Stop the Farming, Torture and Slaughter of Saint Bernards for Human Consumption in China

Target: The United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Goal: To end the import, farming and slaughter of St. Bernards in China.

Saint Bernards are being imported and raised in farms to be cruelly slaughtered in China. Their meat is then sold for a high price and served as a delicacy. This particular breed of dog is used because they are docile, easy to breed, and large. It is completely devastating that they are being slaughtered, but the way this is happening is almost too horrendous to write and I warn you that it will be difficult to read. The dogs are not killed humanely; instead they are left to bleed to death, skinned or strangled. The terror that is inflicted upon these innocent animals creates an adrenaline rush that supposedly improves the flavor of their meat. Additionally the conditions in which they are raised is completely inhumane; to transport them they are piled on top of each other in small cages and they live in unsanitary enclosures.

Saint Bernards are a self- sacrificing symbol of hope and have saved many human lives. Historically named Saint dogs by monks, these animals have rescued many people from death and cold with their incredible sense of direction and their compassionate nature. They have been known to find people buried beneath the snow and lay over them to share the warmth of their bodies and carry lost children to safety on their backs. Over 200 years they have rescued about 2,000 lost children, travelers, climbers and soldiers.  They have displayed so much selfless loyalty to humans; to kill them is an atrocious and horrifying act. It is utterly selfish to consume these beautifully regal animals, this issue needs to be eradicated immediately.

This is a global issue because the dogs are often imported from other countries then bred with Mongolian-Chinese dogs. The lives of not only Saint Bernards, but all dogs in China could be saved by the Food and Agriculture Association simply banning the human consumption of dogs. Currently China lists dogs under the category of livestock; this must be changed by urging the FAO to ban human consumption of dog meat. It is also important that each country bans the exportation of dogs to China. These saintly dogs deserve to be protected as they have been our heros for centuries.

“Here was neither peace, nor rest, nor a moment’s safety. All was confusion and action, and every moment life and limb were in peril,” Jack London, Call of the Wild.


Dear Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations,

The raising, importing and slaughtering of Saint Bernards in China is both immoral and inhumane. These heroic dogs have saved thousands of lives and to kill them is unjust. The conditions in which this atrocity is taking place are completely unacceptable; the dogs are ruthlessly tortured to produce more tender and sweeter meat.

Please take the necessary actions to ban the consumption of dog meat in China. It is completely selfish to consume these beautifully regal animals and to treat them with so much disrespect and greed is intolerable. This issue has spread globally with the importation of Saint Bernards from other countries and if the problem is not eradicated many noble lives will be lost.


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  1. No más!!!!!!

  2. Meliza Riascos says:

    No mas con este tipo de actos en contra de seres indefensos…!!!

  3. no mas actos de este tipo en contra de actos tan crueles…BASTA YÁAAA!!!!

  4. Es una terrible injusticia que no puede permitirse más…

  5. Sadly a breeder we had put a deposit on a pup with, did this to us. We had visited the pup a few times before we were due to pick it up. She told us the day before we were to get the pup, that it had died. But later through someone who worked there they told us a man from China came to buy some pups, he saw ours & wanted it. Because he was paying more than double the price we were she sold it to him & told us she had died. We were devastated as we’d a little while before had our Saint put to sleep.

  6. Vanayssa Love says:

    I think that this is carried out throughout parts of Asia, dogs are hanged in the market to make their meat taste better, a slow and terrifying death, labs, retrievers, any kind of dog. Easy to breed and kill, easy to sell. How to affect the thinking of nations that do this, I don’t know. How to change our own attitudes to animals, here and all over the world, I don’t know. We just do what little we can. Horses are another cause, very similar. It is possible for animals for food to be slaughtered in very humane slaughterhouses, I think they are designed and built by a person called Temple, they were on Oprah once, Temple slaughterhouses, cattle and every food animal killed very carefully and humanely. It’s possible to do; just a matter of education and changing of priorities and also abolition of poverty over the world.

  7. There is no humane way to kill /murder /cull to take a life is wrong thou shall not kill humans were not designed to eat meat eating flesh and skin is nothing more than cannibalism but this is more sick and evil

  8. The Chinese will consume just about anything, I’m surprise human isn’t on the menu yet.

    • That will probably be next. The Chinese are harvesting organs from condemned prisoners, who are shot in the head on hospital grounds, and operated on immediately by complicit surgeons! This is one SICK culture!

  9. I’m horrified by this! If you’re not a vegetarian and you protest this practice, please explain why. Does any species of animal deserve to live more than any other?

  10. nöth heinz says:

    When I see a Chinese in Germany, I would prefer him right in the face hauen.Aber ioch looking all are not as brainless.

  11. Kathy Yost says:

    Horrific!! I’m beyond devasted.

  12. A plague and a pox on people everywhere who participate and profit from animal torture and murder. I’m definitely going back to being a vegetarian.

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