Jail Man Who Drugged and Raped Wife


Target: Kurt Eisgruber, Marion Superior County Judge

Goal: Ensure a just punishment for a man who drugged and raped his wife repeatedly over the course of three years

In 2011, Mandy Boardman reported to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department that for the past three years, her husband, David Wise, had been drugging her and raping her as she slept. Not only this, but he videotaped these experiences. Wise said that he drugged his wife because she was nicer when she was drugged.

Wise admitted to the crimes in an e-mail he sent to his wife. In court, he did not confess that he sexually assaulted his wife but did confess to having the videos and drugging his wife. He was convicted by the jury of six felonies of sexual assault against his wife. Each charge typically results in six to twenty years in prison. These types of cases very typically demand prison time due to their serious nature, according to Courtney Curtis, Marion County Deputy Prosecutor.

For his crime, prosecutors demanded that Wise be sent to jail for forty years. After going through court proceedings, however, Judge Kurt Eisgruber sentenced Wise to eight years of home confinement. This means Wise left the courthouse basically a free man. He will even be allowed to leave his home for work if he obtains a job. He has not been obligated to get therapy or any sort of treatment.

Boardman divorced Wise upon learning about his actions and is now justifiably unsatisfied with the court’s conclusion. She was astounded that Judge Eisgruber asked her to forgive her husband for his actions against her—a request that is unacceptable. Boardman believes that her husband is not facing any real consequences for his crime. Sign the petition below to help Boardman fight Judge Eidgruber’s decision, and give Wise the punishment he deserves.


Dear Judge Eisgruber,

I am disappointed in your actions regarding David Wise’s crimes against his wife, Mandy Boardman. Wise committed six felonies against Boardman; the proper sentence for these crimes is six to twenty years each. To sentence Wise to only twenty years in home confinement and no time in prison is unthinkable.

Confining Wise to his home for twenty years and allowing him to leave for work only serves to give him the opportunity to commit similar crimes again. Should he be allowed to freely interact with other women, he may easily take advantage of them, just as he did with his wife. He has proven himself to be a person who has no regard for the personal boundaries or limits of others. You have the power to prevent Wise from violating any more women.

Wise has shown no remorse for his actions. I urge you to give David Wise the sentence he deserves. Please sentence him to the originally demanded forty years of imprisonment, for taking such horrific and traumatizing actions against his wife.


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  1. Georga Greenwood Georga Greenwood says:

    A British husband has just, this year, been sentenced to 15 yrs in prison for drugging his wife, raping her whilst filming it with his children in the house & then uploading it to the internet ! The poor women only realised when after divorcing him & moving out with the children he contacted her to say he’d defaulted on the mortgage so was getting kicked out & did she want to come round to collect any personal effects still there… the dvd’s with the vile stuff he’d done were in amongst dvd’s of the kids & holidays etc & only when she got home did she play them !


  3. Борис Захарьянц says:


  4. Aine O'Neill says:

    David Wright is one sick, bitter, twisted individual who is a potential rapist himself by the sounds of it, he should be brought over to the States and imprisoned with the rapist and the stupid judge for forty years and they should all be physically castrated without pain relief prior to sentencing.

  5. Kate Phillips says:

    This pathetic excuse for a “judge” is obviously a misogynist.It beggars belief…..
    One point, EIGHT years or TWENTY years home confinement? You seem to have written both.

    • Susan Miller says:

      I wondered about that too Kate – although even 20 yrs home confinement is not enough. Once a rapist – always a rapist. It’s a disease – and he is a particularly disgusting example. Put him in jail and throw away the key …

  6. Judy Trahan says:

    This so called judge is playing GOD! Wonder how he’d react if it was his daughter niece etc…. He needs to be removed! I sure hope if he even has a wife that she doesn’t agree with such a judgement!

  7. Stan Benton says:

    This judge is one sick puppy. (Yes, a puppy, if male, is a
    son of a bitch.)

  8. Stan Benton says:

    This judge is one sick puppy. (Yes, a puppy, if male, is a son of a bitch.)

  9. Victoria Cole says:

    Animals wouldn’t behave like this , perverted human being. How many years did women fight to stop this kind of attitude and we still have to fight to stop forced marriage and genital mutilation in other countries – now its accepted here?

  10. David Bishop says:

    The fact that he Video the assaults prove it was premeditated and for this alone he should be jailed. Rape is Rape, married or not unless both parties consent.

  11. PATRICIA A WELCH says:

    David Wise is psychotic, and a dangerous felon. If he did this in a bar he’d be in prison – where he belongs. He does not own his wife. She’s not there for his perverted pleasures.
    Put this monster in prison, where he’ll be raped fully awake.
    Make this POS judge his cellmate.

  12. This ‘judge’ is an absolute disgrace and is clearly totally incompetent. As for David Wise, I am lost for words.A very long stretch in prison is the only appropriate punishment for his vile acts. Hope his ex wife is ok.

  13. mrskailuakona says:

    Having been dated raped with roofies by two red headed devils in Flori-DUH the Gunshine State back in the late 1970’s watch this video with the victim speaking upset that her now ex husband got the conviction just not the right sentencing. My question it may sound harsh after experiencing date rapes myself in Florida while hers were videotaped making it unbearable to have to see that I wonder WHY it took Mandy THREE years to finally come to terms with the rapes? Back in 2005 she says she felt a dissolving pill in her mouth so she waits another three years knowing she didn’t take it? While I really feel for her I wouldn’t have stayed for THREE more years ONCE is enough! This may be her undoing that the judge it’s hard to picture a wife with her husband not even a stranger getting raped then for three years knowing full well about the MYSTERIOUS dissolving pill waits THREE full years? It took that long to uncover the video tapes I get that but if Mandy knew she was being DRUGGED in 2005 if I was her I wouldn’t have waited three years to give the rapist her husband that much time to film the episodes! It sounds so BIZARRE yet I don’t believe her it’s just HARD for a judge to condemn a “husband” for raping his wife even he really did! The reason the judge ruled in the ex husband’s favor by then it was vindictive on HER part as she then filed charges AFTER Fall 2008 she finds the videos then doesn’t report it until May 2011. How STUPID is that if you are really a victim which she claims she has no memory okay I can buy that what about coming FORWARD to rat him out to the police? She felt like her body was being messed with then she goes on to say “I didn’t want my children to grow up without a father” until she met the NEXT man to play daddy! You reap what you sow! You get served what you ordered! Mandy dealt out her cards playing her secret hand holding back her cards UNTIL it suit her now with a NEW man she wants “sole” custody well good luck with that with both of these retards. I think the kids should go to a loving, normal loving couple not a JADED, twisted maybe into sex games couple to be bounced back & forth used as pawns during visitation. I even feel she took the drugs herself they weren’t forced down her throat. I think her husband struck a deal that’s why he admitted in court he knew what the sentence would be! I would feel differently if Mandy came FORWARD the same year my God what she thinking? Oh, I know her words ring loud & clear: “I didn’t want my kids to grow up with no father” well then don’t cough up an outdated videos from 2005 – 2008 like SIX years later? I know NOW why the judge ruled the way he did JUSTICE was SERVED. Psych check for Mandy is coming next! Left with a six month old & toddler by my ex husband I wasn’t waiting until the kids grew up he raped me too! Once = Enough Pick your poison: Rape vs. single mom? I chose the single mother route! Was Mandy really raped? If you’re a woman reading this post would you wait SIX long grueling years knowing you’re been raped every week by your trusted husband? I think NOT This is not a real case of RAPE I feel she has no memory of the tapes ‘cos she doesn’t want to remember them! Sometimes think back to some things you did we all have “selective” memory. If not then why wait an incredible SIX years to bring the evidence to the police because she may have NOT been raped! Or if she really was & chose to continue being raped then that’s her problem! Live by the sword, die by the sword. Case closed. Next post please. I’ll sign a new petition: Make Mandy go see a psychiatrist! http://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2014/05/19/wife-raped-says-husbands-sentence-unjust/9299531/

  14. T Bruning says:

    How absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe this has happened in a Western & supposedly civilised country. The sentence needs to be reviewed and this judge needs to be struck off – words cannot express how disgraceful this is.

  15. 8 years of home confinement??? What is wrong with that judge?? He is showing that it is OK to do that to his wife???

  16. he should not get away with that. he should be behind bars.

  17. Well I’m a woman and you have to read the whole story they were married for years . Why she waited so long to leave him. The act started out where they both used to play games and both took drugs where she consent to it. She should had left long time before it start getting serious and she stopped liking it .

  18. To the person wondering why she didn’t leave, she probably didn’t remember until he did it so many times she couldn’t forget. There are drug dealers where I live that drug, rape and shock people in the head with tens machines hoping to wipe their memories. It usually causes the victim a lot of neurological problems. A lot of them are left not being able to take care of themselves. No one cares enough about other people to get another human out of a situation like that, so the victim end up living a hellish life of slavery.

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