Protect Rare River Dolphin


Target: Mr. Goh Nan Kioh, Executive Chairman of Mega First (devloper)
Goal: Save the rare Irrawaddy river dolphin from extinction

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  1. Pamela de Villiers says:



  3. Laura Savill says:

    This must not happen. We have no right to keep doing this to species. Destroy all the goodness and there will be nothing left. Protect the dolphins.

  4. Please protect the rare river dolphin from extinction thank you

  5. Please! Help Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin!

  6. julie schell says:

    This must be stopped. How is it possible for this developer to even have this opportunity?? What kind of laws do these countries have? I guess it should not surprise me that a country would allow an entire species to be wiped out just for a few dollars… but it does. I am deeply saddened by the lack of humanity.

  7. Deborah Toland says:

    Please protect these marvelous creatures! Do not put in a dam.

  8. Judi Smith says:

    Please don’t destroy them. They are beautiful. I love dolphins. They aren’t hurting anyone.

  9. william woon mun tack says:

    save them

  10. Michael Guest says:

    I don’t know much about this dolphin species. But it’s in danger of extinction. Fight back before it’s too late.

  11. I am sickened and disgusted at the lengths that human beings will go to to line their pockets!! How would they like to have their homes destroyed? We are all one with God’s creatures! Leave our brother’s and sister’s habitat alone and let them live in peace!

  12. Rosie Carey says:

    Save the dolphins! Please!

  13. Alison Lorthioy says:

    No, No, No and No !!! We have to help dolphins !

  14. Steve Tolan says:

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  15. Where is this petition? I couldn’t find here..please give me a link than I sign.

  16. Elizabeth arnold says:

    Please protect¡¡¡ ♡

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