Hold Farm Workers Accountable for Abusing Cows

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Target: Chief Judge T. Crabtree of the Provincial Court of British Columbia

Goal: Charge dairy workers filmed abusing cows with animal cruelty

An undercover video filmed by the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals Canada showed workers at one of the country’s largest dairy farms viciously abusing the cattle. The eight workers identified in the video have been fired pending an investigation. The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) is calling for the workers to be charged with willful animal cruelty.

Chilliwack Cattle Sales in British Columbia has become one of the largest dairy farms in Canada and remains family-owned. The undercover video shows workers at the farm beating cows with chains and crowbars, hanging and dragging cows with tractors and kicking downed cows in the head. It is a graphic and shocking look into the actions of these eight workers–actions that the head of the company insists are anomalies.

The company has fired the eight workers and is now taking action to prevent anything like this abuse from happening again. Some of the measures they are taking include longer training periods to instill respect for the animals in future employees and the installation of additional security cameras on farm property.

However, as the BC SPCA states, this video and the actions it exposed “highlight an urgent need for better standards to protect farm animals in B.C. from abuse and neglect.” Therefore it is extremely important that these workers are held accountable for their actions: to make an example of them while pushing for the stricter protections necessary to prevent future abuses.

Let Canadian officials know that the BC SPCA’s recommendation to charge these workers with willful animal cruelty deserves their full support. Your signature will help to prevent the sickening abuse of dairy cows from happening again.


Dear Chief Judge Crabtree,

It is imperative that the workers caught on tape brutally abusing cows at Chilliwack Cattle Sales are charged with animal cruelty and held accountable for their actions. The workers were filmed kicking, whipping and beating trapped cows and appear to have done so intentionally.

This torture of dairy cows is appalling and even contradicts the family-owned farm’s own policies. Chilliwack Cattle Sales has acted admirably in suspending the workers filmed abusing its cows and pledging to increase security and prevention measures. However, it is still of the highest importance that the workers responsible are charged for their horrifying crimes.

I urge you to press charges against these workers to punish them for their willful abuse of defenseless dairy cows. Please act to prevent these individuals from abusing animals again and to send a message to would-be abusers that such cruelty will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Agricultural Research Service via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ana Maria Fina says:

    I hate Animals abuse, cruelty!

  2. Myrna Burdick says:

    This behavior of animal abuse among people who work with animals day in and day out would seem to point to a gigantic
    flaw in humans. They are incapable of escaping the need to
    dominate, to punish and abuse an animal that cannot protect
    itself, that cannot tell. Their bulk challenges the worker
    to see how much harm he can inflict because maybe he thinks of this hefty cow as someone he would like to hurt, but that is too risky.

    Either workers need ongoing therapy to work on their violent side, or someone needs to be watching them at all times. Monetary bonuses for doing a good job or time off when the stress of the work gets to be too muchl

  3. David Billeter says:

    These despicable excuses for humans need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the very poor laws that exist to protect animals.The more I hear about animal cruelty the more I believe the old testament An eye for an eye should apply to these monsters.

  4. Doug Smiley says:

    They want to take longer training periods to instill respect animals? Are you joking? If you don’t know that animals are not here to be abused, you need to exit this planet…now! The punishment will never fit the crime. yes an eye for an eye barely comes close.

  5. Laurie Armer says:

    These owners are liars saying that they knew nothing!! Just like these poor cattle, these owners are sacrificing these assholes that work for them. They are ALL complicit and got caught!! And that vet is complicit as well!!! All a bunch of vile profit-whores!!!

  6. Jane Morrow says:

    Dairy farming is just wrong. Keeping an animal pregnant and then taking its young away from it (murdering it if its a boy)is just wrong. Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of another animal. Factory farms are today’s equivalents of concentration camps.

  7. I went vegetarian, that’s why I don’t eat hamburger anymore. However, I rejected to purchase dairy products that are supplied by these cruel factory-farm workers who abuse cattle.

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