Shut Down Zoo Which Chained Bear to Post

Babolsar zoo bear, chained to ground

Target: Masoumeh Ebtekar, head of the Iranian Department of Environment

Goal: Shut down an Iranian zoo found mistreating its animals

The government of Iran must do all it can to shut down a zoo cited for abusing its animals. In particular, outrage has grown on Iranian social media over the chaining of a bear to a post. Hunters captured the wild bear four years ago and sold it to the zoo where it has endured heartbreaking mistreatment. Authorities later inspected Babolzar Zoo in the northern province of Mazandaran and have decided to sue the zoo, but fines alone do not go far enough to protect the bear and other animals from harm.

The zoo should be immediately shut down due to its poor facilities and lack of space. The animals should be released into the care of proper handlers. Conditions there make it seem more like a prison than a zoo. The poor bear mentioned above was chained by its neck to a post, only allowed to travel in a small circle. The treatment of this animal is a disgrace.

The Iranian public and the international community are outraged by what they have learned about conditions at Babolzar Zoo. Fines and bad press are appropriate, but they are not sufficient. More must be done by the Department of Environment in order to set an example for animal handlers across Iran. Demand the zoo be closed once and for all, and that charges are brought against the handlers responsible.


Dear Ms. Ebtekar,

Recent revelations of the terrible conditions at Babolzar Zoo in Mazandaran, Iran have led to public outrage. Well-document mistreatment of a bear at the facility has been officially condemned; the Iranian government is suing the zoo over the conditions the bear was kept in as well as other abuses. But fines are not enough. No animal should have to suffer the malnourishment and confinement these animals are subjected to.

The Department of Environment should consider reforming its regulations on inspections so that atrocities like this do not occur in Iran again. While some action has been taken to address conditions, it took zoo visitors posting pictures on social media to initiate this response. I urge you to do all that you can to protect the animals of your country. Please, close Babolzar Zoo and bring those responsible for the mistreatment of its animals to justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Abu0804 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stop this animal hell !!!!! People get to get chained like this who do this to them !!!!!!! God f***en damn it……

  2. Monica Shepherd says:

    Horrific. No food, no water, no shade or shelter. It is a wonder the bear is alive. Iran, under Muslim law you must care for animals.!!

    • Muslims have child brides who are married to older men. Women are considered property without rights. Girls are not allowed to get an education. Dogs are considered unclean. Why should they care about a bear?

      • Agreed…..and we are supposed to keep quiet since objection is ‘not politically correct’ …..must not offend their ways…..these people do not give a shit about animal abuse

    • Christine Angwin says:

      Apparently they don’t give a shit!!

  3. This is really evil. This place has to be closed down. The people who are responsible for this should be made to suffer the way these innocent animals are suffering.
    Karma will descend on the people who are wicked and cruel to animals. You people who do this evil things to animals will suffer I am sure of that.

  4. Wendy Burrows says:

    what can one say.
    Iran, one of the largest shitholes on the face of the planet.
    What can you expect from retards, and fanatics who rape children according to their faith.

    Roll on the end of the world to rid it of the parasite humans.

  5. must end this cruel zoo to do this to a great animals now.

  6. Angela Hopkins says:

    Not any wayer, foid or shekter for an animal that lives in colder temperatures in the mountains! Blooming idiots! You want to rule the world, but cant even run a proper zoo! I hope you have an accident like Russia did years ago…

  7. Such cruelty should never be allowed. Shut them down. That poor Bear. Heartbreaking to see. Treat all animals will decency and respect.

  8. This is how Iran delivers compassion. Animal cruelty
    and human cruelty are all it delivers

  9. Pamela Maranzino says:

    I believe it is a humans right to speak up for an animal that cannot speak for themselves. They only have humans that can save them – no one else. Praying for this bear to be rescued – PLEASE GOD HELP HIM!! 😢🐾😡

  10. Close it
    Save animals
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now 💪
    Higher Justice works now 💪 Monsters

  11. How utterly barbaric & horrendous!! Seriously wtf is wrong with some humans!?!?!

  12. We have assholes and plenty of them all over the world, let’s make a place in hell for them, but starting on this planet, I am sure, there’s enough people in the world that could reach agreement on this.


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