Stop Practice of Female Genital Mutilation

Femal Genital Mutilation

Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Conduct and release report on girls affected by female genital mutilation to stop this procedure

Female genital mutilation is exactly what it sounds. The procedure is performed on little girls to keep them pure when they get married, and prevent them from cheating on their spouses. This procedure has no medical benefit, and instead has dire consequences for the woman. Unfortunately this practice still continues in the United States even though its risks are well documented. You can stop this from happening by signing this petition.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is defined by the World Health Organization as “the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or other injury to the female genitalia organs for non-medical reasons.” These types of procedures vary, from having the clitoris removed, to having the entire genitalia sewn shut to prevent the loss of virginity. Many have been known to die from blood loss, and those who do survive experience complications with menstruation, sex, arousal, and pregnancy. These women typically have the procedure done to them when they are too young to understand and the United Nations considers FGM a human rights violation.

Unfortunately, many associate FGM as something that happens in far away lands. This is not the case. FGM exists in the United States and affects many of our little girls and teenagers. In an effort to abolish this practice, President Obama and his administration should conduct research as to how many girls are affected by this procedure. This report should be released to the general public to promote awareness of this problem.

If you believe that women have a right to decide what happens to their body and to experience intercourse, sign this petition.


Dear President Barack Obama,

I am writing to ask that your administration conduct research on the number of girls and teenagers affected by female genital mutilation. While I understand that this procedure traditionally takes place in developing countries, the United States is a diverse group of people with different ideals and cultures.

While I understand that female genital mutilation is considered a tradition in many cultures, it is a harmful tradition. Such traditions should be done away with, especially since the United Nations considers FGM a violation of human rights. I am urging you to get this research done immediately as a way to promote awareness about this topic. Our girls should have every right to their bodies.


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  1. Why don;t you even mention this is done in islamic countries????
    Signed it but you know Obama could care less.

    • BostonHolly says:

      It’s not mentioned because it’s a given that it’s a Muslim practice. The point of this petition is to bring awareness to Americans that the practice is not relegated to *only* Muslim dominated countries. I remember reading about it in Life Magazine when I was a kid in the 60’s. It’s gotten more exposure via the internet for the past 20 years and on social media the past 10 years. If one knows what it is, they know that it’s practiced in Muslim countries. If not, they can read the article which explains the petition.

  2. Peggy wilkey says:

    I will sign when I know where this happens, need more info!!

    • BostonHolly says:

      Read. this practice is centuries old and is a Muslim practice. Type into any search engine or go to a library or google it. It’s nothing new.

      • March 8 is International Women’s Day. One crime against women that continues to plague humanity is FGM, i.e female genital mutilation. Experts estimate that some 3 million women suffer through FGM annually. The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book titled EXTREMIST. This excerpt specifically repudiates the barbaric myth that Islam in any way endorses FGM. On the contrary, Islam does not permit FGM under any circumstance.

        Extremists ascribing to Islam and anti-Islam extremists may passionately hate each other — but both agree on much. One such myth both espouse is the fabrication that Islam endorses female genital mutilation, also known as FGM or infibulations. Most often, FGM supporters cite a Hadith recorded by Imam Abu Dawud.[1] The Hadith reads, “A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.”

        Before even delving into this Hadith, it is important to note that the vast majority of the Muslim world condemns FGM, and always has throughout history. FGM existed long before Islam and it sadly persists today as a cultural tradition that traverses religious lines. For example, in Ethiopia, Muslims, Christians, and Jews have all practiced FGM — though no faith endorses the act. I demonstrate with facts here that nothing in Islam endorses or promotes this barbaric act.

        First, Islamic jurisprudence requires that the Qur’an be taken as primary authority on all Islamic matters. Nothing in the Qur’an substantiates the argument that Islam or Prophet Muhammad endorsed FGM. On the contrary, the Qur’an implores, “…it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their will…”[2] Extremists and Islamophobes alike ignore the Qur’an altogether and focus only on the single Abu Dawud Hadith. But herein lies a second problem.

        Imam Abu Dawud, the very collector of this Hadith, himself declared the narration dubious, noting, “Its chain of transmitters is not strong. Besides, it is reported not as a direct quote attributed to the Prophet … This Hadith is poor in authenticity.”[3] In short, not a single authority links this alleged Hadith back to Prophet Muhammad.

        Therefore, this Hadith is widely regarded as a weak tradition amongst Islamic scholars throughout history. Moreover, had FGM proponents researched this Hadith, they would have discovered that this Hadith is the one and only attributed Hadith mentioning FGM. Consequently, not only is this Hadith weak, no possibility exists for corroboration or substantiation.

        Thus, when we realize that the Qur’an does not in any way endorse FGM, that no corroboration for this Hadith exists, and that not a single narrator relates this Hadith to the time of Prophet Muhammad or as having emanated from his mouth, it becomes clear that only a fool would accept this Hadith as true. Enter extremists and Islamophobes.

        In fact, countless classical Islamic scholars after Imam Abu Dawud also dismissed the authenticity of this Hadith. Among them are the Egyptian scholar Ibn-e-Hajar al-Asqalani, widely regarded in the Sunni world for his knowledge of Ahadith;[4] Yusuf ibn Abdallah al-Barr,[5] another great Sunni scholar of Andalusia Spain; and the more recent Muhammad ash-Shawkani of Yemen.[6]

        So why haven’t contemporary Muslim scholars condemned FGM without exception? Well, they have, repeatedly, without exception. But the inability to listen to reason and logic is just another attribute extremists and Islamophobes share. As with historical Islamic scholars, the present offers no shortage of Muslim scholars who condemn FGM.

        For example, in 2005 a dean of Al-Azhar University of Cairo declared infibulations a criminal act.[7] Then, an International Islamic Conference held in Cairo the following year in 2006 converged specifically to condemn infibulations.[8] Following in the footsteps of al-‘Asqalani, Sheikh Ali Gomaa of Egypt issued a fatwa in 2007 against infibulations.[9] In 2008 another East African country saw Somali Islamic scholars in Kenya call for an end to infibulations.[10] Then in January of 2010, 35 Islamic scholars in the West Coast African country of Mauritania banned infibulations.[11] The Muslim world and Muslim scholars have spoken loud and clear — FGM has nothing to do with Islam, and Islam has nothing to do with FGM.

        As a final note, history well records that Prophet Muhammad answered detailed questions about personal hygiene for men and women. This included the proper way for each gender to clean themselves after using the facilities and after sexual intercourse; and for women — after menstruation. Furthermore, in maintaining the religious covenant Prophet Abraham made with God to circumcise male children, Prophet Muhammad and Islam also admonished Muslims to circumcise male children. Every opportunity existed for at least one historical record to testify that Prophet Muhammad endorsed, let alone advocated, FGM. Yet, on this alleged Islamic practice, history is silent and no tangible evidence exists as validation. For Islamophobes and extremists to yet insist that Islam endorses this barbaric act, without a shred of evidence, is by definition fabrication and propaganda.

        The bottom line is clear. FGM is nothing more than a barbaric act of terrorism. It is a crime and has nothing to do with Islam or Prophet Muhammad. Those who engage in this crime must be held accountable — without exception.

  3. Barbara Griffith says:

    This is generally done by Muslims and did not occur in the US until Muslims began immigrating to this country. I read one article about a emergency room doctor that was horrified at what was left of a little girl that was brought in after she was cut with a knife. This is a barbaric ritual that goes back hundreds of years if not thousands of years in the Middle East. What it actually does is prevent or makes it almost impossible to enjoy sex as a normal female would. The only person enjoying sex will be the male because the female is considered not as important as a male in most of the Middle East societies. Check google and see if there is any information about this. I picked up the little I know about it from articles I would run across on the net. Its not something that would be talked about to a reporter.

    • the men force the elder women to do this to them or it was brain washed in to them one way or the other it is because the Muslim culture use their women as a commodity , they are not supposed to enjoy life and I believe that they think that if a woman in their culture were to enjoy sex , say she might just enjoy it with some one else better that the man she was either sold to, traded or married off for some kind of gain. Enjoying it would give they say an opinion and they would know there is something else out there the sex drive is a powerful thing once you have experienced some good ( happy ) results.

      • Barbara, you’re so full of BS, you’re a liar, don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and deliberately spreading lies, fabrication, distortion, delusion, and agenda based propaganda, and you’re clearly 100% wrong, ignorant, and brainwashed by the the anti-Muslim government & media. Muslim women don’t enjoy sex lives, where do you get that BS from, if that was the case, how is there over 2 billion Muslims in the world, Muslim woman are respected, they enjoy sex with their spouses in wedlock, not like your women, most of which sleep around and have multiple sex partners before they’re ever even married. Muslims don’t treat their women as a commodity, as usual, you people like to switch around the facts and put the shoe on the other foot, I think anyone with even a brain cell can tell and knows that non-Muslim women in non-Muslim societies are treated as commodities, your women are degraded as sex objects, highest rates of prostitution, sex clubs, whore houses, strip clubs, pornography, escort services, massage parlors, modeling industries, highest rates of STD’s, pre-marital sex, fornication, adultery, child pregnancies, rape, physical abuse, women and girls walking around half to mostly nude looking like prostitutes wearing the most revealing or the tightest clothes, girls suffering from food eating disorders and other self-esteem issues due to constant bombardment of various TV, magazines, depicting the female as all about her looks and body and having to live up to a standard to please men, trafficking and selling girls for sex in Europe and other non-Muslim regions, countries, and societies, girls getting molested and raped, walking around looking and acting lewd,etc, etc, and I can go on and on, this is what most non-Muslim women do, act, and are subjected to and have been brainwashed into. Just cause our women are respected, put on pedestals, and don’t go around selling their bodies and looking acting like prostitutes, that doesn’t mean they’re oppressed, it means they have morals and follow God, which you people clearly don’t, so you can take your lies, distortions, twists, and false agenda based propaganda and stuff it!

        • that is what i said they are slaves and mutilated and the men do it for power and to make them not know the difference or that there is good sex. I never said that there were no good muslims , I am sure there are but if you think that these people we are talking about above are good people you are just as sick as them. and I do believe they are oppressed and respected bah ,they are controled

          • Honey, most Muslims don’t do this, the only ones that do are some in African countries, and in those countries the Christians do it far more than the Muslims do, and people of other faiths do this and other cultures as well, some Jews do this as well, more of the Jews from Ethiopia than other kinds of Jews engage in this practice, the overwhelming majority of Muslims don’t do this practice, it’s not an Islamic practice and has never been and is not prescribed in Islam, the some of the Muslims in Africa do it and they’re just following a cultural practice, it has nothing to do with religion whatsoever and more non-Muslims do this than Muslims and that’s a fact, the only thing prescribed in Islam is male circumcision. Again, you’re a liar and are trying desperately to cling on to a bunch of absurd lies and spread lies and misinformation, you’re obviously anti-Muslim, the stuff you say about Muslim women being slaves, and this is being done to keep men in control of women and to not allow them to know what good sex is, is just total non-sense absurdity, as I just said, and what you apparently refuse to believe, is that this is not a Muslim practice and is done mainly by non-Muslims and it’s not condoned by Muslims. Muslim women aren’t oppressed, and they enjoy healthy sexual relations with their husbands in the privacy of their own homes, if they didn’t have sex lives how do they produce, just cause they don’t look and act like prostitutes, it doesn’t mean they’re oppressed, on the contrary, your women are sex slaves and are oppressed by men. A women that prefers to dress modest, and not lose her virginity until she’s married is not oppressed, in your religions, it mentions for the woman to dress modestly and cover herself up and for both men and women not to have sex out of wedlock, you obviously are either ignorant of that fact or you just don’t follow your own religions, that’s your problems not ours. your society is the one that oppresses women, highest rates of STD’s, rape, physical abuse, molestation, pornography, prostitution, whore houses, strip clubs, massage parlors, child pregnancies, modeling industry, women being subjected to sex objects to sell cars and other things, trafficking women for sex trade and selling them, adultery, fornication, dressing like prostitutes with the most immodest and sparse clothing, suffering from eating disorders and many other self-esteem issues, and I can go on forever, I guess if that’s what you consider a modern, liberated woman,I rather have my woman be oppressed. Another fact for you, a Muslim country has had a woman prime minister, Pakistan, they’ve never even had a female president in this country still to this day, and Islam actually gave the woman right several centuries before any Western country, in Islam the woman was given the right to own and have her own property, to go to school, to be in charge of her own finances, freedom to vote, to join combat in war, to choose her own husband, marry or not marry if she chooses, to own and run her own business, etc. and many other things along with all these things I mentioned several centuries before any Western country did, you don’t believe me, look it up and research it, and the small percentage of Muslims that remotely forbid women any of these things, are actually not following Islamic teachings, but I assure you most Muslim women do, have, and are allowed all these things, and take part in all these things, I lived in the Middle-east for nearly a decade and traveled to many other Muslim countries also outside that region as well, and I can guarantee you most Muslim women have all these freedoms and much much more and enjoy all these freedoms, you’ve never stepped foot in any Muslim country and haven’t read any authentic Islamic text or any other book, and haven’t spoken to any Muslims concerning any of these things that you’re in false error about, you’re brainwashed and getting your info from all the wrong sources, you’re ignorant and are spreading blatantly absurd lies, distortions, and misinformation, and falsehood, it’s clearly obvious you have a big problem with Muslims, cause to generalize around 2 billion plus people, which you know nothing about and have no real factual exposure to, just proves this, lastly, did you know that Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion, that’s a 100% fact, you can research it, and lastly, the majority of converts to Islam are females, 7-8 out of every 10 converts to Islam and new converts are females, again, don’t believe me, research it, so if that religion and those people are so oppressive to females, why is it the world’s fastest growing religion and why are the majority of converts to it, females. Try and refute that, just like the Koran says: Their intention is to extinguish Allah’s Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)!

      • Barbara, UAE(United Arab Emirates/A Muslim Country) ranks first globally for treating women with respect, according to a major scientific study & according to The global Social Progress Index, don’t believe me, look it up, you don’t have to take my word for it, yet more irrefutable proof and facts that disprove the lies about Muslims, yet see how the anti-Muslim unbelieving bigots, still cry lies to the truth, all because it goes against their desires.

    • BostonHolly says:

      OMG, someone who reads, refreshing. But this horrific practice isn’t only about preventing purity and the female enjoyment of sex. If she’s sewn up as a child [virgin] as well, she’s got to be unsewn, or worse, in prep for her wedding night. But if she’s become ‘unpure’ via rape, not only has she endured unimaginable pain, for her family to avoid “shame” bc she’s no longer a virgin, she’s re-sewnn and basically, raped again on her wedding night. It’s a hidious ordeal for a child and then again an adult more than any female should ever endure. A high percentage of females die either during the initial surgery or sutchery from blood loss on the table or from infection afterwards. I watched a TV news special about the practice and the agony those women endure caused me to leave the room, the screams alone were horrifying. The pain is unfathomable. She’s held down by her own mother etc. She’s not anesthetized. The operation is performed by woman who know hat she’s experiencing Women hold her down while women cut her up, sew her up- no anesthesia , ever. The only positive part of it is that it’s not men performing the ritual. They die from blood loss, shock and infection. It’s so much worse than loss of desire. And then, the outcome – sure she’s pure but her libido is gone. If the poor woman has no libido, imagine what the husband will do to her if she rejects him.

      • BostonHolly says:

        sorry, correction – …it’s not only about protecting purity and preventing desire….

      • Boston Holly, UAE(United Arab Emirates/A Muslim Country) ranks first globally for treating women with respect, according to a major scientific study & according to The global Social Progress Index, don’t believe me, look it up, you don’t have to take my word for it, yet more irrefutable proof and facts that disprove the lies about Muslims, yet see how the fanatic, anti-Muslim unbelieving bigots, still cry lies to the truth, all because it goes against their desires.

  4. E’ una usanza crudele, fatto come sempre su persone più’ deboli e indifese. Questo solo per usi e costumi barbari e leggi maschili.

  5. Circumcision is male genital mutilation, they must ban that too.

    • BostonHolly says:

      Circumcision is primarily a Jewish practice tho plenty of American men of all religions go thru it. However, it is performed by a cleric not an entire village, the boy is held with love, not held down by 20 women, it’s done at infancy, not at puberty, it is treated with reverence and respect.Afterwards the penis is protected from infection, the kid isn’t dumped in a tent until he gets over it. There is absolutely nothing comparative about the two experiences. However, if it’s something you think is wrong, do something about it.

      • Once again, I see you’re spreading more lies and covering up the truth with lies, distortion, twists and turns. Everything you just described: it’s done by a cleric, the boy is held with love, it’s done at infancy not puberty, it’s treated with reverence & respect, afterwards the penis is protected from infection, and the kid isn’t dumped in a tent until he gets over it, you just described exactly 100% the way a Muslim Circumcision is done. Muslims don’t do circumcision at puberty, the boys aren’t held down by 20 women, and the boys aren’t just thrown back into a tent where they can get infection, if that was the case they would have complications in that area and have a very good chance of losing their penises, more refutable evidence of your blatant hate filled, lies, and propaganda, and Muslims, at least the overwhelming majority of them from my extensive time in the Middle-East and in other Muslim regions, don’t don’t live in tents, they live in houses just like here. The hate-filled person, with an agenda relies on lies, falsehood, covering up the truth, propaganda, negativity, distortion, delusion, unreality, and using the most minuscule, questionable sources, for their so-called facts, which are nothing but lies and fabrications. Such people would never seek out the truth from real legit sources, cause that would put to rest and shoot down their lies and agenda based propaganda, the truth is those peoples worst enemy and biggest nightmare, when you wanna spread a lie, you don’t go to the facts or factual sources, cause that would expose you as what you are, an ignorant, brainwashed, hate-filled individual with a personal agenda, spreading lies and propaganda. More evidence of your lies, is the fact that you’re not of that religion, never read any Holy Texts of that religion or any other texts, never spoken to people of that faith, never lived in or stepped foot in any of those countries, so this proves your outright lies and ignorance, and the fact that you’re just brainwashed by your leaders and are intellectually lazy sheep and followers, not to mention gutless cowards, that just go along with what everyone else says, regardless of if it’s right or wrong, just so you don’t look like outcasts and traitors and also that’s the easiest cop out way to go, instead of taking your time to get to know the truth and research it yourselves, from legit sources. Eventually all lies come to an end, the truth eventually always wins through, no matter how much unbelievers detest it and fight it, and try and hide it and give the lie to it, truth, right, and good, always win in the end over falsehood, wrong, & evil. You’re a liar, the stuff you say is so over the top absurd and ludicrous, it actually shows the type of person you are, a sick, twisted, diseased, mentally ill, jealous, insecure, paranoid, inferiority complex filled, liar, and an ignorant, uninformed,
        vile, evil, unbelieving, truth hating piece of sub-human vermin!

      • What are the Islamic teachings about circumcision? Do Muslims circumcise?
        Answer: Circumcision is a process by which the foreskin of a male’s penis is partially or fully removed. In some cultures and religions, it is common practice. It also has been shown to have certain health benefits, such as reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, penile cancer, and HIV transmission.
        The medical community acknowledges that male circumcision does carry some potential health benefits. However, routine circumcision is on the decline in most Western countries. This is because many medical groups believe that the risks do not justify the potential benefits, so they dismiss it as an unnecessary routine procedure.

        Muslims do circumcise their baby boys. However, the incorrectly named “female circumcision” is not an Islamic practice.

        Male Circumcision

        Male circumcision is an ancient practice, dating back to several thousand years B.C.. Although there is no mention of it in the Quran, it was commonly done among the early Muslims during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims consider it a matter of hygiene and cleanliness (tahara). It is also considered to be a tradition of the children of Abraham (Ibrahim), or previous prophets. Circumcision is mentioned in the hadith as one of the signs of fitrah, or the natural inclination of humans — along with the clipping of nails, removal of hair in the armpits and genitals, and trimming of the moustache.
        Although circumcision is an Islamic birth rite, there is no special ceremony or procedure surrounding the circumcision of a baby. It is considered a health matter often left in the hands of doctors. Most families choose to have a doctor perform the circumcision while the baby is still in the hospital after birth or shortly thereafter. In some cultures, the circumcision is done later, at around seven years old or as the boy approaches puberty. The person performing the circumcision does not need to be a specific person, or even necessarily a Muslim, as long is the procedure is done in sanitary conditions by an experienced professional. Also, May 2012 article: Latest figures show around 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of FGM. The latest statistical exploration from UNICEF states it is most common in western, eastern, and north-eastern regions of Africa. It is also prevalent in many countries in South-East Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Despite it being illegal in Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the US, Kenya, Egypt and the UK, Female Genital Mutilation is still widely practiced. More clear proof it’s not and has never been an Islamic practice and is overwhelmingly done by non-Muslims, keep lying and denying and falsifying all you want, the truth always comes through and exposes liars and falsehood!

  6. I have heard of this horrific, cruel and barbaric practice being done to baby girls in Africa – but who is doing this in the US for God’s sake. Please make this stop – everywhere that it is going on – please!

  7. Barbara Griffith, Muslims in the Middle-East don’t engage in female genital mutilation, I’m a convert to Islam & lived in the Middle-East for 8 years, you’re being deliberately given lies, distortions, & false propaganda by anti-Muslim bigots, with their own sick, twisted agendas. This practice of female genital mutilation occurs in African countries, with some Muslims in African countries, but even with a larger percentage of Christians in African countries does this mainly occur, it’s more of the Christians in African countries that do this practice of female genital mutilation, more than Muslims in those African countries, and female genital mutilation is not an Islamic practice and never has been, and some of the Muslims in those African countries that are doing it, are not following Islamic practice, they clearly are following a cultural practice, and I guarantee you 100% it does not take place in the Middle-East, cause as I said, I lived there and you can ask any Muslim from that region and they will testify to this, you’re just being spoon fed lies, distortions, and false agenda based propaganda. Male circumcision, however, is prescribed in Islam and also Judaism as well, and many Christians in the U.S. & the West also do engage in male circumcision as well, it’s actually much more beneficial and healthful to have the male circumcised, it’s been proven medically that it can cut down the percentage chances of STD’s, cancers, and other ailments and diseases, that occur or can occur in that area to a male that’s not circumcised. So before you generalize & throw all 2 billion plus Muslims under the bus, get your facts straight and get them from real sources and from the horses mouth, not from the government and media, who are largely anti-Muslim bigots, you should get your info from the actual people who are that religion, not outside sources. By the way, most Muslims aren’t even in the Middle-East, the majority of the total Muslim population actually lives outside the Middle-East, and most Muslims aren’t Arabs, only around 19% of the total Muslim population is even Arab, just some facts for you, it’s not a religion isolated to a certain region or to certain people, the way the government and media want you to falsely believe. Don’t be a sheep and follower, think for yourself, don’t let others think for you!

    • BostonHolly says:

      Ignorance should not be something one brags about. You sound like just another Muslim fanatic who is preaching, yelling about a topic not on the table. Your comment is so off base it should be removed.

      • You’re a lying Jew agent, always prowling the internet and message boards deliberately trying to spread complete and utter lies, non-sense, falsification, distortion, misinformation, and hate and propaganda against Muslims. The only ignorant idiot is you, talking about a people and religion you’re not and know absolutely nothing about, you never even stepped foot in any Muslim country and you think you know all about them, just cause you’re brainwashed and spoon fed 100% lies, distortion, and agenda based propaganda around the clock about those group of people. You’re always trying to refute anything factually about Muslims and give the lie to it, you’re always working around the clock, spreading lies, misinformation, distortion, twists and turns concerning those people, always trying to paint them totally opposite of it is reality, why are you always trying spread total lies about them and always are trying to make them look like they’re so different, they’re the enemy, and hiding the truth about them and falsifying everything about them, why do you like to believe in lies and you hate to hear the actual truth and facts, why does that eat you up so bad, that you feel the need to cover up the truth and give the lie to it, you’re obviously mentally sick and are a paranoid, envious, no-life lunatic. There’s no such a thing as female genital mutilation in Islam, never has been, and this practice takes place in African countries, mainly involving Christians in those countries, the only Muslims that do this at all are some in African countries, however, Muslims in the Middle-East and elsewhere don’t engage in this practice whatsoever, and circumcision of males is an Islamic practice, it’s not just a Judaic practice, that’s another fabrication you’re deliberately trying to spread by saying it’s a Jewish practice, while leaving out the 100% fact that it’s also an Islamic one as well, that’s another big thing you ignorant, brainwashed Islamophobes try and do, is always try and depict Muslims as completely different people than you are, along with the usual lies, misinformation, distortion, and negative agenda based propaganda. I’m Muslim, I lived in the Middle-east for 8 years and I also traveled to many other Muslim countries in other regions, and I read the Koran and have met and seen and mingled with millions of other Muslims, so it’s safe to assume I know my religion and know what I’m talking about more than the ignorant, uninformed, false misinformation that you’re getting and trying to spread, I think I’m more of an expert on Muslims and Islam than you and the anti-Muslim bigot/biased government and media, where you’re getting your misinformation from. Don’t talk about things you know absolutely nothing about, just cause that’s what you saw and heard on the news and that’s what the popular BS stereotype is. You should do your homework and get your facts straight and from legit sources, before opening your mouths, you’re just ignorant, brainwashed, hate-filled, diseased lunatics. You seem to be so obsessed with Muslims, yet they don’t give a hoot about you, that’s not normal to be so fixated on a group of people like that, that’s real mental illness, you’re just brainwashed and programmed by your government and media, who are the real problem and threat, not Muslims. You’re obviously a Jew, those are the people mainly on these boards, spreading anti-Muslim lies, falsehood, distortion, misinformation, delusion, and propaganda, you’re a liar, and a sub-human, ignorant, mentally ill lunatic, go get a life or a brain and learn how to use it, you intellectually lazy and comatose imbecile!

  8. Pauline Fitzpatrick says:

    Female mutilation is not a requirement of Islam. It is used by anti Muslims to cause hatred. It is an evil that happens in a number of different religions and cultures. It is wrong and many Muslims are against it, as all decent and modern thinking would be. Do not not make this a religious, racial or ethnic thing. It is a ‘subjugation of women’ problem and should be stamped out as soon as possible Bringing these other things into it will only impede the progress, we must concentrate on the real issue, protection of young girls.

    • BostonHolly says:

      It is a religious practice. It’s performed PRIMAIRLY in Muslim practicing countries. The petition has never stated that all Muslims practice it but that it’s a Muslim practice. Now , because of the huge influx of Muslims in America, it’s practiced here as well. Circumcision is a Jewish tradition, practiced here in America for more than obvious reasons.

      • You’re a delusional liar, stop spreading lies, fabrication, misinformation, hate, and propaganda. It’s not a Primarily Muslim practice, there’s nothing in Islamic law that says to do this, it’s Primarily an African practice, mainly with Christians in African countries and some Muslims in those countries, and it’s known that some Jews do it as well, particularly Ethiopian Jews, and Circumcision is a 100% Islamic tradition as much as it is Judaic, but you seem to wan’t deny this for some strange reason, perhaps you just wanna make Muslims appear that they’re nothing like Jews and have nothing in common with Jews, that’s one of the main weapons Islamaphobes try and falsely attack Muslims with, trying to make them seem sooo different and alien than others, whether it be religiously, culturally, ethnically, geographically, etc. You’re living a lie and not reality in believing and trying to spread lies about Muslims, everything you said is 100% wrong and just the opposite, but that’s the goal of Islamaphobes, paint the truth with lies and falsehood, cause they need to depict that group with negativity and dissimilarity to have the best chance to get people to view that group in such a manner and get people on their sides against that particular group for their own personal agendas against that particular group of people. This is nothing new, it’s a well known ages old practice. Don’t believe this ignorant, brainwashed, anti-Muslim bigot, go to actual Muslim and Islamic sources, have an open mind, do your very own research, don’t depend on others to think and talk for you, this is what people like this evil, hateful, controlled by Satan, lunatic are banking on, that you just blindly and gullibly believe in and follow everything they show and tell you.

  9. Kate Foley says:

    As in so many things this is a matter of something which should not be done. It is of no consequence WHO does it, but the fact that anyone does it is so sad. We have a wonderful, beautiful world to live in, if only we could be tolerant and kind to each other we would all have happier lives, surely.

  10. Why the outcry when males are mutilated daily! No one concerns themselves> Poor females. A constant daily rant in the medias!

  11. jim paizis says:


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