Protect Penguins From Extinction


Target: Environmental Protection Agency
Goal: Support environmental protections that will ensure penguins are saved from extinction.

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  1. Please leave Gods creations alone. We are here to support them and not to wipe them out.

  2. Elizabeth Bona says:

    Stop ruining the planet and the animals habitat! Penguins are cool.

  3. Michelle Dado-Millynn says:

    Please protect the penguins and their habitat. We are all interconnected. The protection of nature; flora and fauna, is so important- it is ALL IMPORTANT. If we don’t do it now it will be too late for us all. Nature is SO wonderful; can we please do all we can to protect it :-).

  4. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Oh god, now it’s the penguins. Is there no animal that is safe from humans, who indeed are the cruelest, greediest, most violent species on earth. There is no other animal who would ever deliberately inflict the pain and suffering that humans do. This beautiful earth should be given back to them. It was theirs to begin with.

    • Dermot McCabe says:

      Wild dogs eat their prey alive, Sparrowhawks tear live pigeons to pieces, Cheetahs play with live antelope fawns, Orcas play with live sealion pups, cats with live mice – please have sense when considering how to deal with human behaviour.

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