Stop Killing Bears in China for Their Paws

Stop Sickening Bear Paw Industry

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Stop the torture and murder of bears for their paws

Many people are familiar with cruel animal farming practices still tolerated around the world such as bear bile farming, tiger farming, and the dog and cat meat industries. A lesser-known and no less horrifying practice has grown in recent years. The extremely lucrative bear paw industry involves the torture and killing of endangered bears for their body parts to be used in meals like ‘bear paw soup.’

The industry is prevalent in many Asian countries such as China, North and South Korea, Japan, Laos, Cambodia and more. As with many rare and exotic animals bears are seen as symbols of power. Some people believe that consuming parts of the bear will endow them with the creatures’ vigor. Despite the fact that this claim is bogus the unbelievably barbaric practice continues. Many bears are beaten (as the adrenaline rush caused by the pain supposedly makes the meat more tender) and their paws guillotined, often while they are still breathing. The rest of the bear is prepared for eating by lowering it into a pot and cooking it alive, assuming it hasn’t already died of its wounds.

As if the pain of this torture weren’t unbearable enough, species like the sun bear and Asiatic black bear are coming dangerously close to extinction thanks to hunters looking to profit from their suffering. Bear paws often sell for $100 per kilogram (2.2. pounds), and desperate or simply greedy the hunters have no concern for declining bear populations.

We must petition China, among the most powerful countries in Asia, to take a leadership role in ending this horrendous industry. Save Asia’s bears from unfathomable pain and anguish, and help keep threatened bear species from fading into extinction.


Dear President Jinping,

After reading of the horrors of the bear paw industry, prevalent in many Asian countries including your own, I must write to persuade you to put an end to its horrific practices.

Bears in Asia are not only farmed for their bile–another cruel and lucrative industry–but also their paws. Bear paws are especially popular in soup, as some people believe that by consuming the paws they will be imbued with the powers the bears possess.

The bears have their paws guillotined (often while alive) after being beaten severely to cause an adrenaline rush intended to tenderize the meat. After enduring this excruciating pain the bears are then lowered into boiling water and cooked alive.

Sir, this torture must stop. Not only is it barbaric and incredibly cruel, but it is also contributing to the extinction of species like the sun bear and Asiatic black bear. The bear paw industry does nothing but line the pockets of greedy hunters who have no regard for the suffering of these magnificent animals.

Please save bears from needless deaths in China, and use your influence in Asia to persuade other countries to ban the industry in their own homelands. You have the power to help prevent Asia’s rare and precious bears from becoming only be a memory.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dan Bennett via Wikimedia

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  1. Jeff Wiles says:

    I’m thinking maybe the USA nuked the wrong country at the conclusion of WWII. Surely vast numbers of helpless, defenseless, innocent animals would have been spared torture, agony, and death.. with a few billion less Chinese inhabiting Earth!

  2. I want too know can yu sink any lower I am disgusted with all this barbaric cruelty for a start killing all those beautiful dogs wot for yure festival!electrocuting those tigers for yures and yure guests enjoyment it is yure fault a lot of the poachers kill the tigers cause yu want there body parts for medicine and fertility ! Now I see yure killing bears for there paws wots that for medicine I tell u wot yu are the crulest most barbaric country I have come across yu need too wake up its the 21st century not yure ming dynasty! I wish these bears were in extinct !that way they would not have this horrendous disgusting diabolical greedy. yure people butchering them! I wash .my hands of yu and I believe in Karma and wot comes around goes around or maybe wot goes around comes back around and I truly sincerly pray yu get yures!!!!!!!

  3. Angela Ives says:

    There is cruelty everywhere in the world. If we really try and speak with loud voice we can make it happen. Cruelty must stop and stop now. We need more compassion and understanding.

  4. Angela Ives says:

    Stop eating dogs and cruelty to other animals. Have a heart

    • Yolanda Williamson says:

      Nothing happens because these criminals pay large amounts to silence their actions. We, the people need to go to the streets and put an end to all forms of cruelty. Videos where these bastards appear clearly beating and torturing animals, I cannot believe these people are walking on the streets like they have done nothing. The ones the cannot speak need us now!

  5. Amy M Glogowski says:

    These people suck big time! They need to be held accountable for their actions and throw the book at these pos people for murder!

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