Save Wolves From Clearcutting of Old-Growth Forest


Target: Secretary Sally Jewell, U.S. Department of Interior
Goal: Stop clearcutting old-growth forest that is home to endangered Alaskan wolf

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  1. This planet is bleeding, we have got to mend what we can. Is it not apparent that we have consumed beyond what is practical?? We are not the only things living on earth, they have the right to live too. We ourselves will be extinct if we do not WAKE UP. Think of something else besides ourselves. You do not need more than one home, key word being “need” why keep taking more than you “need”? Because you can??? Everything man touches is ruined. We are the ones that are breeding out of control, this isn’t little house on the prairie, you don’t need 10 kids, you don’t need to have a child with everyman you hook up with. This planet is paying…

  2. Mary Fields says:

    We’re destroying habitat so fast pretty soon there will be nothing but mini-malls. Please conserve and protect old-growth forests.

  3. You take away from the earth! In time you take yourself and others away.

  4. so sad that soon all these animals will be gone we are killing wolves in other states and we are clearing lands everywhere soon both plants and animals will be gone

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