Only 135 Remain: Protect Wolves in Finland Before It Is Too Late

Target: Finland Department of Agriculture and Forestry Minister Jari Koskinen,

Goal: To increase efforts at protecting the Finnish wolf population from ongoing devastation from poachers.

Finland’s wolf population is in dire need of protection as the population has nearly collapsed due to rampant poaching throughout the country.  Officials within Finland recently confirmed that the wild wolf population has been nearly halved since 2005 because of this issue.

Within Finland the prevalence of poaching has been something of an open secret, frowned upon but without any drastic prosecution efforts actually being made towards poachers.  Unfortunately this has now led to what can officially be deemed a population collapse of the already threatened species.

At present the nation’s only plan to seek to resolve the issue is that officials will aim to quell the hatred for wolves that runs throughout rural populations.  This form of education and awareness can serve to help considerably in the long term, but does not address the immediate concern.

Should poaching continue on the scale with which it exists today, the Finnish wolf population may reach irrecoverable levels before that education campaign shows its impact.

Stronger action must be taken at the present, coupled with the future-aimed current plan of educating individuals to grow beyond their old hatreds.  Prosecution of poachers must be increased, along with efforts to actively patrol areas that would be especially prone to poaching.

The dire number of wolves within Finland was critical when studies estimated the nation as containing as few as 250 wolves.  At last count however, that number has dipped to an estimated 135.

With such low numbers it only takes a few individuals who are not reached by the Finnish governments intended outreach and education to eradicate the population for good.  This cannot be allowed to happen for once they are lost they are gone for good.

Please protect these wolves before it is too late.


Dear Minister Koskinen,

The steady decline of the Finnish wolf population has taken a sharp turn.  The alarming frequency with which poachers hunt and kill these animals has led to a near fifty-percent population reduction since 2005.

These animals do not have sufficient numbers to withstand the losses they may incur while Finnish authorities conduct their plan to “root out the deeply rooted hatred towards wolves systematically”.  In the long term this is a wise goal that will ultimately reduce the preventative load on officials looking to protect the animals.

Unfortunately the population of these animals is at a critical level and may not be able to sustain long enough for these educational efforts to take effect.  As of 2005 there were an estimated 250 wolves alive within the Finnish wilderness, at last survey that number was estimated to be down as low as 135.

Should just a handful of these wolves be killed by poachers it could irreparably damage population numbers and prevent these animals from any opportunity to once again flourish in the wilds of Finland.

More immediate action must to be taken in congruence with the existing plan.  An active effort to drastically increase both the prosecution of poachers and the preventative measures aimed at thwarting those attempting to hunt wolves must be enacted.

The wolf population of Finland is at a turning point.  With enough effort given to both stopping current poachers and eliminating the desire to kill these animals in the future, the population may rebound and once again thrive.  Should ample efforts not be made to protect these animals in the present, they will have no future at all.

I urge you, protect these animals before they are wiped from the nation of Finland forever.


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  1. We are not idiots! Long term education results when there are left 135 of them? You must take STRONG & IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION, unless you are entirely in agreemente with their disappearance ….

  2. sonia goncalves says:

    Please STOP with these crimes against wolfes lifes!

  3. ivone aparecida galvez says:

    proteçao aso lobos…sempre.

  4. Pia Eberheim says:


  5. christiane page says:

    les loups sont des animaux a protéger !!!!

  6. joni thomason says:

    Control, yes,Trophy NO.

  7. Jane Ireland says:

    Please leave these wolves in peace as nature intended they are beautiful creatures Please Please Save the Wolves !!!!!!!!

  8. Elli Maisonen says:

    It’s up to humans that wolves and many other endangered animals will survive! Please everyone, this is very easy way to help! Let’s save the world together! 🙂

  9. dave fergusson says:

    These wolves already have a challenging gene pool with only 135 adults left in the wild. lets make sure they have every chance of survival!

  10. moira wheatley says:

    there is a worldwide threat to the whole of the population of wolves…please stop this needless slaughter..

  11. Aquilus Domini says:

    Wolves, unlike humans, are necessary predators in their native lands. They control prey animal populations. If livestock, dogs/cats, and children somehow end up getting attacked, FENCE YOUR DAMN LAND!!!! A good chainlink/solid wood/barbed wire 8ft (2.4m) fence, with about 1ft (.3m) buried underground will prevent most animals from getting on your land, it will surely prevent wolves from digging under it or jumping over it. Yes it may be expensive, but it will definitely be worth it. Other animals should not be eliminated or their populations decimated because humans are either stupid or lazy.

  12. angela fralix says:

    its a shame you people want to kill Gods animals. Pretty soon there will be no more; You are taking away something beautiful in this world; You would be sad if people did that to your family and loved ones, but some fools just cant see life how it was ment to be seen;

  13. Peter Kelly says:

    I think ye need a breeding programme. Finland is good a stopping invaders in the 2nd world war but its just too trigger happy.

  14. Please stop the slaughter of Finland wolves!! Why does the whole world want to kill all the wolves!! They deserve too live!!

  15. Valerie Nordberg says:

    Guns and permits are easily obtainable in Finland and owned by a great number. Hunting is popular and wild life suffer as a consequence. I see no short-term solution unless weapons are prohibited.

  16. Cynthia D'Souza says:

    Why did god made humans

  17. Susan Vaughn says:

    Yet another species soon to be lost at the hands of man.

  18. Gunnar Kasemaa says:

    Wolves are also population of Finland, they need be protected by law.


  20. Please protect the Wolves they need your help without your help they will have no chance for survival please save them

    b4 it s 2 Late they r so Beautiful n keep our nature balanced Thank You.

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