Stop Environmentally Destructive Oil Pipeline


Target: President Barack Obama
Goal: Stop environmentally destructive Keystone XL oil pipeline

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  1. Carol Lovegrove says:

    We need the pipeline. I will not sign your illinformed petition.

    • barb bledsoe says:

      We, in my opinion, are better be using power that does not contaminate the environment. Surely you are aware of the ever available solar energy as well as power drawn from water sources, which create no negative results on the environment. Even wind power can be well set without negative effects given distance from residential areas. Fracking has a horrible result on local water levels and supply like fracking does. How much will you be willing to pay for the water that has petroleum chemicals in it. We may need energy sources but not at the cost of our wellness and that of children. I encourage you to look further into the destructive effects of pipelines as well as fracking. I assure you if you do you will see what the price is for believing what we have come to believe as facts about gas products and pipelines. Things are changing as gas company lobbyists as well as elected officials are serving the gas companies that have promoted them politically. Things are not what they were. Your representatives are writing laws even now that place corporate rights over individual human rights. It is not talked about but it is not hard to see if you are watching what is going on with the actions of your representatives. Watch the things relating to natural resources and pipelines and who is responsible for them. I did not start out looking for this but unhappily have found too much evidence in government to deny or excuse it. I started out simply looking for information about the government and laws around the water in the Michigan Great Lakes area and how the waters are controlled and governed between Canada and the USA. Shortly after, fraking was brought in miles from my property and my well one of the deepest and freshest in the area, dropped in its water level 25 feet which is unheard of here. Anyways, watch. You will want to know, especially if you have children.

    • Youreanidiot says:

      No, we need to use the lovely things we’ve evolved called BRAIN CELLS & START using solar & other alternative sources of power & STOP thinking that we own everything & will not die off right along w/everything we’re killing in our selfish, greed-fueled hunt for MORE power.

  2. Trudy Nickols says:


  3. Heather Creaser says:

    Of course we DON’T need the pipeline. We need to STOP giving Big Oil BILLIONS in tax breaks. Talk about corporate welfare. I don’t want my tax money going to OIL. I want it going to building up the CLEAN, SUSTAINING energy industry. Government WHORES – start working for the people again – NOT CORPORATIONS. Our forefathers are spinning in their graves. I have lost all respect for government.

  4. Heather Creaser says:

    Put non-corporation affiliated SCIENTISTS on the ballot.

  5. Sara Eisner says:

    Stop environmentally destructive Keystone XL oil pipeline

  6. Sally Sorensen says:

    Support alternative energy sources!

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