CNN Meteorologist: Global Warming Theory is ‘Arrogant’

This one is too easy.  Even though no one at ForceChange is a professional scientist, we apparently know more about science than CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers (yes, this Chad Myers).  Appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight (who took time off from advocating protectionism and xenophobia to question climate change), Myers states:

“You know, to think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant.  Mother Nature is so big, the world is so big, the oceans are so big– I think we’re going to die from a lack of fresh water or we’re going to die from ocean acidification before we die from global warming, for sure.”

Of course, Myers is not the first skeptic to make this bizarre the “world is so big we are arrogant to think we can change it” argument.  We’re not sure who first articulated it, but the logic behind it is pretty weak.  Arrogance is a social behavior exhibited by humans, not a scientific observation of the natural world.  To make an assertion that “we are not changing the climate because it would be arrogant to think we are changing the climate” is an inapposite argument that is just silly.  Of course, what is needed to properly analyze climate change is scientific observation of facts regarding the natural world.  Unfortunately for Myers, this too is missing from his argument.

In the video above, he makes the point that we do not have enough data to understand the climate because he says we’ve only been keeping track for about “100 years.”  Again, unfortunately for Myers, he disregards, or is unaware of the fact that scientists are able to analyze the climate for thousands of years into the past through techniques ranging from looking at ice core samples to tree rings.

Yet despite this misinformed understanding of the evidence, Myers still claims to have enough data to know that we are not changing the climate.  George Orwell had a name for that type of statement.

Of course, the shortcomings in the arguments made by climate change skeptics and deniers are extensive.  However, the scientific evidence behind climate change is similarly overwhelming…  And for us to think that in spite of all this evidence that it is alright for humans to continue along this destructive path is– hmmm, what’s the word for it?… Oh yeah–



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  1. Joel Corcoran says:

    Apparently the writer of this article, who is admittantly “not a scientist”, also over looks the fact that a) all the global warming alarmists use to determine in press releases is phrases such as “warmest year on record”, and “most ice lost on record”, etc. These phrases indicated “recorded history”, i.e. the last 100 years that Chad is speaking of. Scientifically speaking if you only use 100 years of information you have litteraly nothing. When you speak of the thousands of years of evidence “real scientists” have, these DO show that there is no “man-made” global warming. These studies show lots of things ranging from, solar based climate change(which is wayyyy more drastic than anything man can or will ever cause), it shows there were grasslands and plains in antartica, there was trillions of tons less ice in the higher elevations of scandinavia, finland, etc. (ancient human bodies found miles deep in the ice), greenland was actually green, etc. All this evidence has shown there have been 10’s of climate swings from the extreme cold to extreme heat in the past 10,000 years (humans have only held influence for about 100). So tell me.. did wolly mammoth kill itself with coal plants?

  2. “Arrogant”

    Too bad that you people at ForceChange aren’t intellectually broad minded enough to refrain from name calling, fear mongering and arrogance.

    You do realize that the flat earthers also were the consensus of its day?

    Climate change has/is/will always exist no matter how hard you try to “reinvent” it.

    Your website, however, is typical of all those of extreme self-interest groups …….of both side of this issue.

    We are right ………because you are wrong …….are here are all the fabricated, distorted and politically motivated facts to support it!

    No wonder important environmental problems such as pollution and resource abuse are ignored in favor of one of its thousands of byproducts ……CO2 (which in itself is not even a pollutant!)

    • I don’t think your analogy to flat earthers is applicable. The post isn’t saying that climate change theory is accurate because there is a consensus, in and of itself, but because there is a consensus among scientists. Flat earthers held their beliefs based upon tradition and conservative thinking (not in the political sense). Consensus among scientists re climate change is based upon the scientific method and empirical evidence. It is not the consensus itself that creates that belief, unlike flat earthers. The consensus is the result of scientific analysis.

      • Joel Corcoran says:

        “Man Made” Climate Change is not a concensus. Several hundred scientests working for the UN came to a consensus. Serval THOUSAND of the WORLD’s scientests came to a consensus that “Man Made” Climate Change is such a minute impact on the Earth that changing our habits, for better or worse, (or us even existing) wouldn’t add up to a drop in the proverbial bucket.

      • “The consensus is the result of scientific analysis”

        Analysis by consensus ……..amazing!

        I guess results are but a side note …….after all, we have consensus!

        Pollution is fact! Can be naturally proven as well replicated in laboratory conditions. It affects the land, water and air we breath every single day!

        Remove or destroy only one of these elements and we won’t be around to worry about a few degrees in 500 or 1,000 years. Yet we continue to parade climate change as THE cause celebre …..and so goes the money!

        Smells like a political agenda to me ……..

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  4. The ‘arrogant’ descriptor is one taken from religion, not science. I first encountered it about 15 years ago in Rush Limbaugh’s book of that time. His argument was that since God had created the earth, it was arrogant of us to think we could do anything to the planet. As science, that’s a lousy argument. Science would say to go look at the quantities involved and see how big they are. In truth, the rise of 100 ppm CO2 over the past century or so is indeed due to human activity. You can see much more of the detail on how we know that in Jan Schloerer’s FAQ on CO2 that I host at

    Volcanoes (see the same FAQ) are vastly smaller CO2 contributors than human activity. Humans now out-do volcanoes by about 100x. (70x when Jan wrote his note over a decade ago.)

    Talk of the ‘thousands’ of ‘scientists’ is probably a reference to the OISM Petition. The petition is mostly not scientists (engineers are the majority), doesn’t represent many of those eligible to sign (anyone with a bachelor’s degree or more in … pretty much anything), and doesn’t limit itself to living people or their current opinions.

    I also discussed the significance of ‘consensus’ in science in my blog at

    Comments are welcome, as are questions (I periodically put up ‘question place’ notes, those are the best locales for either). But note that you have to support your claims. The bare assertion that ‘thousands’ of ‘scientists’ say X won’t fly. You’ll have to provide a link to where we can see who those people are, and what exactly they said.

  5. Tom Manconi says:

    precession of equinoxes…….Look it up

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