Protect Orcas From Deadly Navy Sonar


Target: Kimberly Kler, EIS Project Manager U.S. Navy
Goal: Protect orcas, dolphins and other marine mammals from Navy’s deadly sonar

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  1. Iris Prinzbach says:

    stop it now!!!!

  2. What the United States Navy is doing is wrong on all levels. It is unethical to cause harm to any living thing especially those whose intelligence rivals or surpasses out own. Orcas are beautiful creatures and highly intelligent with strong family bonds. Causing them any harm is immoral. Human beings have so much power over other species it would be nice to see us use this power to protect and defend our fellow animal brethren; instead we choose to harm them, beat them, use them to test products made for human use and much more. It is time to take a stand and demand that the unethical treatment of ALL animals be stopped.

  3. Have a soul.

  4. Pamela DeFilippo says:

    Our own government is responsible for the death of many marine animals. How can we stop them?hh

  5. Leave the marine life alone they have done nothing to you.
    When will us humans everlearn

  6. Protec orcas

  7. Please get this stop now

  8. Sally Sorensen says:

    Stop this unnecessary attack on Marine Mammals!

  9. Sandra Amici says:

    The Navy is completely unethical in harming our innocent wildlife. You don’t have the right to destroy our environment.

  10. Candy Ambrose says:

    Animals deserve respect!

  11. helen driessen says:

    Have a consience and you will see that you are wrong! Stop this please

  12. Rossella Chierchia says:

    you haven’t any rights to kill them
    go hell!

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