Punish Extreme Horse Abuser


Target: Richard Healey, District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute alleged abuser of horses and other farm animals to fullest extent of law

Cindy Denninger is being charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty after several birds, cows, and horses were taken from her farm in Sodus, N.Y. According to an animal welfare investigator, the woman had been reprimanded multiple times for neglectful conditions.

Denninger’s farm was littered with debris and devoid of food. Two horses were already dead. The surviving horses were so malnourished that they resorted to eating pieces of the wooden fence. One horse’s survival is uncertain after suffering an untreated broken leg. All of the horses were emaciated, and some had far more severe injuries.

Denninger’s daughter verbally attacked the animal welfare investigator on the scene and referred to some of the horses as “money makers.” Several people who knew the woman claimed that she neglected animals before, according to WHAM news. Neighbors claimed to have called the police multiple times, and there was even evidence that a Finger Lakes racetrack owner knew she was not a reliable owner. Denninger claimed to be “rescuing” animals, while she was reportedly selling them on Craigslist.

There is currently a warrant out for Denninger’s arrest, however she is in hiding. Sign this petition to demand that she be found and charged with felony animal cruelty counts for every injured animal.


Dear Richard Healey,

Many were disheartened to hear about the abuse of several horses on a Sodus farm. Cindy Denninger’s horses should have been seized the first time animal investigators visited the farm. The least that can be done now is to capture her and charge her with felony animal cruelty.

There are two dead horses, other sick and dying farm animals, and possibly more deaths to follow in the coming days. There were multiple local stables that she could have sent her horses to, but instead she apparently let them slowly starve. Now she has disappeared.

Please capture and charge Cindy Denninger with 15 counts of felony animal cruelty.


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  1. Rachel Menti says:

    animals aren’t property, why can’t people find other means of making a living like everyone else does instead of exploitation. It has nothing to do with a leftist mentality and more of a true capatilistic viewpoint. Challenging ourselves to constructively use our planetary resources instead of off the backs of defenseless sentient beings. I’m goshdarn sick of it. I’m sure my own republican party wants to point the finger at democrats instead of at their own modalities. They’re probably going to say that we’re taking jobs away from people, damn ridiculous. If they keep this up, I’m all for sex traficking, prostitution, and legalizing drugs. Damn animal abusers and neglecters all to hell, permanently

  2. Let their be justice for all the animals she abused.

    • Barbara Van Tuyl says:

      This reprehensible maggot was not trying to save or rescue anything. Her object, obviously was to get animals for free and make a few dollars on as many as she could. Starving and neglecting animals is the worst form of abuse and it causes ongoing pain and death does not come quickly nor easily. This woman needs to be found, sentenced to appreciable jail time, fined substantial amounts (payable to rescues, vets, etc)and financial punitive damages should also be assessed. She must also be prohibited from having, owning, boarding or in any way having ANY animals in her care or management for the rest of her life. Perhaps her daughter too!


  4. Estelle sizemore says:

    I hope someone kills her and her daughter.

  5. maryke heath says:

    Scumbags – they normally hide out rurally where their miserable lives and no self respect is less likely to be tracked. What happened in your life Denniger and daughter to lead you to such disgusting treatment of innocent creatures. Take it from far away in South Africa – you are despised!!!!

  6. Im not sure what a petition to find someone will or can do. I do fully support this person be prosecuted when she does get caught or shows up. Unfortunately a similar case in my area of new York was not much of an outcome. Another repeat offender slapped on the wrist and some minimal fines. These people need to be held accountable. They need prison terms,mandatory counseling or some sort of animal offender program,they need to be banned from owning animals for life.

  7. night magic says:

    i dont understand how anyone could hurt an innocent animal !!! something should be done to protect the innocent from people like this !!! Everyone who loves animals needs to their voice .we are meant to protect and look after take care of all animals and yet more and more there is so much abuse .they are innocent and do not deserve to be treated like this .its time someone said enough !!!

  8. linda barosky says:

    Why do these douche bags get animals when they don’t want to take care of them? They deserve to be in a happy, loving home. If your circumstances changed and you can no longer provide appropriate care for your animals, give them to somebody who can assholes.

  9. linda barosky says:

    Why do these douche bags get animals when they don’t want to take care of them? They deserve to be in a happy, loving home. If your circumstances changed and you can no longer provide appropriate care for your animals, give them to somebody who can you assholes. These people need prision time or at least fines that will seriously cause them financial hardship. Also, starve them until they are skin and bone like the animals. I’m sure they would sue the prision for inhumane treatment and probably win, which sucks.

  10. linda barosky says:

    These people need jail time and a substantial fine that will cause them a serious financial burden. Also, they need to be starved like their animals and be put on a registety so they can not, under any circumstance, own or care for another animal for life.

  11. This ia a really sick and sad story. How can anyone be so cruel, evil, abusive, disgusting and appalling to any livng thing???

    I hope that they locate CD and that she is severely punished for her crimes of horrific animal abuse.

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