Stop Culling of Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Target: Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Stop massive cull of kangaroos in Australia’s capital

In one of the largest culls to take place in Australia, more than 1,600 kangaroos are due to be killed because they eat too much grass. The decision to execute Eastern Grey kangaroos and their joeys in Australia’s capital of Canberra comes after reports that their grazing habits are getting out of control. With more than 500 kangaroos per square kilometer, Canberra has the highest population of the marsupial than any other part of Australia. With that being said, they don’t have be put to death so inhumanely.

Adult kangaroos, some as tall as 7 feet, are shot by expert marksmen while baby joeys, still in the pouch, are killed by a single blow to the head. Australia’s Territory and Municipal Services calls the cull ‘necessary’ stating that “…the primary goal of the conservation cull is to maintain kangaroos at sustainable densities to minimize the impact of heavy grazing on other native fauna and flora…” Kangaroos can graze down to the ground layer of vegetation making it difficult for other reptiles, insects and birds to find food and shelter. But, many animal rights groups and conservation scientists say the cull is heinous and that there are far more humane ways to cut down on the kangaroo population.

When interviewed by TIME magazine, David Nicholls, a farmer and former kangaroo executioner revealed that shooting the animals is a nearly fruitless attempt stating “…kangaroos are very jumpy — the slightest noise or change in the wind startles them…you try to get clean head shots but it’s difficult…,” further proving the callousness, dangerousness and pointlessness of the ordeal.

Costs of the cull are also sending activists into an uproar. The Australian government will shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for snipers instead of investing in cost-effective, more humane ways of reducing the population. Scientists have discovered a vaccine that reduces an animal’s breeding for three seasons and Animal charity, Alphadog, has presented the government with a fertility control alternative that costs one-fifth of the amount of a traditional cull. Even with these alternatives, the Australian government has chosen to move forward with the brutal slaughter.

Sign the petition to call on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to invest in less savage ways of reducing the kangaroo population.


Dear Prime Minister Tony Abbott,

It has come to my attention that Australia plans to move forward with its vicious cull of over 1,600 kangaroos. Before you make a final decision, non-lethal solutions and alternatives are available and should be considered seriously. Clearly the kangaroo population is causing some problems, but you should understand that we as human beings are the ones infringing on their land, not vice versa. Wild animals will graze and populate wherever they please, and kangaroos are no exception. With that being said, to shoot them mercilessly in the head in an attempt to save the lush pastures and manicured lawns of the Government House is ridiculous. And for that, you should be ashamed of yourself for ever thinking it okay to do so.

For as long as Australia exists kangaroos will thrive. This is their habitat and overpopulation shouldn’t be met with such violent solutions. I urge you to rethink your decision, cancel the savage cull and consider more cost-effective and humane alternatives to controlling your kangaroo ‘problem.’


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  1. paula eaton says:

    We need to take a look at human activities and fix the problems we cause. We humans need to stop blaming animals. Also, stop the culling of the brumbies.

  2. Ronald Whitaker says:

    I am an American and I do not understand this culling. They are adorable, your national icon and you should feel blessed that you have so many. I wish I had a few in my backyard. They do not attack humans, all they do is graze. Other ways should be found to limit road accidents such as high fencing or overpasses.

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