Don’t Slaughter Wolves For Human-Caused Problems

Target: Environment Minister Peter Kent and Alberta Federal Government

Goal: To protect wolves by preserving their habitat instead of slaughtering them with aerial shootings and poison.

A predation control plan to sustain the lives of caribou will put the lives of thousands of wolves at stake in Alberta, Canada. Instead of the sensible option of taking measures to preserve the habitat, the proposed recovery plan will be a brutal process called culling, which involves aerial shooting and poisoning wolves.

The Alberta government’s concern for oil production has resulted in using tar sands in the habitat of caribou and other wild animals to extract oil. This process has an impact on the air, water and land quality in the targeted area. It is this human interference, not the wolves, which is at fault for the imbalance in the habitat.  The slaughter of innocent wolves is immoral and scientists agree that it would only be a temporary solution. If this devastation takes place, the nation will most likely sell the wolf fur; which along with the money for the oil would profit the nation. The wolves should not be killed and exploited for their will to survive; we cannot let such an atrocious scenario become reality.

Wolves have been condemned for their savage nature since 500 BCE; in literature, mythology and religion they have long been described as evil. This has created a powerful stereotype of these creatures which is ingrained in the imaginations of people from childhood. However, the stark truth is that the lives of these deeply sympathetic and beautifully savage creatures are in danger.

Wolves have already been killed and hunted for sport in Alberta, and tragically this is a global issue. It is time that we open our eyes to the reality of the situation; it is common sense that the disturbance of the caribou’s habitat is the primary reason for their decline. Protecting the caribou’s environment is the only reasonable long term solution to this issue, killing wolves is only a temporary and cruel plan.  The untamed wilderness exists somewhere inside of every human, to abolish the lives of wolves is to kill something that exists deeply within us. Please sign the petition below to help save the lives of these innocent animals.


Dear Environmental Minister Peter Kent and Alberta federal government,

Killing wolves to recover the caribou population Alberta, Canada is not the solution for the imbalance in the natural habitat. The primary reason for the dwindling number of caribou is the use of tar sands to manufacture oil. Scientists have verified that habitat-preservation is the only long term solution to this problem, the culling of wolves would only remedy the issue temporarily.

Wolves are an essential aspect to the environment and to kill them is not only unreasonable, it is cruel. Wolves are not at fault for this imbalance, humans are, and it is their responsibility to eradicate this problem.  Killing thousands of wolves is a drastic and inhumane measure to take for what is only a temporary solution. It is time we open our eyes and realize that if this plan is carried out thousands of innocent creatures will be condemned for a problem they are not responsible for. Please consider the alternative and more sustainable option of habitat preservation instead of this brutal plan.


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  1. hunters are the scum of the earth. some humans just can’t let nature be. their goal in life is to destroy all that is beautiful…the animals, the trees, the environment…..and the list goes on.

  2. Stol the slaughter of our wolves that are human caused!!

  3. Michael Guest says:

    The wolves are not the problem, it’s people. Don’t give up on them. They need your help. Act now.

  4. Tammy Abraham Tammy Abraham says:

    My name is tammy and I hunt to put food on my family’s table as do other responsible hunters. Because a person hunts does not automatically make them the killer of any and all wild animals. I am also a wildlife photographer and there is nothing more that I love than to see wolves running across a mountain, or staying awake at night to listen to their lonely howls echoed through the valley’s of the places I choose to stay. Grizzlies, wild horses, mountain lions, wolves and lynx are being poached in my area. The slaughter of animals needs to stop everywhere. To kill something in this day and age simply for its hide is unforgiveable and makes me sick to my stomach. The government is a huge part of the problem. They are so bent on the oilfield and logging money that they are killing the ecosystem for that God almighty dollar they don’t give a crap that future generations will only know most animals by pictures they see in books but will never know what its like to be in the prescence of these amazing animals. Maybe we should start focusing our outrage at the governments of this country because they are the ones condoning the clearcutting of entire mountain ranges, not just single mountains, of clearing huge areas for oilfield equipment and then not enforcing the proper practices of getting rid of the toxic waste left behind, the pools that aren’t lined properly or at all that are meant to be sucked up and gotten rid of safely by companies but they will dump the contents into a river or let it soak into the ground so they don’t have to pay for the disposal fees. The fines given out are a joke $100000.00 is nothing to a company making millions/billions of dollars a year. Its a sad thing when money comes before natural habitat, the planet we are supposed to share with the creatures here on it if only for a short time, its our responsibility to take care of those creatures, not destroy them or their habitat. I agree that people are the problem and it will take all of us rising up to make big business change.

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