Stop the Slaughter of Racehorses for Meat

Horse racing

Target: Kevin Flanery, President of the Churchill Downs race track

Goal: Ensure all racehorses get a chance at long lives free from the possibility of slaughter

The month of May is known for many things: blooming gardens hinting at summer, Mother’s Day, and the Kentucky Derby. While all of these events sound exciting one is actually an incredibly cruel industry. Each Kentucky Derby features thoroughbred horses and their riders who, for two minutes, race to the finish line to win a blanket of roses, a title and a chance at a longer life. Many of the horses which do not win suffer a terrible fate: they may be sent to slaughter and sold for people in Europe to eat.

Horses are not the only creatures which suffer for the appetites of humans. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and other animals are slaughtered for food and used for cruel cosmetics testing. Thoroughbred horses spend a lot of time with humans, becoming stronger and more presentable, and yet are too-often shoved to the side if they do not win the Kentucky Derby. The losing horses may be auctioned off for other work-related purposes, or else shipped oversees and slaughtered.

While all acts of animal cruelty are barbaric, the idea that a horse could be shipped to slaughter so casually after once being such a huge part of a person’s life is atrocious. The thoroughbred horses in the race are typically three-years-old with plenty of life left in them. Surely there is a more compassionate way to ease them into retirement once their racing days are over.

Demand that all racing horses be treated with respect rather than sold to become meat for someone’s dinner table.


Dear Mr. Flanery,

It is my understanding that the only horse typically guaranteed a safe life after racing in the Kentucky Derby is the race’s winner. Not only is this practice incredibly unfortunate for those that partake in the Derby it is an awful fate for any animal, let alone those that were once doted on and practically worshiped.

I urge you to ensure that all horses involved in the Derby have rewarding, meaningful lives after their racing careers and are exempt from being sent to slaughter for their meat. While you may not personally be involved with so-called “kill” auctions your role at Churchill Downs puts you in an excellent position to help end the practice. Please do the right thing and protect these noble animals.


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  1. Rebecca Jesudhason says:

    Please go to the website of Edgar’s mission.. A not for profit farm sanctuary founded by a lovely lady by the name of Pam Ahern. She is making a difference with the help of many volunteers. They need help daily.. We can all do our bit to make a difference.spread kindness and compassion.

  2. Marta de Oliveira Silvestre says:

    Infelizmente, a humanidade ainda não aprendeu a AMAR e RESPEITAR os animais, que são nossos irmãos menores nesta jornada de passagem pela TERRA.É muito triste saber que se alimentam deles, e de forma cruel, pois, são seres vivos, que SENTEM tal como nós.


  4. ….like all sports horse racing is an entertainment not a necessity…Here in UK we see the rich dressed in designer clothes and hats each year (just one eg,of dangerous horse racing events, like The Grand National, The Derby and
    Cheltenham Gold Cup) at Ascot, drinking champagne, while horses fall, often breaking legs and much worse…then its the slaughterhouse, where they die a frightening and horrible death….Horse racing should be brought to an end
    as ASAP……

    • Norma Angove says:

      Our family and fiends agree with Sarah Hague and hope we can add our names to the petition to stop the cruelty of Horse Racing and in particular these nobel creatures our beloved horses who have known love and care should not face the horror of slaughter for meat. Please do all you can to stop this happening to our beautiful horses

  5. Jo Singer says:

    Until the SAFE act is finally passed ALL horses are at risk for ending up in slaugherhouses for meat for human consumption.

    Not only is horse slaughter extremely cruel and violent, the meat is tainted with drugs that are extremely toxic to humans.

    We have just but 5 months or so to have this act passed by both houses before we will be back in the same position we were last year when the omnibus bill was passed, DEFUNDING the USDA from horsemeat inspection. Do we have to continue this annual struggle to save our hourse? Until the S.A.F.E (Safeguard American Food Act) is passed we will!

    Let your legislators know how crucial it is to have this bill passed!Ask them to become co-sponsors. All the info is on the above link.

    For the horses,

    Thank you!

  6. Carlos Rose says:

    Please stop this unnecessary & inhumane practice! These horses have provided for you. Now please let them retire gracefully!

  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    This world is Hell on Earth for most animals. We share this world with the Animal Kingdom and they have just as much a right as the rest of us to live their lives free from cruelty and murder. In the final analysis though, it always boils down to the almighty dollar…

  8. eileen sedlacek says:

    Australian live Export is terrible…terrible..the animals go to Asia or middle east and they torture the animals…it would also break my heart to think these beautiful horses would suffer such a terrible fate ad the put them all through..its a hell here on earth for animals alright!!! How very very very sad…how abusive all these people are to animals..I’ve seen it on video by animal activists. Shame shame shame!!!!!!!! Evil wicked!!

  9. Hilda Foley says:

    Thank you all (except for a few excuse makers). I could not agree more. Being active regarding this and all abused animal issues is heartbreaking work but has to continue, as we must stop this endlessly inhumane treatment of animals
    everywhere on earth. May God give us strength and never give up fighting the huge greed and profit interests worldwide.

  10. Malcolm Pugh. says:

    The horses do theyer very best for man. And then the Evil, Greedy owners get rid of them for even more money. They should be prosecuted.

  11. Amy M Glogowski says:

    How horrible, they’re so beautiful & don’t deserve this!

  12. Ö
    This is NUTS. If it weren’t for horse racing, oh gosh nevermind. Your a bunch of bleeding hearts crazy people. And I don’t think the racing industry is great, but this is insane and will be completely ignored.

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