Demand Justice For Cat Killed By Children


Target: Passaic County SPCA agent Luis Vasquez

Goal: Stop violent attacks against animals by increasing educational programs about the importance of animal welfare

Recently, a cat was severely abused by a band of grade-school-aged children. The cat died from injuries caused by the abuse eight days after the attack. It is not clear if the children will be punished for these actions, however it is certain that the will receive necessary psychiatric treatment. Demand that these children are tried to the fullest extent possible and are given the treatment necessary to stop this kind of abuse in the future.

The cat, lovingly nicknamed “Quattro,” was rescued by a fourteen-year-old boy, taken to his home to be cared for and then later brought to an animal shelter in attempts to save his life. However, Quattro’s life was not saved. There were numerous children involved in the attack; Quattro was hit with bricks and stomped on, sustaining a brutal eye injury, broken bones and internal bleeding, including from his brain.

This behavior is grotesque and extremely alarming. Demand that these children be given the proper support to understand the serious consequences of their actions. Sign this petition to call for justice for Quattro and ensure that more violent actions against innocent animals don’t happen in the future.


Dear Agent Vasquez,

I am writing to urge that in the wake of Quattro’s brutal death, more be done to educate your community about animal welfare. The children responsible brutally tortured Quattro, causing him to die from sustained injuries days after the attack. Not only are the children’s actions alarming, they are very disturbing. There are many studies which support the theory that children who abuse animals continue to be abusive to both humans and animals later on in life.

While I urge you to ensure that these children are punished for their actions, whether it is by juvenile time or some form of house arrest; these children also need to understand that killing an animal is not okay and torturing an animal for fun is extremely bad. I ask that you implement more educational programming to teach your community about animal welfare and the importance of respecting all living beings. With more intentional outreach and programming on this topic, there will be less violence against innocent animals.

I am asking not only that you demand justice for Quattro by ensuring that these children are unable to commit such horrible and violent acts again, but also that you implement new educational programming to teach others to be kind to animals. Your work to protect animals is inestimable, but more work must be done.


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Photo credit: Stavrolo via Wikipedia

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  1. appalled says:

    This is EXACTLY why I home school my kids, and don’t let them roam unsupervised!

    They are VEGANS. I taught them, that animals feel, just like people.

    I also taught my kids, about EMPATHY, and COMPASSION.

    These “kids” apparently, did not have a very good teacher.

    This place were the cat was, does not have good animal control.

    Where I live, strays are rare, people love their pets, and keep them inside, and get them fixed.

    If we see a “stray”, we know it belongs to someone, and they’re treated well, and returned to their “parents”.

    Even feral cat colonies have compassionate caretakers, and the cats are trapped, and fixed.

    These “children”, are insane and demented, the stuff of nightmares.

    They will grow up, and kill something else, for they are unfeeling killers already, they will ALWAYS be killers!

    I sure wouldn’t want my kids to ever cross paths with them.

    I wouldn’t want to live near them if I had a pet.

    I had a cat live to about 13 years old.

    Too many people see animals as expendable, these days.

    The world does not need demon spawn like these heartless creatures.

    This WAS animal cruelty, as well as murder, and age should NOT exonerate them!

    • Arjun L. Sen says:

      Fully and totally agree.

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      I wouldn’t want to be near them even if I didn’t own a pet. What you are looking at is your serial killers of tomorrow. These kids should be charged and the parents should be charged right along with them. Throw the whole dam works of these sick sob in jail and throw away the key. The world doesn’t need people like these in it.

  2. How sick and horrifying…these “child” murderers need to be brought to swift and severe judgement. They are on their way to being full fledged abusers, get them off of our streets and incarcerate them now, community is in danger!! Parents need to be fined and also held accountable.

  3. This is the worst of our problems in our world today! Parents raising serial killers. The parents and the children should be prosecuted and any school they attend should warn the other parents. I do not want any of these ” children” to end up at my child’s birthday party or a sleep over. I want to protect my family and deserve to be warned about dangerous violent ” children” attending school with my children! These kids might decide to prey on a vulnerable student if that’s not happening NOW! Do NOT underestimate violent vicious sadistic humans.

  4. Demented lil brats should be fucking kicked and have bricks threw at them.
    What the fuck is wrong with people these days.
    These children learned this some where.

    Future serial killers on our hands.

    Our world is going to shit and that’s our future. We should be scared.

  5. Georgi Mortensen says:

    Not enough parents care what their children are doing anytime and then don’t care about this kind of behavior to top it off. Many of the parents are this way too! So guess where they learn it!

  6. Arjun L. Sen says:

    The law about animals needs to be fundamentally reformed. Higher animals need to be granted LEGAL PERSONHOOD. Unfortunately as so many are eaten by people this will not happen until lab or in vitro meat becomes commercially viable and the case for any form of gratuitous animal killing becomes redundant. Till that time there will be no redress. Animals will continue to be helpless victims of arbitrary human cruelty and violence and the justice system will do little or nothing about it.

  7. sandra mason says:

    don’t just counsel the kids… better do something with the parents as well.. this is generally learned behavior and those parents need to pay a fine that goes to the local shelter and pay vet fees for that poor poor cat. thank you to all the people who cared enough to sign.

  8. sandra mason says:

    I just received a request for donation to the SPCA in the mail… i’ll see how this goes first. I haven’t seen much good at all about the RSPCA.

  9. OMG…………How scary to think that grade school children can be so vile,cruel,evil and sick. They must be severely punished because monster children continue on in life to be monster adults that can do even more horrific things in this insane world of ours.

    RIP poor innocent Quattro and may you get justice for your horrific and unnecessary murder by these sadistic and vicious kids.

  10. jean sugden says:

    As we are told time and time again children who torture and kill small animals are most likely to end up becoming murderers.
    What kind of punishment will they get from their parents, let alone counsellors.What about justice for the poor poor animal which they tortured.
    Counsellors to give help to them what help was given to Quattro.
    Evil totally evil,its something that,s there i cannot imagine children behaving in this way.
    No amount of counselling can take away the cruelty, they are wired wrong.
    Evil Bastards.

  11. How dangerous are these kids going to be unless they are punished severely for doing this terrible thing. They MUST NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS or they will do it again and again.
    This is really terrible.

  12. This is disturbing to think kids feel this is okay to do, that kids think it’s entertaining. Even worse that an animal doesn’t feel pain or doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect.

  13. It is terrifying to me to think that CHILDREN are not being taught to RESPECT anything or anyone!! I fully believe that these children should be PUNISHED for the horrendous death this poor sweet creature endure at the the hands of these monsters!! I simply can not understand how ANYONE could do this to a defenseless animal and I think we as adults should be forcing these individuals to learn compassion and respect for ALL living creatures before we have an entire generation of serial killers to contend with!

  14. Death wish for these filth-bag brats.Turn these POS animal murderers into fertilizer!

  15. Candy O'Kelley says:

    Unbelievable that children are so savage, heartless (what ever happened to teaching empathy?), and completely demented. They and their parents need jail time. This is inexcusable! The pain that poor cat suffered, it’s horrible to imagine. Do something!

  16. This has nothing to do with “just kid’s behaviour”! Never ever have I or any of my school friends thought about hurting an animal!!! These children need to get punished for this cruel act, and they seriously need help!

  17. What kind of ‘children’ are these??????? I’ve known some when I grew up – they didn’t grow into nice adults…

  18. These vile and heartless monster kids must be brought to Justice and suffer the severest punishment for their deliberate animal torture and suffering they committed against such an innocent and defenceless cat named Quattro.
    These bastard heartless monsters will continue torturing innocent and helpless animals if nothing is done to prevent future torturing and suffering against the innocent.

  19. Leer de jeugd nu toch eens terug manieren. Hoe zijn die opgevoed ?
    Straf hen , maar leg hen ook uit waarom zoiets niet kan.
    Dat een dier evenveel pijn voelt als hijzelf. Begrijpen ze het niet, dan
    zijn ze rijp voor een psychiater

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