Demand Closure of Cruel Elephant Park


Target: South African Minister of Water and Environment Affairs, Edna Molewa

Goal: Close park accused of abuse and torture of young elephants

Animal cruelty charges have been filed against one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Elephants of Eden. The Elephants of Eden facility trains elephants for the neighboring Knysna Elephant Park. Evidence shows gross mistreatment and abuse of the elephants during training processes, including beatings, starvation, and electric shocks resulting in injury and death.

Recent video evidence shows violent beatings of young elephants at the hands of trainers. During the training process, trainers must assert their dominance over the large mammals with force and intimidation. Some of the methods commonly used involve days of starvation, shocks with cattle prods, and beatings with bull whips. The elephants’ legs are also roped in order to restrict movement, and these restraints can also be used to cause pain to the elephants as a punishment for misbehavior. This process is called “breaking the spirit,” and results in both mental and physical anguish for the intelligent creatures.

Long-term results of this process can be detrimental to the creatures’ health. Swollen legs and feet, infected open wounds, and debilitating abscesses are all common effects of the procedures. This is particularly harmful due to the young age of the animals, and can result in lifelong disability or even death.

It is unfair to sentence these highly intelligent and sentient creatures to a life of abuse and servitude, and it is imperative that this cruel facility be closed immediately in order to prevent further pain and suffering. Your signature on this petition will demand that the Elephants of Eden park be closed immediately.


Dear Ms. Edna Molewa,

Recent evidence has uncovered extreme cruelty towards elephants at South Africa’s Elephants of Eden park. The elephants are being starved, beaten, shocked, and restrained, causing serious and painful injuries such as infected wounds and abscesses. These injuries can progress into permanent problems due to the elephants’ young age, including disabilities and even death.

Elephants are highly intelligent and sentient creatures, and are subjected to painful and torturous procedures during training processes. It is unfair and cruel to subject these endangered creatures to entire lifetimes of servitude in tourist attractions. I demand that the Elephants of Eden training park be closed, and that the elephants kept there be transferred to a sanctuary environment where they can live free lives in their natural habitat.


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Photo credit: Felix Andrews via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. amanda van der vyver says:

    Please take elephants to Shamwari animal hospital

  2. Despina M. Andrelus says:

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI

  3. Olivia de Bruyn says:

    I live in South Africa and am so tired of the animal abuse in this country and nothing being done about it. There are other sanctuaries for these animals to be relocated to so they live a good life. Please do this immediately.

    • Carole Van Heerden says:

      please stand up and be counted, as long as zumu is in charge there will no longer be any wildlife, and soon no civilisation.. my family also lives there, so i do know how it is.

  4. Jay Hall says:

    This is extremely distressing, disturbing and depressing to read about – WHAT are these people? Bet they wouldn’t care to trade places with these precious elephants.. wait, actually, that’s not a bad idea – come on all you ‘brave’ and poor excuses for human beings, here’s your chance to have an experience of a lifetime you’ll never forget – if you survive it, that is..!! but then it can’t be so bad if the elephants can cope, can it..?? – so go on, volunteer and make the day for all of us!

  5. Mandy-Lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

    Seriously…this is just sadism. Assholes who want to hurt animals. They should be punished by law (real law, not halfassed idiots) and put into prison for their crimes. This behaviour precedes similar abuse being committed against humans. These are the monsters who will snatch your children from the park to torture, rape,and kill them. Think about this.

  6. Ruth and basil says:

    Respect and dignity for all living creatures is part of our being good Shepard’s of the earth.

  7. Andrea Wise says:

    Please stop this abuse of these wonderful majestic intelligent creatures, if you don’t I am a true believer in carma and you will get what’s coming to you.

  8. Victoria Cole says:

    So much pain and abuse to these animals who have the capacity to feel great pain, the agony of loss enveloped in their brains for decades after they have witnessed the loss of family members, evil people harm them so why be involved in being on side of this ‘Elephants of ”Eden”?

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