Stop Killing Female Babies in India

Target: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Goal: Stop the killing of female babies in India

In the rural areas of India, many families prefer boys over girls, and this preference has resulted in a staggering number of female feticides. Female babies are often killed through suffocation or drowning. Tell the Prime Minister that this barbaric treatment of girls has to stop immediately.

Agricultural regions in northern India are facing the worst of this problem, and many of the locals have written to their politicians to solve the problem. Females in India are not valued as much as men because Indian cultures demand that the bride’s family pay a dowry, and that giving away a daughter means that the family is losing money. Men however, are highly valued because they will allegedly continue to provide for their families and offer care to their elderly parents. An expensive dowry and wedding also make families hesitant to have a girl.

Several districts in India have been reporting a steady rise of girls disappearing. It’s believed that hundreds of thousands of girls are being killed because of this preference. A ban was set in 1994 to protect girls from this atrocity, but it hasn’t proven effective in combatting female infanticide. Many health officials are unaware of its provisions, and even if they are, doctors and their patients will still abort a female child in private.

Sign this petition and demand the prime minister of India to train their heath officials to know the law and stop the practice of female infanticide. Girls are not inferior to men, and an attitude that encourages murder is unacceptable.


Dear Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

I am writing to express my anger and frustration with your country’s problem of female infanticide. It is unfair that a baby girl is killed because of her sex. It is also disappointing that society seems to think that girls and women can contribute so little, when it has been proven that women can contribute a lot. Your country has already implemented measures to try and curb this atrocious behavior, but it has done little to change attitudes and the practice continues.

I ask that your nation fully train your health officials to know the law and identify the differences between an abortion and infanticide. Perhaps this will help alleviate the problem of female infanticide, but your nation needs to adjust their attitude towards women before real change can occur.


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  1. Why is it in all cultures women are not valued as much as men? who makes these statements ? -Men -women have to become -more assertive and not allow themselves to be degraded and bullied -those who do stand up are not supported by the very ones that they are fighting for-if women all over the world declared a day for women and had a sitdown day -do nothing -regardless of threats might appreciate them and realise-they-can’t function without -women.

    • No these women and girls need a complete rebellion and use those rolling pins for something besides rolling dough.These pig headed men that don’t even consider females as valuable aren’t going to listen to any female.

      • Aaron Holmgren says:

        What makes you think only men are behind this? I’m not sure why this would surprise you, but many women prefer sons, and many men prefer daughters. Your segregation of the sexes seems silly. All genders partake in upholding cultural norms, which evolve over hundreds of generations.

      • Aaron Holmgren says:

        Women like you are indeed what India needs, but they don’t have them. Many of the women in India are just as supportive of the cultural norms that cause these problems, as are the men. And many of the men are disgusted with these cultural norms.

    • No telling but I sure am curious as to with whom 5 he next generation of males will mate.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Shocking and unacceptable..please stop these murders!
    One day every nation will be judged by the Creator of all.

  3. Horrible India! How can you allow this? Whether or not you believe in God, He is watching you! This is evil, vile and totally unacceptable! Despicable!

  4. While I signed the petition, I did notice–after careful reading–that it states: “I ask that your nation fully train your health officials to know the law and identify the differences between an abortion and infanticide.” Hmmm, so killing babies is OK as long as it’s not due to the baby’s sex?! Sorry, folks, abortion IS infanticide no matter the reason!

  5. Alas it is not only India that kill their females. The world over there are people who favour boys over girls. It makes me wonder, who exactly do they expect their beloved Son to marry? When there are a higher number of men to women, why will they pick your Son?

  6. Stan Benton says:

    Mohandas Gandhi stated that the civilization of a country should be judged by the manner in which it treats its animals. (And in spite of vegetarian religions, India falls a bit short here.) But guess what, homo sapiens are also “animals”, and India can’t even measure up to treating them decently. Western nations are discovering (to the consternation of bigoted or right wing men) that women often have more than men to offer. Even if it weren’t so sick, why would anybody want to murder a tiny girl?

  7. Emma Owens says:

    Horrendous. Words cannot describe this.

    PS. How can women stand up for themselves if they are being murdered shortly after birth – horrific!

  8. AS I know there is only one God who decide who should live or not !!! Not these bastards !!!!

  9. Veronica-Mae Soar says:

    Only woman can nurture life, without them the human race would die (what a good idea) Truthfully, in a poor family a girl is a burden; not least because if she is to marry her family needs a big dowry. This does not make it right, but does explain one reason. A boy can grow up to work and support the family.

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