fun place for everybody not a media for violence and hate

    • Francesca Cavalieri says:

      I opened a page on Facebook yesterday called “Gli standard di questo social” (in english: The standards of this social network), because you can not use the word Facebook in the name of a page. It points out the poor standards Facebook has, since I and some friends reported a page that contains terrible images regarding violence on dogs and fb answered that it complies with their standards. Anybody that wants to go check it out, put like and forward it to their contacts is welcome, let’s try and do something!

  13. Dona Stevens says:

    I agree with Robert and I couldn’t have said it better!

  14. My petition would be that fb bans any kind of images , pictures , or what ever is a concerning to any type of violence, even sexual explicit or similar, it’s supposed to be a social not depravation site , it only takes a second even if you don’t look for it to have a ofensive image or posting on the news regardless that if you’ve liked or not a page. Wars here and there, killings, fights I don;t know how it comes out without being really supervised and have to wait till someone reports it. What ever, I can either never us facebook or just try to reject what my eyes catch in a blink , facebook sucks!!!!! anyway. Cruelty to any living creature is sickening.

  15. stalder flavia says:

    Feige bande!! Schaut zu und nicht weg, auch wenn es für euch “nur” tiere sind!! Haltet diese schweinereien an!

  16. I can’t find some words for this

  17. Stop the violence and cruelty against animals!! I don´t wanna see such pictures on facebook. It´s really sad to see, that one of this man teach his child to abuse a cat and then he posts, that he is proud of it. I was really shocked by this posted picture. Facebook you have to act!!

  18. margaretha rypkema says:

    Facebook must not give opportunity to ‘people’ promoting violence and hurt in ANY shape or form, it’s a disgrace your attitude towards this is so nonchalant!
    There is enough evil in the world without YOU, FACEBOOK adding to it !!!!
    Get your lawyers on the job NOW !! Gretha Rypkema

  19. karen baker says:

    Please listen to what they are saying.. I know it’s hard to watch everything… but I’ve seen dogs skinned alive, cats hanged, dogs fought til almost dead, rabbits abused, and many more unfathomable occurrences…. there is never a time to show this kind of thing on Facebook….Please be a watchdog for all animals….Thank you Mark Zuckerman

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