Demand Harsh Sentence for a Man Who Tortured and Killed Cats


Target: Limestone County District Attorney, Brian Jones

Goal: Punish man accused of violently torturing and killing cats he bought on craigslist

A man in Athens, Alabama purchased kittens off of craigslist for the sole purpose of torturing and killing the helpless animals. A grand jury took the important step of indicting this abuser on 22 counts of animal cruelty. Now it’s up to Limestone County District Attorney Brian Jones to see that this brutal man is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

In October of 2013 Ronald Fraser Golden was arrested after police received an anonymous tip that the 48-year-old man was killing kittens in his home. According to Police Chief Floyd Johnson said that Golden admitted to officers that he had purchased the kittens on craigslist, named them and killed them. “Golden told investigators he had a cat room where he would throw the kittens against the floor to break their necks, stomp on them or ‘wring their necks,’” Johnson said. When asked why he would commit such horrific acts, Golden stated that he was “angry at the world.”

This type of violent behavior is not only threatening to innocent animals. It may also be an indicator that Golden could go on to brutalize other people. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), “Acts of cruelty to animals are not mere indications of a minor personality flaw in the abuser; they are symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans.”

Each of the 22 counts of animal cruelty which Golden faces carries a sentence of one to 10 years behind bars. We must demand that this heartless murderer receives the maximum sentence possible under the law.


Dear Mr. Jones,

I was pleased to see that a grand jury in Limestone County took the important step of indicting Ronald Fraser Golden, the brutal man who purchased cats on craigslist so he could torture and kill them, on 22 counts of animal cruelty. This serial animal abuser needs to remain behind bars so he cannot kill again.

As I’m sure you know this type of violent behavior no only shows that Golden is dangerous around innocent animals. It could also be a sign that he is capable of committing violent acts against other human beings. For the safety of the community please do everything in your power to see that this cold-blooded killer receives the maximum sentence and spends the rest of his life behind bars.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pieter Lanser via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. paula eaton says:

    This man is pure evil. Lock him away for life. He will not stop torturing and killing kittens.

    • Mandy-Lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

      This POS needs to be tortured then killed…who says we can’t. He did. An eye for an eye. What a mentally twisted fuck. Complete waste of oxygen. Give him to us. We shall cure him of that which ails him!!!!!!!!

  2. Jackie Snasel says:

    We need to start posting these peoples names and information so we can return the favor to the idiots that think they have the right to harm or kill any animal. #thepunisher

  3. James D. Graham says:

    I agrere with Jackie Snasel (among others)…. we need to start compiling a list of the names of these worthless pieces of s**t bast**ds. That way anybody who is against animal cruelty will know who the offenders are. And also yes I realize that the offenders will be ridiculed (or worse)…. but then again they should have thought about that BEFORE they committed these acts.

  4. boyd hore says:


  5. Deborah French says:

    Pure evil. Today cats, tomorrow people.

  6. J. Martin says:

    This individual has no sense of compassion or empathy. His primary intention was to torture & kill these innocent kittens. HE is a EVIL, SICK person!!! To him .. this is just practice for doing harm to people eventually!!!! He needs to be thrown into a deep, dark hole after the same thing is done to him. He is a worthless POS who needs KARMA to come round and bite his sorry ass.

  7. donna cater says:

    Lock him up and throw the key away. So sad. Pure Evil. Next it will be humans or children. Please help God creatures. Innocent animals being tortured for no reason. I am a animal lover. Please have punishment cause if people keep getting away with this awful crime it will never end. Make a difference, please save animals lives. Thank u for listening.

  8. Victoria Cole says:

    What is wrong with people who abuse animals, very sad and wicked to harm the innocent like this Please also sign

  9. Kristie-Beth Palmer says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Poor kittens. This man deserves all the pain he inflicted to them inflicted upon him.


  10. Unbelievable bad up bring, no compassion, nor motels or values in their life, hurting the animal and who knows how many more?if the guys can hurt an animal like they have, than they could hurt and kill a human being. Full punishment should be applied, like they dud to the animal should be treated the same, the 1800`s the punishment would be by beating, hanging and witchcraft.

  11. He’s angry at the world and vents his anger on helpless kittens. The world should be angry at him! He is a heartless, cruel, savage brute and deserves the same treatment he gave the kittens. At least lock him up for life so he will no longer be a threat to animals or people!

  12. Need a world wide data base with mug shots for all animal abusers.

  13. nikki halper says:

    Words can not express how evil i think this POS is. He needs to be put into a deep dark hole and forgotten but not before he has a dose of his own medicine. Evil SOB.

  14. I cried when I read this… Sadly, this man is very sick and needs treatment – and these poor little animals have paid the price! He should still receive the full extent of punishment by law to teach that Ill-treatment of animals is zero-tolerance! All I can see now are the tiny, innocent faces of the kittens that I have cared for at the animal shelter!

  15. Linda Davis says:

    Scum like this never learns. They are depraved, demon possessed low lifes who deserve to be sent straight back to hell where they came from.

  16. mike rollo says:

    execute him.oh i forgot,the law only gives a shit when it happens to a human

  17. Kathy Valois says:

    Can I have the black one?

  18. Pam Riehm says:

    Please give this person a life sentence or death penalty !

  19. You Neanderthals know absolutely ZERO about what has happened here. I own up to what I did, HOWEVER, the media, ALONG WITH YOI OEOPLES IGNORANCE, don’t have the correct information as it stands now. It’s been 3 LONG years & I have had it with IGNORANCE and what you are saying about me. I have NEVER HURT A CHILD, ADULT, DOG, OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS, SAVE JUST A FEW, AND I DO MEAN FEW CATS, BECAUSE I WAS LOSING TOUCH WITH REALITY!!! I KNEW something was wrong AND I ACTIVELY SOUGHT HELP FOR MONTHS but being on disability, it’s kinda like a slap in the face when it comes to psychiatric help. As for “the cat room” bulls hit you’ve been led to believe, is NOT where anything inhumane happened!! The CAT ROOM, WAS CLOSED OFF FROM MY DOGS BECAUSE THEY KEPT EATING THE DAM CAT SHIT!!! ANYBODY, AND I DO MEAN YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS BIGOTS, THAT HAVE BOTH CATS AND DOGS KNKW THAT DOGS LOVE TO EAT CAT SHIT & CAT LITTER, THERFORE MYSELF DUBBING THAT ROOM AS THE CAT ROOM, WHERE THEY WERE KEPT TO (A) GET FAMILIAR W/ BEING IN A NEW ENVIRONMENT, AND (B) ITS WHERE I KEPT THE CATS LITTER BOX, CAT FOOD AND WATER. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO THE SO CALLED CAT ROOM, SO TAKE A GOOD LOOK @ THIS Situation, it’s been 3 years for a trial date to be set and honored. That should tell some of you ignorant folks that something’s just not right w/ this whole situation. Let me end to tell you that I ADORE my 2dogs and I want you to ask yourself ” IF I WERE SUCH A NUISANCE AND DANGEROUS PERSON,WHY WOULD THEY HAVE LET ME KEEP MY 2DOGS? LEARN THE TRUTH FoLKS BEFORE YOU BURN SOMEONE @THE STAKE. GOT IT, GET IT, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP & LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

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