Remove Waste from Our Oceans


Target: President Obama

Goal: Enlist the help of the U.S. Navy to clean Great Pacific Garbage Patch

While searching for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the amount of trash in our oceans has started to become a headliner for many news outlets. Satellite imagery and search teams have mistaken floating debris as the airliner, causing the public to wonder what and where is all of this trash coming from? These mistakes and obstruction to the search has highlighted a major concern: our oceans have become garbage dumps.

Garbage patches are what scientists have named the gigantic patches of garbage floating in our oceans. The patches are made through our ocean’s currents, corralling plastic debris, timbers, beams, and other trash into a buffet of plastic debris. These patches have proven hazardous to our marine wildlife and to humans. Turtles and whales have been known to ingest plastic, and as marine wildlife whittle away at big plastic pieces, it makes them smaller and easier to digest for our fish. Humans catch these fish and we eat them, thereby ingesting the plastic and other harmful chemicals that have been absorbed through the fish’s skin.

There are several garbage patches in our oceans. The Texas sized garbage patch known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch exists halfway between Hawaii and California. It was also during the Transpacific Yacht Race, where contestants found timber, beams, and telephone poles from the Japanese tsunami in 2011 floating amongst the garbage patch. Imagine our turtles, whales, and dolphins having to swim through this dump, and imagine the kinds of trash they are eating.

90% of the debris found in these garbage patches are made out of plastic. Aside from the Great Pacific Patch, other patches include the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch, and two others in Pacific and Atlantic ocean both in the northern and southern regions. Efforts to clean up this garbage are minimal at best, but we should be the ones responsible for cleaning up our mess. Sign this petition and urge the U.S. Navy to begin clean up right away. We depend on our oceans, they should not be our garbage dumps.


Dear President Obama,

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most well documented garbage patches, where plastic and other trash is found floating in our waters. These patches are created through our ocean’s currents, where the gyres create a floating garbage dump. Our dolphins, turtles, whales, and other marine wildlife have to swim through this mess, and unfortunately many of them ingest this waste.

This pollution cannot go on. We humans have to clean up our mess before our oceans are no longer salvageable. Humans and other wildlife depend on our oceans, so I am asking that you enlist the help of the U.S. Navy to begin clean up. I would like to our oceans no longer littered with trash, and I’m sure you would too.


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Photo credit: NOAA via Wikimedia

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  1. maggie mcerlain says:

    It’s a disgrace.. What is causing this.. Is it ships unloading their waste Couldn’t the captain be fined or banned from certain area’s. Shipping company’s have a responsibility to the sea It shouldn’t just be about profit
    If it is waste that has been carried by currents from land..Why can people not be fined or named and shamed for not taking the time to recycle

  2. Lucy Kelly says:

    Ive heard most of this plastic is sent on ships to be recycled in China. Unfortunately, the ship captains are paid on leaving port, not on arrival in China. They then dump the plastic in the ocean and return to the port to get paid again. It should be illegal to pay these recycling transporter ships until they have safely completed their work at their destination.

  3. Again people distroying the natural habitat of animals !!! They should be severely punish

  4. Well isn’t this just to wonderful for words! What in the name of stupidity is wrong with these people that throw any and everything in our waters and on our beaches.Waters I might add that helps keep their sorry asses alive. It is about time that these waters were paroled and every time someone is caught throwing trash into the water or on the beach they should be arrested, fined, and made to do clean up. If they are in boats then the boat should be confiscated and sold for the clean up. It is apparent that the people that litter our water ways and beaches don’t know right from wrong and more than likely don’t want to know, as it might interfere with their lazy self serving ways. Well you heard of tough love, well the time has come for all the thoughtless and inconsiderate self serving to learn it! the hard way.

  5. Beverley Collins says:

    The UN should help with this clean up as it belongs to all Nations. If it comes ashore on our beaches we should have a clean up day once a month or more ourselves.

  6. All responsible governments ought pass laws relating to phasing out plastics?
    Why cry about plastic debris yet keep producing more
    Finally ban all non-biodegradable products
    We do too much harm to nature with our so called progress

  7. Natural habitats and it’s inhabitants must be protected by the ministries responsible in each country. Such massive destructions are unacceptable.

  8. Fines should be imposed upon the litterers. This is a blasphemy of our planet. Once this planet becomes uninhabitable, we may venture to another planet until that planet becomes also totally unlivable due to trash and pollution. People just don’t care.

  9. Could anyone tell me what can we do to help?

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