Ban Promotion of Animal Cruelty on Facebook

Target: Facebook Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Goal: Ban pages that promote animal cruelty on Facebook

While social media site Facebook does have Community Standards that dictate the content allowed on Facebook, there is currently no direct rules about pages that promote animal cruelty. These pages often slip under the radar, resulting in numerous pages promoting the pain and suffering of innocent animals. The standards must be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

The Facebook Community Standards currently state, “Graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence have no place on our site.” However, numerous pages promoting animal cruelty have still been allowed to exist despite their obscene, violent, and sadistic nature. Events are created to encourage disgusting acts of animal abuse and graphic pictures are being posted in twisted celebration of the torture and death of animals.

As the current Community Standards statement is too general, a revision must be made immediately to prevent any content that supports or encourages animal cruelty. Clauses should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section, as well as the “Graphic Content” section of the Community Standards to include banning all forms of promotion of crimes against animals, and existing pages should be immediately removed. Urge Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to display his support of the humane treatment of animals by banning the promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I was shocked and appalled to learn that many pages and events promoting the heinous torture and killing of animals are in existence on Facebook. Because of the general nature of the current Community Standards, these horrifying pages are somehow slipping under the radar. For the sake of countless animals worldwide, the standards should be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

As you know, the standards currently state that sadistic graphic images and the celebration of violence are not allowed on Facebook, but sadistic events encouraging violence against animals and graphic pictures celebrating the suffering and torture of animals are somehow being overlooked. Specific clauses referencing animal cruelty should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section and the “Graphic Content” section of the standards and existing pages promoting animal cruelty should be promptly removed. I urge you to show the world your support of the humane treatment of animals and make these revisions to ban all forms of promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


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  1. Stan Jenkins says:

    For one thing David, torture and the sick thrills associated thereof are typically not associated with killing animals for a food source. Second, the latter is legal while the former is not many places. Facebook is essentially providing a medium for criminal activity.

  2. Mark, you made your billions, please be a man and stop this. Take just 1% of your fortune and clean up your own backyard

  3. I can’t stand Zuckerberg! He’s made his millions and could give a crap about animals!

  4. Rosa Aguirre-Sweet says:

    Listen, if you shut these pages down, this will NOT save these animals, do you believe they just started doing this? I NO,they didn’t and shutting them down won’t stop them…want to save these animals, take snap shots, friend then, make friends with their friends, find their location, repost their photos and info on all social media, request EVERYONE repost and call, email all proper authorities in that assholes location, shutting these pages down, will NOT save any animals…you just won’t be able to see it is all….save these animals and learn to think like a detective….

    • Sharon Gavin says:

      I agree, Rosa. They best way to save abused animals is to find the abusers, get documentation of the abuse on video or social media as evidence, and get the animals to safety far away from these people, who hopefully get arrested and jailed. I agree that many of these young hoods think it’s cool to boast and hurt the defenseless on camera, but they are likely doing the same thing privately. Shutting down their accounts before authorities find them might spell death for many animals that will continue being abused behind closed doors. Once they are found and apprehended, the accounts should then be permanently dismantled and the user banned from using the medium again.

    • nada takla says:

      How complicated your plan makes protests !!

  5. Mr. Zuckerberg,

    I don’t use your site, can’t imagine why anyone would. But
    obviously people think they have to advertise their
    loneliness telling one and all their everyday doings.

    BUT, YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY and one of the most important ones is speaking up for those who cannot do so for themselves – defenseless animals and children. Surely you don’t advertise your daughter/granddaughter as
    sex objects on your site -or do you??????? Or allow child
    pornography – or do you and don’t give a damn as long as it makes a buck for your coffers?

    YOU need to put in place guidelines and restrictions to
    protect those beings who need our help.

  6. Ariel Valyo, DVM says:

    I hope that Mark Zuckerburg is not into animal cruelty and that is the reason he is allowing animal cruelty pages on Facebook. If he isn’t, then for humane and decent reasons, he should please remove them ASAP. Otherwise, people might get the wrong impression.

  7. Stan Jenkins says:

    Sounds good Rosa, but you could make the same argument about child pornography, torture of humans, and numerous other illegal activities, ie. allow it on Facebook so the perps can be caught more easily yet such illegal activites are not openly displayed as Facebook washes it`s hands answering complaints about the torture of dogs and cats saying “the content does not violate our policies.” That`s unacceptable. And yes, taking away Facebook privileges may not stop the torture of animals but it fans the flames giving the sickos a mass audience. It`s like a disruptive child seeking attention and Facebook gives it to them. So yes, go ahead and “play detective” and encourage reporting the violators to the authorities but allowing such pages to exist with impunity is no more the answer than allowing the same for other crimes that Facebook censors under their policies.

  8. lizzy jacobs says:

    Animal cruelty is just like the holocaust. Instead of torturing and killing
    people,do they take animals, because nobody of the gouvernement
    give them rights. Make it to a crime and punish the people.
    They start with animal cruelty and they and end with children ……
    They have to respect animals, learning that animals feel pain.
    I hope some people look into their self and ask “why wil i torture animals,
    why do i need this”? Look for friendship and love with the animals and you will be much happier.

  9. INSTEAD OF JUST SENDING THIS PETITION, ASK FACEBOOK TO SHARE INFORMATION ON THE SOURCE OF THESE PAGES WITH AUTHORITIES, TO BRING CHARGES !! Is this petition about stopping animal torture? Or about protecting us from having to see it? If it’s the former then removing the FB pages is secondary. The real issue, is to get whoever is creating these pages to the authorities, to be charged with animal cruelty and hate crimes. Smoke these psychos out, because they are not just posting ugly pictures, they are HURTING ANIMALS.

  10. MILTON JONES says:

    This fucking cocksucker will do anything that will allow more members to make his stocks more valuable

  11. Denise Devereux says:

    Thanks Facebook for allowing this to continue. If you have done your research you will be aware that first torture to animals then people.
    Thanks for promoting the next serial killers.
    Punish those committing the torture and the enablers. May the wraith of God come down on you like a spear and your worst nightmares come true and you and yours feel the pain and fear these animals do.

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