Stop Genetically Modified Foods


Target: President Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack
Goal: Don’t approve new generation of unhealthy and environmentally destructive GMO crops

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  1. paula eaton says:

    Bad news all the way around.

  2. Dave Voisey says:

    We just don’t know yet if GMO crops are safe. Let’s stop now and see if the current generation of our populations suffer long term effects from those GMO crops we have already absorbed.

    • Dean Mindock says:

      Yeah, let’s all be guinea pigs. Ever since GMOs were released onto the market, obesity rates have climbed. Cancer is up too, especially in children. So, yeah, when people start dying like flies, please stop the GMOs.

  3. Veronica-Mae says:

    Sadly it may be too late for America where this hazard has been in place for many years.


    Our world gets smaller by the hour
    With Internet computer power;
    While Global Companies now strive
    To patent everything alive.

    Huge companies, with frightening speed
    Creating things we do not need.
    As they manipulate and plot
    They do not seem to care a jot.

    The wondrous richness of our earth
    Is seen as having little worth.
    The peasant farmer’s simple need
    Must bow to Multi-National greed.

    When every fruit or veg or grain
    Will have been engineered for gain,
    That is – believe me if you can –
    The greatest risk conceived by man.

    Pandora, when she opened wide
    That box, with all its woes inside,
    Was not as daft as we would be
    To let this GM hazard free.

    As Nature spread it far and wide,
    How would we ever stem the tide ?
    No way, though tears should fall like rain,
    To lock the genie up again.

    Vast fields of monoculture grain
    That have been made for corporate gain –
    Oh can’t you see ? unblock your eyes,

    @ anti-copyright: Veronica-Mae Soar Jan 2003

    (Under “Creative Commons” you may copy this anywhere it might be useful, provided I get a credit, it is copied accurately and that it is copied for free.
    A copy of where it appeared would be appreciated)

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