Fire Police Officers for Attacking Unarmed 14-Year-Old


Target: Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Goal: Investigate and punish officers who attacked 14-year-old Javier Payne, who was unarmed at the time.

Fourteen year old Javier Payne is still recovering in a hospital bed from an apparently unprovoked attack by police. According to witnesses, while leaving a local hookah shop police stopped Payne to question him about an altercation he allegedly had with another man on the street. Officers insist he began speaking disrespectfully to them, at which point the young Bronx resident says they pushed him through a glass window.

According to a New York Police Department (NYPD) spokesperson, Payne and another pre-teen were both arrested around 11 pm on the night of the incident. Both were charged with assault, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest. The spokesperson could not confirm whether or not Payne had been thrown through a window; he simply claimed such events had been left out of the report.

When paramedics arrived Payne’s lungs were full of blood, his face bruised, his clothes blood-soaked and his hands handcuffed behind his back. Although Payne was dying in front of them witnesses described the officers involved as being “nonchalant” about the boy’s serious condition. Paramedics said they had to hold his chest wound closed while they removed his handcuffs (which police initially refused to allow them to do). The paramedics were late in arriving at the scene because officers failed to advise them of the pediatric emergency; they instead used protocols normally reserved for drunk or intoxicated citizens.

Though the NYPD claims to be doing an internal investigation, it is statistically shown that such investigations seldom result in convictions, arrests, or even suspensions for aggressive officers. Outside pressure is needed to improve accountability within the police department, and that pressure can only come from above. Demand that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio address ongoing police violence, and call for an independent investigation into this terrible incident.


Dear Mayor de Blasio,

Young Bronx resident Javier Payne had to have shards of glass removed from his lungs after the vicious attack he received walking home on May 17th. His attackers, officers of the NYPD, pushed him through a glass window and handcuffed him while he lay on the ground dying. They did not alert paramedics to the severity of his injuries, but instead treated the situation with the same protocol they would a drunk.  When paramedics finally did arrive they had to argue with officers to remove the handcuffs from Payne’s body so they could treat his injuries. By the time the officers relented Payne was loosing blood quickly and struggling to breathe. His life could have easily be taken that night.

Although the NYPD has offered to do an internal investigation, time has shown that the department is not in a fit position to regulate itself. The safety of New York children–especially black male children–depends largely on your ability to prevent police violence. It is your duty to remove violent and incompetent officers from the force. Failure to do so will result in continued brutality against youth who may need guidance, but certainly not violence.

I am asking you to complete a serious investigation into accusations of violence at the hands of the NYPD. I hope that Javier Payne and his family can find justice and peace through your decision to pursue a more thorough investigation into the officers that attacked him.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: drpavloff

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  1. Billy Holifield Billy Holifield says:

    Police brutality and yes even murder are on the rise at an alarming rate in every city in America. It appears to be by design as the police departments are hiring more and more unfit persons for the force. It is getting so that the American people aren’t sure who to fear more, the thug with the prison tattoo or the thug with the badge.

    • Sandra Bryan says:

      Billy – Couldn’t have said it better myself…. Our country has become a police state – where no one is safe – adults, children, animals…. Just look what the police in NY and other cities did to the passive peaceful Occupy movement! Remember when Kent State and the abuse of those standing up for civil rights was something so many of us fought to make sure would never happen again in America?!!!

  2. I live in Australia, and personally, and though I am itching to travel to the states, hearing about this sort of thing definitely stands in my way. I don’t want to be in a foreign country with police that I can’t trust.. Really. It’s so awful, that poor boy.

    • Barry Sexton says:

      I’m from Australia too. I have found from personal experience and those of others that this behaviour is global. If you report police for corrupt or bad behaviour, or for abusing their powers, and too many do, they target you. They can check your car registration and all their personal opinions against you for reporting others will come up on their screens, they can pull you over and then harass you and abuse and assault you. It happened to me and my lawyer explained it all to me.

      Police will even fabricate false evidence as a payback. One report I read from Scotland advised that police have hacked people’s PCs and loaded child porn then busted them. That is creepy. And we think a Democracy is better than Dictators or Communism! Ha! What a joke! In Victoria here police were killing an innocent civilian every 4 weeks, regardless of race. What a great reputation to have. And they were NEVER prosecuted even once. And many also die in custody from police brutality.

      So travel with open eyes and stay away from ALL law enforcement. It would be safer to hang out with Criminals.

  3. Fired and prosecuted.


  5. Blackandblue says:

    As the wife of a police officer I am somewhat biased however I do believe that there are always 2 sides to a story. Go ahead and slit their throats you can rot in prison. As for trial and investigation I am all for it. If they did nothing wrong they shouldn’t be worried. Throwing someone (anyone) regardless of race, gender, or age through a glass window or using excessive force isn’t necessary. Or is it? Who are we to judge? We weren’t there and we certainly aren’t the ones putting our lives on the line every day as they are. We didn’t run into the twin towers as people were running out. We don’t run towards the problem or the scary event occurring we run the opposite way. Everyone is always so quick to judge except who is the first one to call for help? The one that’s always complaining. Get a grip. You weren’t there. You don’t know. Perhaps listening and doing what you are told would keep you out of trouble in the first place. Everyone needs to start being nicer to one another and remember we all live in the same place and are supposed to be fighting on the same side.

    • As a volunteer disaster responder, I can say that plenty of us civilians run toward a disaster when others are running away. And it isn’t even our jobs to do so. Please keep that in perspective.

    • Joe Blank says:

      Lady, you need to pull your biased head out of your ass. There was no need for a child to be thrown hard enough into a glass window for it to break. These are (supposedly) trained professionals. Even if there hadn’t been witnesses it’s obvious that at least these officers are unable to properly do their job.
      Crying “let’s just all be nicer to each other” doesn’t fix systematic problems. Especially when you’re encouraging those not in power to “be nicer” those who have power and are abusing it.

    • You can’t possibly be serious.. And, you can’t possibly be black… So shut your ignorant, and erroneously irrelevant biased ass up! You are so far removed from reality and blinded by the title of being the “wife”, that you refuse to except the fact that your husband could be capable of committing murder just because he’s “supposed” to protect and serve.. If he has a gun, then he’s capable of making a WRONG decision! There is NO reason a CHILD should be thrown hard enough against glass that it would shatter and PUNCTURE a lung! 1 child, multiple cops!! How do you justify that?? Then you refuse to let the paramedics do their job, hoping that the boy would die. Chic you need a reality check!!

    • You do realize that it’s possible for a bad person to become a cop, right? Cops are just like the rest of us – some do the right thing, some don’t. Some are abusive, racist, sexist, etc. and get off on power. Some are amazing, selfless individuals. You can advocate for transparency and appropriate consequences without believing that all cops are bad.

      “Perhaps listening to and doing what you are told would keep you out of trouble in the first place,” you say – except that it doesn’t, if the police officer in question has a racial bias (or any other kind of bias) and is looking for a target. That sort of “logic” is called victim-blaming, and it’s how abusers divert responsibility for their abuse.

  6. Stuart Berdy says:

    I think that we are becoming a police state. This officers are unfit and thrown off the police force. We have no more civil liberties. In Maryland I was followed by a police car. The policeman told me that I was driving in the right hand when the police were giving a ticket to a motorist. They told me that I could not drive in the right lane when this was happening. They told me that I should have been in the middle lane. This policeman asked me where I was coming from. He then gave me a warning and wrote up a report that I was unfit to drive. I got paperwork in the mail from the DMV to fill out and give doctors to fill out. I was not speeding

  7. Police think they’re above the law just because they’re Police. It’s wrong and they need to know that, just because they enforce the law, doesn’t mean they are above it.

  8. Борис Захарьянц says:


  9. Camille Jordan says:

    This stuff happens here in Tennessee too.Police brutality needs t o stop definitely. People need to understand that there more dirty cops than you think & they look out for each other. They use their badge & gun for wrong reasons. Watch the movie “Righteous Kill”.At the end of the movie there are incidents proving how corrupt law enforcement is.

  10. Dwinna Barker says:

    I’m sick of the worst thing to happen to a police officer is to lose their job!!!! Yes, they should automatically lose their jobs but they should also be charged and prosecuted for their criminal behavior!

  11. tilla smit walker says:

    Relly a shame that we can’t trust some police officers ;-(

  12. Joan Mikolajczyk Joan Mikolajczyk says:

    Hi, I am Prudence(C. Mauduit), child molestation survivor from upstate NY. I am shocked at this brutal assault, NYPD & city residents assisted in transporting us children, who were molested in the 1980’s child rape cases of upstate New York. We were taken to NYC. Currently, any screwy person can call the cops with fictitious rumors or assault & this seems to be the ploy of many assailants against their victims. Please investigate this act of maliciousness cruelty as violent criminals are treated with kindness, why not treat Javier Payne with official dutiful protocol. In NYC, we, as young children & teens, had curfews for our protection from assailants. {I am now being forced to be a Joan, by froward mental health workers of upstate NY}

  13. Karen Davis says:

    If it were their family members they would not stand for this kind of brutality NO they would not. These kind of Police Officers I Despise! And as long as they live on this earth they think nothing will happen to them, but they will get their just DUE!

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