Punish Dog Walker Who Killed Dogs

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Target: Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer of the SPCA

Goal: Ensure that the dog walker accused of killing six dogs is punished for her offenses

A dog walker in British Columbia, Canada, was recently accused of killing six dogs in her care. The irresponsible woman trapped the dogs in her car on a hot day for 45 minutes while she was inside of a business. Upon returning to her car, the woman was met with six heat-stroke victims. She later lied about the deaths to the authorities and the dogs’ families. Whether the woman will be prosecuted remains to be determined. Urge the Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to heavily encourage prosecuting this woman to the fullest extent of the law.

The woman initially lied to authorities and the families of the dogs, claiming that the dogs had been stolen from the dog park she was supposed to be at with the dogs. For days, the families joined together in pursuit of their pets, raising money for their safe return while holding hope that their beloved friends would soon be home again. However, under interrogation, the dog walker admitted that she had left the dogs unattended in her truck on the very hot, fateful day.

No charges have yet been filed, though the dogs’ families and the SPCA are urging authorities to prosecute the dog walker and make her pay for her crime. Because this woman was severely negligent in her trade, attempted to cover up her grotesque mistake and then disposed of the bodies while allowing the dogs’ families to grieve and hold hope for their pets’ return, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What she did was incredibly vile, abusive, neglectful and all around irresponsible. By signing this petition, you aid the SPCA in achieving the woman’s prosecution, ensuring that she is unable to hurt another pet.


Dear Ms. Moriarty,

A dog walker in British Columbia, Canada, was recently accused of killing six dogs in her care. Due to negligence and abuse, the dogs died of heat stroke in the woman’s truck while she was within the cool, comfortable confines of an indoor business. Because the woman tried to cover up her mistake by disposing of the bodies and falsifying their disappearance by touting a dog-napping story, she should be severely punished and forced to face her deadly mistake.

It is not yet clear if the woman will receive due punishment—her fate currently rests in the hands of prosecutors. It is my understanding that the SPCA is pushing for the woman to be punished by law. I encourage your organization to use the signatures generated by this petition to urge the woman’s prosecution. The negligent woman must be punished by law and not allowed to watch pets again.


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  1. Lidy Jansen says:

    Shame on here

  2. Connie Fuller says:

    Ban her for life of ever owning any and all animals. She is pure EVIL and deserves to be in jail for what she did. No sympathy here for that women.

  3. What a vile human.

  4. Animals need as much respect and care than humans. To forget dogs in a hot car when sun is shining on the metal, makes the inside a horror of heat.This is told again and again. When this woman even deny that this tragedy was out of her mind, and no regret was observed…she should be made to regret very hard, and never again have any responsibility of any animal ever..
    Helga Riekeles

  5. Glynis Martin says:

    I can’t believe that this woman has not yet been charged. Not only did she neglect these dogs resulting in their deaths, but she committed fraud by telling her clients that she would walk their dogs and instead locked them in her car and went horseback riding. This she did regularly. Not only should she face a hefty fine and jail time, she should be made to pay back every cent that she defrauded from these clients!

  6. Wendy L.Williams says:

    Horrible inhumane selfish miserable torturer and murderer. From the stories I read, she committed the terrible crime deliberately and with intent to kill. Think of all the suffering and agony she caused the dog owners and to the dogs. Merciless beast will mock justice system and all the good caring citizens if she is not punished to the full extent of the law. And if the law sets her free, she will get her karma. My condolences to the family of the dogs and may the Dogs who are with their God and creator pray for all the lousy humans to change their hearts, minds, and actions for the humane treatment of both animals and humans.

  7. Manel Dias says:

    Some people what they do to innocent animals are inexcusable. These such helpless, defenceless dogs were totally depending on this woman and imagine the horrific crime she had done to these poor dogs? There are no excuses for such callous and inhumane act done to these beloved healthy pets by this woman. Please make sure to punish her to fit the crime. SHE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OWN OR TAKE CARE OF ANY ANIMALS FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. This is very serious neglegence done by a woman who have no empathy and love towards animals.

  8. Carole Dallek says:

    With all the signatures for this, she should be brought to trial. The ASPCA cops should take her and burn her as . Keep her locked up in a hot, dry cell to roast to death. She deserves to die!

  9. Michael Guest says:

    Animal cruelty. Unacceptable. Take the person away.

  10. This person should be banned from owning or caring for any animal for the rest of her miserable life. Including beinng accountable to the families and courts for her reprehensible actions with cruelty to animals.

  11. STOP slapping people’s hands and sending them home . Make them do time for the crime. If the authorities where more stricter things wouldn’t be so out of hand. People abuse animals and they get find and sent home. Big deal. WISE UP.

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