Stop Lobsters and Crabs from Being Torn Apart Alive


Target: Linda Bean, owner of Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine restaurants

Goal: Demand that Linda Bean end her workers’ inhumane methods of killing crabs and lobsters

Workers at Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine restaurants are inhumanely tearing the limbs and bodies of lobsters and crabs apart while the animals are still alive. A new undercover investigation revealed video footage of workers casually ripping the helpless crustaceans apart and throwing the remainder of their bodies in boiling water or trash bins to die tortuously slow deaths.

Contrary to popular belief lobsters and crabs do feel pain. Lobsters in particular continue to feel pain long after they are dismembered due to bundles of nervous tissue existing throughout their bodies, known as ganglia. The investigation also revealed that crabs being slammed onto metal spikes until their top shells came off, only to have their internal organs scrubbed out with spinning brushes and then lowered into vats of boiling water.

The nearly four minute long video posted on also exposes workers using a metal pipe to rip lobsters’ heads from their bodies. The ideal parts of a lobster for eating–the tail and claws–were saved in one bin, while the remainder of their bodies were thrown into waste buckets. The workers are treating the animals like carcasses when in fact they are very much alive and suffering unnecessary and excruciating pain.

An estimated 2.3 million lobsters and crabs will be subjected to this inhumane treatment this year alone in restaurant’s like Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine. Demand that restaurant owner Linda Bean end her support for animal cruelty and cease requiring her workers to tear these live animals apart in monstrous ways.


Dear Ms. Bean,

Like any other animals, lobsters and crabs deserve to live their lives without the cruel and unusual punishment that your workers are perpetuating. Ripping the animals apart limb by limb and then throwing them still alive in bins is hardly ethical. Lobsters and crabs do feel pain. In fact, lobsters in particular continue to feel pain long after they are dismembered due to bundles of nervous tissue existing throughout their bodies, known as ganglia.

The undercover video posted on exposes your workers mindlessly tearing, smashing, and shoving metal rods into the helpless crustaceans and then throwing their still-moving bodies into large bins. Your food preparation building has turned into a cruel slaughterhouse. Is this what you want Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine restaurants to be known for?

There are more humane ways to prepare lobster and crab for your restaurants. It is well known that submerging a lobster in cold water before cooking will put it to sleep, rendering it unconscious. If you do not take action and change your restaurants’ horrifying methods of killing the lobsters and crabs, word will spread and your establishments will lose business. I urge you to make the compassionate choice and put a stop to your workers’ tearing apart the animals while they are still alive.


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Photo credit: Postdlf via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. KAREN WONNELL says:

    one would hope that any human taking another species life
    for any reason would want to takes it life in the most
    humane way possible. Hope is all i have, that Linda Beans
    will be one of the forerunners to kill humanly, just because its the right thing to do and not kill by inhumane methods because its the “fastest and cheapest ” way to

  2. Deborah Britt says:

    Not wanting to do harm to other sentient beings and less harm to our planet as a whole is why I became a vegetarian.

    • Jenna Miles says:

      Me too. I went vegetarian, and then vegan, when I learned about the horrors in the dairy, egg, leather, wool and animal research industries.

  3. Everyone should see how their food is “raised” and “harvested”. It would turn a lot more people into compassionate consumers.

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