Stop University from Experimenting on Kittens


Target: Mr John Jeans, Chair of the Council at Cardiff University

Goal: Urge Cardiff University to stop killing kittens through cruel, unnecessary experimentation methods

Cardiff University, a well-established public research institution located in the United Kingdom, has recently made headlines for its cruel experimentation on kittens. After being exposed in 2010, when British scientists from Cardiff admitted to subjecting 31 cats to sensory deprivation in order to see how the brain reacts, little effort was made to correct the unethical experimentation.

According to an article published in UK Daily Mail, the esteemed university saw no issues with the experimentation, claiming that “it was for a valid purpose to learn more about crossed and lazy eyes.” Although the research took place in 2010, the reality of the gruesome situation is only now being fully realized. It is very likely that Cardiff University has not stopped its unethical animal experimentation, according to a 2011 report which revealed that over 50,000 animals were experimented during that year alone.

The 2011 report, which is the last year for which figures exist, exposes the short of it, “[the kittens] were raised in darkness or had their eyes sewn shut and then were subjected to brain experimentation and killed.” The process was inhumane: after being partially or completely blinded, the kittens were anesthetized and then paralyzed with a drug to prevent eye movement, only to have their skull cut open and their exposed brain tested on. After the research was gathered from the kittens’ reactions, they were killed after having parts of the brain removed for further research. The most horrifying part is that the original intent of the research, which was to find a solution for developmental eye disorders, is not applicable to humans. Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, Ralph Cook, stated that the findings “can’t be transferred to humans in any way.”

According to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), there are known, more humane methods of testing the connection between brain and vision connections. Ricky Gervais, well-known British TV personality, advocates against the experimentation, stating, “I am appalled that kittens are being deprived of sight in one eye by having their eyelids sewn shut. I thought sickening experiments like these were a thing of the past. I support the BUAV in calling for this research to be stopped.” Sign the petition and urge Cardiff University to finally put an end to blinding, mercilessly experimenting, and then killing kittens and cats under the name of science.


Dear Mr. John Jeans,

The ethical standards on which Cardiff University prides itself is under public scrutiny after reports have been making headlines about the cruel methods being used to conduct scientific experiments on kittens and cats. The public has been made aware of the process by which these animals were and are likely still being experimented on. The cats are raised in darkness, partially or completely blinded, and then their skulls are opened up and exposed brains experimented on, only to be killed after “findings” are recorded. Sewing kittens eyes shut and forcing them to undergo sensory deprivation in an effort to prove a point in the name of science is unethical and unnecessary.

These experiments are doing nothing but leaving thousands of kittens and cats abused and killed. In 2011 alone, over 50,000 animals died in vain, especially considering the findings from the experiments are not even applicable to humans. Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, Ralph Cook, stated that the findings “can’t be transferred to humans in any way.” I urge you to to be a responsible leader at Cardiff University and demand that the torture and killing of kittens for experimentation purposes be stopped and replaced with existing humane methods of studying the relationship of vision and the brain.


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  1. paula eaton says:

    Vivisection is bad science, fraudulent medicine. But above all is is extreme cruelty and abuse of innocent sentient beings. All vivisectors should be arrested for their cruelty. There are cheaper, accurate and cruelty free non-animal alternatives.


  3. William R. Vodopich says:

    Cut off all funding!!! That’s like sewing a rats eyes open and showing it printed books and expecting it to be able to read!!! Sadistic asshole’s, no benefit to humans . No funding, no torture.

  4. This is BARBARIC and ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. This is worst then NAZI!
    STOP all of the FUNDING! CEASE all of the CLASS B DEALERS.
    You are all who do such things need to be hanged up or gassed with a CYCLON B gas. I hope that you and your children and your families will ANSWER . I wish you all horrible luck, death in your family. I hope you will see your children dead in COFFIN. KARMA will get to your asses ASSHOLES!

  5. Wow, you people are monsters of a different kind. This is in the name of a science that doesn’t even apply, senseless. If you don’t stop, I hope you feel the effects of all your torture until you do. You’re all sick in the head. Demented. Grotesque. Inhumane. Barbaric. UGLY, vicious, cruel, malicious, evil, monsters.

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